Rejecting Sameness, Welcoming Our Differences, Moving On

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me —

Some want us to be all the same, to hold the same values & beliefs. How would that work in the realm of music? What if every note had to be the same, sound the same? What kind of music would that make? How would we write if all letters had to be the same — all a’s, for instance?

This intensity of identification with skin color & culture — well, I find it ridiculous. It rests on a misperception of who we are, a case of mistaken identity. If you’ve had an NDE or even an OBE (Out-of-body Experience), you already know you’re not the body, the form. That’s just a home base from which you work & play, here.

I wish I had a clue about what will effect the awakening of the rest of us, finally identifying as the awareness, the soul or spirit, rather than the more limited form. Once you experience it, you just Know. You can’t go back to the way you long believed things were.

Meanwhile, as we look at them, listen to them — those still self-identifying as the body — sorry, friends, but we laugh. White, black, brown, red. or yellow, these are more like , nothing at all important about who we really are.

We’re Source-in-form. There’s no color — or all colors — in That.

What to do about it? Pray, I guess, or set good intentions if that’s your way. We’re not in charge of them. They get to live their life their way, no matter how ridiculous it may seem to us. Nor can we pass along our Knowing to anyone. Words are impotent things, able only to point at things, to talk about them, never to pass along the actual experience of which we speak.

Part of what’s making it such a crazy time is our tech. We don’t yet widely realize the many ways it’s influencing & affecting us. We don’t yet see the dark designs behind much of it. We’re still too trusting, by far, in those in charge, both of government but also high tech & big business.

Thus the moniker, The Great Awakening, is perfect for this time. Will everyone awaken? Probably not. Free will still deserves our respect. We’re only in charge of the self, not even of our beloved ones.

Just as we want to chart our own course, we owe it to others to let them do the same, to not boss them around.

What we do is to ditch most of the trust we have vested in what amounts to the DS, the Deep State. That very trust is what enabled them to rope us in so thoroughly, to have us all but captured & enslaved to their ways & wishes before we began to wake up & see it happening.

In the USA, our government is supposed to be of, by, & for the people, our rights emanating from Source/God. The huge majority of us , how that requires our participation. We left it to others — to those we (thought we) elected, to those running big business, education, & the rest.

This current mess is what we get for that neglect, for not taking America, her founding principles, seriously. Well, we’re waking up, now, & that’s a good thing, even a great thing. We’re waking up before the whole thing gets taken away from us.

We’re taking actions, now, to take America back, to take our various nations back from the deeply corrupt DS.

Do you feel equal to the task? Let’s remember that we volunteered to be here at this time. This is no accident for any of us. Though we’ve mostly forgotten it, we’re perfectly suited to get this job done, to take back planet earth from the dark hordes who’ve long been running things behind the scenes.

Our ways are not the ways of the dark ones. Our ways, our very essence, is Love, a Love so divine that no mind can grasp or contain it. We discover, somewhere along the way, that it is the mind that awakens. The mind is only along for the ride, much like a slide rule or calculator in a hip pocket — useful, but not necessary for most things.

Trust your Heart. Find your Heart & hang out there. Its wisdom far exceeds anything the mind has to offer. Sometimes mental genius actually gets in the way, leading too easily into arrogance, into ego, into identification with form.

I’ll close with a favorite, a very deep quote. The last line heralds our release from our virtual prison:

Lao Tzu



10:51 p.m., Friday, 2020/07/03



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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness