Restoring Our Freedom to Be

Observation Absent Evaluation

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening,

one, anywhere, should have to apologize for who & what they are, for their skin color, their gender, their poverty or wealth, ability or disability — nothing! It is in no way wrong to simply be who & what we are. Some will have a hard time with this, but no one is better — or worse — than anyone else. We just are.

We choose our situations before incarnating to serve our soul’s purposes. They are designed specifically for our greatest benefit, whatever they are.

Happiness IS the Path —

Nor should people living today have to own what earlier people did & be punished for it, made to pay some price. If we can’t stick with who & what we are in this NowHere moment in time, we’re easily lost in the nonsense that passes for good sense. We’re fighting battles that have nothing to do with us, with Now.

Conditions & customs were different in prior times. D’uh,

Our history is constantly rewritten by the victors so we no longer have access to our actual past. Humanity has been messed with & manipulated for centuries & longer, here on earth. That’s something that deserves to be recognized, accepted, & taken into account when working through our challenges.

We can’t learn from the past if we don’t know the truth of it. 😲 Let’s ditch the excessive trust & do our own research.

Rather than relying on current translations of old texts, let’s bring our focus back to being NowHere at all times. The truth of our current self, our current time is all we have. We go out on various untrustworthy limbs to assume we know anything accurate about the past.

Time? Crazy-clock —

Thus, if we want to deal with, to perhaps heal or remove slavery, we stick strictly with what & where that is, today. It is still practiced in any number of countries & among various peoples on our NowHere version of earth.

We can’t fix our long-gone ancestors. Rather than tear ourselves & our brethren up over the actions & mistakes they may have made, let’s be practical. Let’s narrow things down to those alive on earth today, those who can directly benefit from our work, our growth.

Where do we want to go with this? What do we want to accomplish? Let’s take it out of the theoretical, away from the largely phony history books, bringing it back into the realm of common sense, of what’s provable in the NowHere.

Let’s quit with the race-shaming, with the gender bashing. Let our standard ever be to give everyone the freedom to walk, talk, & act as they like as long as they harm none. We already have more than adequate laws on the books to protect us & our freedoms.

All that’s required is to once again apply our laws fairly, equally to all.

That means you don’t get a pass if you’re black, if you’re white, if you’re female or male, rich, poor, or whatever. That would be unequal justice; can you see this? For all to be treated fairly, equally, we give no consideration to your bloodline, your race, gender, IQ, or any personal details. It’s all about our NowHere performance. [1]

Blind & Deaf? — Journal 53

Lady Justice is blindfolded for an excellent reason, never seeing such things thus never taking them into account. She judges not the persons but the harm of their actions. Keeping it simple like this makes it clear that we have far too many laws & regulations that often punish those who have harmed none, manufacturing phony & victimless crimes.

In our press to control others, to “bring order” to things, we’ve forgotten what real freedom is like. Each one is the king of their own castle, owning their own life & possessions, in charge of nothing & no one beyond the self. We don’t get to dictate behavior to our neighbors. As long as they harm none, they get to do & speak as they please, at least here in America.

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Voltaire (1694–1778) French writer and historian.


“The Founding Fathers’ instructions were clear: The right to free speech includes bad speech; it means tolerance of ideas that many find obnoxious.”

David Ignatius


Free speech is meant to protect unpopular speech.* Popular speech, by definition, needs no protection.” [Emphasis mine]

Neal Boortz

To Hades with cry-bullies & safe spaces, with performance awards designed to not hurt anyone’s feelings. Life hurts!! Get over it! Just deal with it, like everyone else. You may be surprised to find it makes a better wo/man of you. 😉

Yes, that makes me the enemy of the SJWs being churned out by our schools, but oh, well. They can view life as they choose to & act as they like so long as they harm none. Paid protestors be damned! Their voices, being insincere, don’t merit our serious attention. They don’t get to dictate to others how we should behave, think, or believe, being in charge of nothing.but.themselves.

Paid protestors are betraying not just themselves, but the whole of humanity. They’re willing tools, puppets in the hands of dark overlords, enabling the globalist cabal’s continued control over the Family of Humanity.

It’s so simple to follow the money to discover that their voices offer nothing legitimately worthy of our attention, much less our compliance with their obnoxious aggression. Their insincerity becomes glaringly obvious.

When we both take our own freedom back, but also give that same freedom to all others, we transform the earth into something approaching a paradise, somewhere we can relax & be free to go our own way, whatever that is.

It’s easy enough to see that many, today, feel they have the right to control the behavior of others. To disagree with them is to be automatically “wrong,” since, in their arrogance, they take their ways to be the standard, the definition of “right.” Though that is utter stuff & nonsense, they don’t see it in the midst of their efforts to force others into their (cabal-)chosen ways.

Who, along with me, is open to realize that we’re not in charge of anyone but the self?

President Trump has gone a long way to retire tens of regulations for every new one introduced. This endless, unnecessary control system has long been choking out our economy as well as our ability to just get things done. Follow the money to track down the hidden causes behind so many unnecessary laws & regulations. Who do they benefit?

Those who are ready can do the same thing in their own lives. As we pull in our claws, releasing both ourselves & others to live their own (harmless) life their own way, a deep relaxation comes over us.

We didn’t realize the tension we created with so many ridiculous “requirements” & phony standards.

A new joy arises as we move in this direction of implementing something much closer to actual freedom, rather than the counterfeit offered by today’s cabal-manipulated societies. As we relax into that joy, so many burdens begin to just fall away, burdens we didn’t realize we were placing on ourselves.

Life doesn’t need to be made unnecessarily complex. We have a great deal of laughter ahead as we begin to realize just how unnecessary perhaps 90% of our regulations are. Our Constitution & founding documents spell out the beautiful basics, but they’re not being fully implemented today.

That needs to change! We can change that by simply standing for what’s fundamentally right & best for us all, rejecting all bias, all favoritism.

Together, we are the 99%, the overwhelming majority that can accomplish whatever we work together to achieve. We’re the only ones in our way, something so hilarious to discover that we’ll be laughing for a good long time — mostly at who? Ourselves, but of course! 😆



Tuesday, 2018/10/09 — Mayan day 3 Flint / Etznab

[1] It’s also time to see through & abandon the recently-awarded “right” of transgender men to enter women’s sports or even women’s restrooms. We’re fools to so distance ourselves from our bodies. It is what it is, folks — time to accept that. Enough of this unfair, sometimes even dangerous nonsense! Do what you will, but NOT at the expense — or endangerment — of others.

Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness