R U Noticing the Shi[f]t?

“These eyes, through which I hoped to see God, are the eyes through which God sees me”

Are you noticing the shi[f]t? I am. While those who are occupied with thought, with mind, are likely not noticing, that doesn’t mean it’s not happening for them, too. Mind runs away. We all get caught-up in thought at times — can’t really be helped unless you’re on a Tibetan mountain top or a native far away from so-called civilization. Doesn’t seem so civilized, these days, does it? LOL

The Tibetan monk would likely laugh at that. Why? Do we really believe they don’t get lost in thought, too? We all do. We’re not machines, after all — & thank Source for that! The perfection many seek seems rather machine-like to me — & quite unreachable — undesirable, too. Oh sure, you could get some sort of chip — do the transhumanist thing. No thanks!!

That’s a mental perfection they seek. I love humans just as they are, warts & all. Often I find that someone’s seeming imperfection is just what I needed to encounter in that moment. In all of our seeming imperfection — well, it’s actually perfect, but in ways no mind will ever realize.

There’s a greater energy at work here. Nothing that presents itself in our now moment is anything but perfect. Yeah, we have to leave mind aside, as I so often say, to perceive the beauty on full display — not hidden from anything but the mind. It’s really rather humorous, but who sees that?

Guess what? Yeah, you see it — the real You who awaits your presence, within. How many ways do we put ourselves down? Watch your thoughts — it takes but a moment to see — no more than an hour, most likely. We do it all day, quite unaware of the many ways we shortchange ourselves. It’s all that programming, friends, most of it subconscious, but also from our “education,” which was anything but. That was programming, too.


It’s right in our face, once we begin to notice such things. They don’t call them TV “programs” for no reason. While some is quite blatant, such as the ads, most is not. For those who have the technology to do it, you might try recording a show, then taking it frame-by-frame. You may be surprised to discover the hidden messages that flash by, so fast that at normal speed they go undetected.

Let’s stay away from the scary stuff, though. It’s nothing you haven’t been experiencing all of your life, after all — so why be suddenly frightened? It’s just what is — & it has far less power to do any harm once it’s discovered. So let’s celebrate our discoveries, instead, as we defang the tiger, rout the boogeyman.


It helps ever so much to keep centering down into Heart, reminding the mind that we’re well & truly Source-in-form. As we keep identifying with the real Self, the cares & troubles just fall away. Don’t ask me how, as I truly don’t know. It just happens, that’s all.

Call it an aspect of the Great Awakening, if you like. Works for me. It’s ever mind, after the why’s, the how’s, the wherefore’s. It doesn’t yet realize that such questions bear no useful fruit. Whatever answers arise, they’ll just change as we move forward, so it’s best to hold them lightly — if at all.


Mind really does begin to settle down at some point on this awakening trek — so nice to know. It’s funny, too, how that doesn’t begin to happen until you cease wanting it so much. Trying to make it happen — to still the mind? A fool’s errand, or so it seems to me. Just doesn’t work.

Mind settles down when it’s darn good & ready, not before. Pushing & prodding it doesn’t help much, if at all. It’s rather like repeating a mantra, this centering thing. Whenever mind bugs you, just look the other way — into Heart. That actually works — well, most of the time ;) What we resist just persists, but we all have to discover this, ourselves. Knowing it helps, though.

Nothing ever works all of the time when dealing with mind. If we go to war with it, demanding that it settle down — well, does that even make sense? Not to Heart. If Love is what this awakening is all about, what part of Love is that? If you don’t want someone pushing you around, why on earth would you do that to yourself?

Yes, we do it unconsciously, I know. We’re not mean to ourselves on purpose, but mean we are. These rising frequencies make it easier to spot, once we settle into Nature or Heart. Nature seems to be Heart space — have you noticed? Not the crowded beaches, the vacation resorts, but just sitting under a tree in your garden, your yard — hearing the birds, watching the butterflies, the leaves fluttering in the breeze — that sort of stuff.


And what does mind call that sort of sitting around? Yup, “wasting time.” Let’s look at that — & as we do, we look at mind. It’s as if humanity, at least in the West, has forgotten how to truly relax. We feel guilty, don’t we — for wasting time? Could that be mind at work?

