Remembering Other Lives —

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

Starting with an idea, here — let’s see where it goes. We all know how it happens that, when we go to tell someone something, we forget what we wanted to share? Have you discovered the trick, yet, of going back to where you physically were when the idea came to you? Though I’ve no idea how it works, yet so very often we somehow “find” the idea, there in that spot.


What I want to share is that it works similar to this with frequencies. Our frequencies are always changing & shifting. With every thought, we’re establishing a frequency. It’s great when we’re able to hold a more steady, preferably higher, frequency, but even then, we’re not immune from allowing random thoughts to shift our frequency many times throughout the day.

It’s largely about where we choose to put our focus — what we’re paying attention to can exert a powerful control on where in the frequency range we’re vibrating. This is one of the main reasons I ditched the TV years ago — quit listening to the radio, too, even my old favorite, Art Bell. Yeah, showing my age, there — but George Noory was pretty good, too.

At a certain point we begin to spot how — & where/when — we’re giving our power away, turning it over to what’s in our environment. A lot of things change once we begin to take charge of that, taking our power back to choose our preferred frequency range. We wander all over the place for a while, but now that we’re at least noticing that, this begins to change, too, based on the new choices we make.


Relationships are one of the things hit hardest by our frequency shift. As we begin to establish a higher, more stable energy pattern, some relationships just don’t work, anymore. We’re no longer willing to dip down that far. The higher frequencies feel too good. We’re no longer willing to sacrifice ourselves to maintain relationships that tend to bring us down.

We realize we can’t have it both ways — maintaining the old ways, while also shifting into higher realms. We pick what’s most important to us, & we move on. All is well, too, & we just know it. There is no doubt about such things. Our knowing comes from deep within, bringing peace & comfort not found in the old Matrix reality, so it’s not too hard to make such sacrifices.

Pretty soon, they’re no longer seen as sacrifices, at all. The truth is that we were sacrificing our self — our own path — walking in the old ways. We just didn’t see it that way, before, not having experienced these higher energies, except for brief flashes of time, or perhaps in meditation, if that’s our thing.


All of this just to lay the groundwork for something pretty amazing. Just as we recovered the memory of what we wanted to share with someone by returning to the place where that idea arose, so it is with these frequencies we’re now experiencing. We have actual memories located there that are recovered when we reach that vibration.

We discover that we know things we had no idea that we knew. Higher frequency things stay in the higher realms, awaiting activation upon our return to them. Sometimes, it may even be memories, recollections of other lifetimes.

We’re talking wide-awake awareness, here, not those lovely things that sometimes greet us on awakening, or what we experience while out of the body, dreaming. (Dreams are just experiences in other dimensions while we leave the form, allowing it to get some much needed rest.)

This isn’t like the NDE or between-lives experiences people relate, where they literally experience their whole life playing out in a very short time, yet not one frame is missing from the entirety. Some also experience, not just the most recent lifetime, but multiple other ones, as well. This isn’t that. This comes more as snippets of recall, certain incidents replaying.


I’ll share one that I’m quite glad came as a snippet. I found myself in an elderly African male form, though I couldn’t tell you, then, what country in Africa it was. What comes to me now is Namibia, but not being familiar with African history, I have no idea if that was it’s name, back when this happened. Just as Persia is now Iran & Iraq — that general area — these things change over time.

At any rate, I was old, rather frail, & thin. I set out into the African bush with a particular plan in mind. After a rather long walk, I came upon a lone, rather short tree near a rocky outcropping. It was a fairly open area, with reddish soil — desert-like, with almost no vegetation. Sitting down with my back against that tree, I called out in my heart — not sure whether I also issued a verbal call — for a particular male lion to come to me.

I wanted this lion to make my body his dinner — that’s the way I’d chosen my exit from that lifetime. I don’t recall why I had such a fondness for this particular beast, but I still feel my African heart’s affection & respect for him. I wanted to live on within him, so to speak — again, I can’t tell you why, the whole thing being but a snippet from a rather long life — long, in the terms of those days.

He came, he saw, he complied. That’s the part I’m glad I don’t remember. Actually, having come a good long way since that snippet arrived, some years back, I doubt I’d have a problem, now, remembering the death scene. It wasn’t needed at that time, so it wasn’t a part of that memory.

The whole thing was amazingly peaceful, that much is clear. There was no fear of any kind — rather a certain, quiet eagerness. As that old man, I was so very calm in my intent to do this. Nor do I recall, either if I had any family, or what I told them before leaving. I’ve shared all I remember from that life. Though there are a number of other such remembrances that have come, none of them are remotely like this one.


We have so very much stored up, friends, just awaiting our movement in their direction. If we were in a higher state of consciousness in that life, then it will become accessible to us in this life, once we attain the resonant vibration we held, then.

Contrary to the popular belief system that we start at the bottom in one life, then work our way up, we have many lifetimes both in higher consciousness & in higher dimensions. For many, if not most of us, coming into 3D was a descent. Thus, we’ve no need to earn our way into anything — we’re already there. Many of us chose to enter this life, leaving much higher vibrating dimensions to take this plunge.

How’s that for a new way to look at the self? Different, huh? Once you begin having these remembering experiences, you’ll have no doubt that that other lifetime was every bit as much you as you now are. It’s time to throw off the yoke of the old, limiting belief systems, the better to recall just Who we truly are — we’re Source-in-form. But the smallest aspect of That is present, here in 3D.

This is where it helps greatly to disidentify from being this body, this mind. These are but minor aspects, far less real than we take them to be. We’ve had other incarnations in other star systems, as well — on other planets, in other forms than the one we now call home, both body & planet.

So very much awaits our free will choice to come Home to our true Being. The only thing in the way is our current Belief Systems, which no longer hinder us once we release them. Make room for the greater Self to make Itself known. You won’t be sorry you did.


11:40 pm, Saturday 2017/09/23, 2nd, Mayan day 12 Earth / Caban

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote — 9/8/2017

“Source Energy is intimately, infinitely, always responding to your requests, no matter how great or small they may be deemed by you or anyone else who is observing them. There is nothing so big that Source Energy can’t get its thoughts around it — and there is nothing so small that Source Energy isn’t willing to get its thoughts around it.”

Excerpted from Los Angeles, CA on 8/4/01

Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)



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