Red Isn’t Really Red

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“These eyes, through which I hoped to see God, are the eyes through which God sees me”

Are you aware that the colors the eye sees are those being rejected by the object? The red flower is actually absorbing all other frequencies, all colors in the light spectrum, rejecting only the red. Rather amazing, isn’t it? Life is like that, I’ve found — always completely other that we was expected — than what we thought we knew.

This Is Not Yellow — 7:08

It’s like the whole thing with the atom — how can anything that is only 0.0000001% solid be that which composes all “solid” objects? Makes ya wonder why more scientists down go down that particular rabbit hole. I would, were I one of them — too delightfully obscure — to mind, of course. This is likely why some choose to believe earth & everything else is a hologram — is not real.

Let’s have a further bit of fun with how our eyes see. Did you know that they actually see everything upside-down? Those who work with lenses will know this — it’s our brain that rights things. Our eyes well & truly see things upside-down — & in 2D, i.e., flat.[1] In scientific experiments participants were given lenses to make everything appear upside-down — along with guides to help them navigate. After a few days their eyesight suddenly righted. Further fun — once they removed those lenses, back to upside-down, it was, oh, my!


It’s all happening in consciousness, friends — every bit of what we see, what we experience as solid & real. It is not — not the way we perceive it, anyway. What’s real, what’s fundamental & underlies everything is consciousness — but science doesn’t know what that is either — nor can they even define thought. Skipped the basics, they did.

Thinking — the operative word, here — that thoughts arise in the brain, science misses the boat. What if the brain — the whole nervous system — is nothing but a big sending & receiving station — an antenna, of sorts? Where does that put all of their research? Pretty much in File 13 — the dustbin.

This stuff frightens the heck out of the untamed mind — the one in the driver’s seat of life. Oh well, they’ll get there when they’re ready, & not before — & that’s fine. Meanwhile, though, let’s not let them hold us back. We’re more than able to go within to sort such things out — to have the direct experience(s) for ourselves. One day scientists will see the greater depth tucked away in their research results — meanwhile, it’s there for us to enjoy.

Is Your Red The Same as My Red? — 9:34


Let’s just go within, ditching all the belief system limits, & leave the scientists to their work. It makes them happy, so that’s good enough. Yet their interpretations don’t satisfy the one in Heart — the awakening one. We’re not alone on this journey, friends — just don’t look to science for much support. Bits & pieces they have, valuable ones —it’s in the interpretations where they go south.[2] Why? They laid their foundations on sand.

So if there’s no such thing as matter, then exactly what is this attribute called “solid?” The oncoming vehicle can make quite a mess of the “matter” of our body, so what’s with that? Go within, of course — buckle mind into the back seat for this ride ;)

Many of you have gone there ahead of me, I know, but not all so I’ll share. You see, we don’t reckon the true power of mind, which is amazing. Nor will I get into the nitty-gritty, bringing in much science, which doesn’t yet get it, so what do they have to offer? Sure, we can garner some precious gems from their research, but we won’t take it at all as they intend it. (Sshh, don’t tell them.) Seen through eyes of Heart, nothing looks the same — nothing whatsoever is what mind takes it to be.


So mind is both awesomely powerful — creating this “reality” we experience — yet equally lost. It’s mentally brilliant, yet spiritually dumb. Can you go there, yet? Mind believes it has so many things all neatly worked-out, but when it comes down to it, mind is just deluding itself. The good part of this is that you need not go there — with mind. You have Heart, which offers a much deeper, higher, broader vantage point — at the core of the heart of Creation, within.

So colors are everything but what we see — & there’s no possibility of anything being actually solid — & 3D is an illusion, created within the brain (see the article, linked above)— are you still game? Shall we continue? Of course — why not? After all, you can stop reading, anytime. Free will is an awesome treasure.

What’s next? Heck, I don’t know — I’m as clueless (via mind) as anyone else. Just watching the words appear on the page. What about danger? Is that real? Well, it depends, of course — on our perspective. When identified with the body or mind, it seems very real — heck, it can kill you, right?

Think again. As an infinite, eternal being, there’s no way you can die, or even be injured. So mind is 3 for 3 — I guess it’s out of the game — but since you’re the umpire, you have to put it out — or it just won’t go.


Let’s continue, just for fun. It’s all about that perspective shift I keep harping about. Having a truly flexible perspective is very much a part of waking-up. We’re not locked-down anymore, limited to the perspectives of mind. We can fly free, soar up into the heavens or down into the sea — cross the broad horizons, go to the heart of the galaxy — if we choose. It’s time humanity remembered what true freedom is all about.[3]

Okay, okay, I know — mind thinks such things are so far away, so terribly challenging to master — & in a way, they are — but, you guessed it — only to mind. Not to you, Source-in-form that You are. This stuff is & has ever been right at the fingertips of your Heart. Actually, it’s not truly “your” Heart — it’s just Heart — the One, the only one that there is.


Multiplicity is a part of the mind-made illusion we all occupy. We just think there are many of us down here on earth — there are not. Ultimately, there is only the One. Yet we have to align with that to enter That, don’t you know. Mind will never get there, not in a million incarnations — or more. It’s just not a mind thing — that’s where humanity went off the track — off the rails.

This thing, this awakening is ever as near as our breath — as our heart-beat — yet it’s just not accessible to anyone’s mind. Many who are fascinated, enthralled, as it were, by mind, will refuse to take the trek. Mind will do all it can to resist — feeling its very life is at stake.

It isn’t of course — but how can mind know that? What’s at stake is only it’s place at the wheel . It must transition to the back seat & take the ride, rather than lead, rather than be in control.


No mind wants to know this, wants to hear it. Mind can’t help but be afraid of what it doesn’t know — what it isn’t able to know. Yet there’s always good news in everything— & the good news here is that, once mind is tamed, settles down, it can very much enjoy the journey. It can finally relax, poor dear — no longer under the pressure of having to lead the way.

This is where courage comes in, for it’s you, the real You, that must take charge — take control. Once we find that You, it’s no worry, no fears — that’s impossible to Who You truly are, as Source-in-form. Come on — what has Source to fear? LOL.

Most minds have no clue how to really relax — how to go off-duty. They’re under too much pressure — unaware that the one creating the pressure is them. I could LOL my way through this whole journal, but if you’re in Heart, or even close, you get my drift. Heart just Knows, & there’s no way to analyze that. Can anyone calculate the size, the dimensions of Source? Let’s leave the analytical mind where it belongs — you know where. ;-)

While I don’t mean to repeat myself so much — “Source-in-form,” “Heart,” etc., yet that can help to penetrate what amounts to the density of a mind, so convinced that it knows things. Sure, it knows some things, but they all turn out to be backwards & upside-down — trivial, to boot. Mind lives on the surface of Life, while we can dive deep within.

Who gets this? Everyone does — just not as the separate self. Only Heart truly Knows, offers the direct experience, well beneath the superficials of 3D life. This is where being the witness to mind’s workings saves the day. Mind will get frustrated, maybe depressed, so desperately wanting to figure things out. Yet once YOU know the score — how that’s just not possible — mind can finally, oh finally begin to draw a deep breath & truly relax. Can you feel it?

Sure, it will take a bit of that illusion we know as time — but so what, right? Eventually we come to know that there’s no time, ever, when it was anything but Now — nor can there be. In 1600 it was Now, as it will be Now in 2063. Now is well & truly all there is — so even time, itself falls, bends & bows low before Heart — which simply Knows.

You know this stuff, friends — we all simply forgot — hilarious though that at first sounds. So, in addition to witnessing the antics of mind, let’s be about identifying with the Real Self — Higher Self — access point to That being Heart. I’ll meet you there, where we’ll recall that we never did part. There’s only one of us down here, & that One is Source. Welcome to the Kingdom of Heart!


[1] A funny thing about this article is that we do, in effect, shoot beams of light energy from our eyes — you can feel someone staring at you — so the old boys weren’t that far off ;)

[2] To “go south” is an old expression roughly meaning “go to hell” — metaphorically, but of course ;)

[3] It’s an analogy — not talking about an OBE or a soul journey — though those are possible, too ;)

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