Reclaiming our Oneness

Something wants to be said, here; I don’t know what, but the push from deep within won’t let up, so I’ll find out in the writing what’s going on.

I am. We can all say that simple statement of being, but how simple is it, really? Did not God say that, saying “I Am That I Am,” through someone? The essence of Beingness is just to be. It’s outside of time & all doing — just Be-ing.

This “I am” reality that we all share both points to & illustrates our oneness, our wholeness. Any body is made up of many parts, yet they’re all one, united in participation in the whole, each offering their gifts. When we harm one another, we harm the whole — we harm ourselves. That harm may need some time to circle back to us, but it will — even if in another lifetime.

Neutral Cause & Effect

There’s beauty, here, in that it’s all simple cause-and-effect. It’s not some judgmental god sitting upon some heavenly throne dishing out punishments, as some have been taught to believe. If I drop an apple, it falls, perhaps getting bruised. The apple did nothing wrong nor did I. If you punch me in the nose, my nose hurts. That’s not a punishment, just an effect.

We’ve long been taught to blame one another rather than viewing our life’s happenings as speaking from & to the self. We don’t tend to take responsibility, to look for how we manifested whatever it was into our experience. We’d do much better to own our own life, gaining the mastery that accompanies that.

Let’s quit the whole blame game; it’s hugely disempowering.

Opinion Matters — Both Are Right

This can be quite challenging, of course. It’s a major perspective shift. For the sexual abuse I received as a very young child, it was natural for me to blame my Dad. It took decades to see that differently, to realize the likelihood that he was likewise abused as a child, & perhaps his abuser before him & on back.

The Power of Perspective Shifting

It’s far more constructive & even comforting to view the bigger picture this way. It also leads to self-empowerment. The blame game is infantile but when we’re under its spell, we can’t see that. It keeps us isolated, behaving as if we’re not all one, not all in this whole thing together.

Whether it was due to behaviors, beliefs, & actions of this lifetime or the choices we made PRIOR to incarnating — likely both — we can own all that comes our way. What’s hard at first becomes easier as begin to own that.

We may be deeply surprised to discover how truly empowering it is to take responsibility this way. It removes those others, whom we do not control, those we blamed, from the picture — leaving only the self; well, the self/Self combo.

It also turns our focus inward, away from externals, from things “out there,” enabling & inspiring a deeper reconnection with Who we truly are as the consciousness animating the form. What was at first quite challenging & unpleasant eventually can morph into something amazingly empowering.

Perspective Shift

Every twist & turn, every step we take also influences the One, the Whole. Again, we are not separate from That. We are Source-in-form, but our endless focus on externals keeps us isolated in both the mind & the ego, unaware of either our connection or the greater Whole.

We can take charge of that — or not.

We Don’t Get to Choose for Them

Free will is ever so relevant to all of this — ours & theirs, everyone else’s. We all get to choose, but not for one another, only for the self. In America, we once respected everyone’s right to make their own choices much more than we do, today. There have always been those intent on pushing & prodding others to see things as they see them, but it was not as oppressive as it is, now.

Let’s get back to that simple respect, to each one owning their own life & experience.

Another result of taking full self-responsibility for our lives is an awakening. Perception flows from our perspective at every point, so perspective changes are some of the most powerful, life-changing actions we can experience. Those not actively awakening have life, itself, to thank for their changes in perspective. Those awakening make choices about what they align with, taking a more active role.

Side-Effect = Diminishing Ego

The best part may be how this slowly — or quickly — results in the diminishment, the disempowerment of the ego — which is great. It takes a certain amount of awakening before we’re able to see how egoic we’ve been trained to be & how self-defeating that is. It holds us back from the desired awakening.

We’ve been letting the ego, the ego/mind run our life for us, actually identifying with & as that ego, taking it to be our real self. It is anything but, but that can’t be seen right out of the gate, not under our current load of programming. The self-responsibility move generally must precede this step.

It’s funny, however, once we do begin to recognize our ego at work & the main butt of laughter is the self. This is indescribable. We just have to be there to appreciate the hilarity that often arises, the calm peace when we’re not laughing.

More importantly, we’re now becoming more the observer rather than the actor in our life. That observational phase is critical in becoming our Oneness, in linking up internally with the deeper, underlying Reality. As long as we’re in egoic mode, we’re an actor on the stage, reading our lines. We’re, in effect, lost.

We’re Higher-Dimensional — We Just Forgot 🤣

Anything we set out to resolve is greatly affected by who we take the self to be.

The ego is limited, its actions much like a playful dog chasing its tail. It can’t really get anywhere since, in truth, it isn’t even real. It’s a false creation, it’s what keeps us locked into The Matrix — until we start waking up.

Our Inner Being — Who we truly are — is actually higher dimensional. 3D is not our native home. Furthermore, 3D is much more a dream than actual reality. Over 90% of what the majority of us take to be true either twisted or wholly false. Anyone who’s had an NDE (Near-Death Experience) has touched bases with actual Reality, including the Reality of Who they truly are: Source-in-form.

Words Don’t Cut It

Warning, warning! None of this can be transferred from me to you, from one to another, via words. Words are in-The-Matrix things, partaking of duality, wholly linear. They’re only able to point to things, unable to deliver the experience. They give us hints, suggestions we can choose to follow — or not.

It’s all good, either way — as is everything in this 3D realm of fun, challenge, & illusion.

Things that go beyond 3D are not subject to 3D proofs. We can find evidence, yes, but proof requires that we experience whatever it is, not just talk about it. Eventually, we must set off on our own to discover the truth, to experience it.

Oneness to the Rescue!

Intriguingly enough, our overall Oneness helps a great deal with these discoveries. We grow more intuitive, coming to things via sensing them rather than just using the vehicle of thought. If James has had the experience of whatever it is — & if we are James via the overall oneness — then it’s possible that we can more directly connect with James & experience it with/as him.

The NDE often includes what’s called the Life Review where we experience every encounter in the life we just lost, but not from our perspective. We experience it all as those other people & beings with whom we interacted. We thus directly experience the effects of the causes we put into motion while in 3D.

Up & Out of 3D

As overall consciousness of the One is now rising fairly quickly, we’ll also be rejoining the higher-level state of communion we have in the greater Reality. Some call that telepathy, but it’s so much more than just the passing of a message from one to another. There is no two-ness is Source, in the One, so the telepathy word does not suit.

Anyway, as most of us are making pretty major adjustments, internally, making those necessary perspective shifts, we’re more in 4D now than in 3D. That accounts for many strange experiences, both externally & internally. It is a great, an even awesome time to be alive, friends; to be boots-on-the-ground for The Great Awakening.

My inner work supports you as yours supports me & we both support all the rest of us.

Can you feel, inside, how the weight & burden seem to be lighter, overall as we’re all doing our part to wake the heck up? It’s actually happening, so let’s keep going within, taking self-responsibility, & remaining joyous, overall. Ups & downs there are, but our journey requires us to steer it onward & upward, choosing to stay in higher frequencies, overall.

We’ve got this! It’s already a done deal! Let’s see it into manifestation together.



2:43 pm, Sunday, 2021/03/28




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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