What is mind afraid of, to not let us sit still without bugging us? A good question for Heart, who seems to have all the answers — not the ones mind seeks, of course — but the important ones, nonetheless. As we slowly, calmly distance ourselves from mind’s incessant chatter, we settle down. We remember what it’s like to just Be — to relax, enjoying the feel of the breeze, the fragrance of the flowers, the hummingbirds.


I highly recommend we all go out & buy a hummingbird feeder. No need to buy the powdered “nectar,” which is anything but. Just add white sugar to pure water — preferably distilled — one to four. One part sugar, four parts water, bring it to a boil & let it cool. Voila! Hummingbird nectar for your new friends.[1] Be sure to hang it near a window to better view these beauties. Too far away is not so much fun, & they’re fearless once they get used to you.

Walk the dog, fly a kite, go skating, sit on a rock — do something mind would think is wasting time as often as you like. Having great fun doing whatever you’re doing — or doing nothing — is the best way to put mind in its place. Love yourself! Better yet, Love your Self (which makes no Heart sense, for You are Love — there is no two, here).

Waking-up isn’t all that difficult. It’s mind that makes it seem so, but it’s the easiest thing going, once you shift & change a few habits. It’s breaking the habits that’s the challenge. Like a small child, mind loves routines. They comfort it — but that’s not in your best interests, these days. Not if the thought of awakening lights your fires, that is.


Why wake-up? Well, why not? It’s ever a choice. You could of course go on as before, but I’d suggest with the upcoming changes, that’s not the best choice. What do I mean? Awakening isn’t in an instant, it’s a process, & those already awakening will have the best seats for the upcoming show.

It can either be a series of terrible shocks — or not. It’s up to each one. Deep within we all know what’s coming, friends. This may even be what makes some hesitant to go within — they don’t want to know. Don’t worry — it’s not all that terrible. It will just seem so to those still trapped in routine, in chattering mind, whereas to those who’ve found their way into Heart — not so much.

Sure, there will definitely be some unsettling, very uncomfortable experiences for one & all — that can’t be helped. Chaos, delivered to our doorstep — by Source, LOL. You’ll be amazed, friends, at how calm you’ll be in the midst of it all. You’ll be guided every step of the way. You’ll just know what to do, where to be as things unfold. That is, if you’re centered in Heart rather than head.


Once we get good at ignoring mind — that’s when the magic can unfold — not until. Sure, mind will have all sorts of ideas, solutions to offer. You’ll just know which ones are on target, which ones not. The more you stay away from the “how,” the “why” questions, the better your journey will be. They’re unanswerable, but mind won’t accept that right off. It takes steady work, but that, too, is enjoyable from Heart.

Yes, even problems can be enjoyed, friends. It only sounds crazy to mind. It’s not. It’s the sanest you’ve ever likely been. The proof is in the pudding, in the experience of the “peace that passeth understanding,” as someone once wrote. Everyone has this, not at their fingertips, but almost — right within.


Let’s learn to laugh once again — not just a chuckle, but a real belly laugh — at the self! We’re really funny, but mind doesn’t see things that way, does it? Mind wants to take everything so darned seriously. OMG, just look at the comment threads on YouTube. Share an idea that doesn’t fit with someone’s program (programming), & watch the vitriol erupt. You’d think you slapped them, or something. It’s hilarious — once you no longer occupy mind.

A funny thing happened on the way into Heart. We discovered we were all somehow psychic or telepathic — intuitive, at a minimum. It’s all within, folks — really & truly, no kidding. Yes, even Uncle Charlie, the old grouch. You can’t help him find it, though — that’s strictly up to him. He’ll go there when he’s ready — or not. His choice. And it’s perfect, no matter how it turns out. Know why? Go within — you’ll find out (because You already know).


Sure, some folks will think you’ve gone off of your rocker, but so what? What do they know? This is your trek, not theirs. You’ll make (more than) a few blunders, but soon you’ll be much better at knowing when to keep your mouth shut. Not everyone is ready for this. Yeah, you’ll try to help them. Go ahead. It’s the only way I know of to really get this.

You see, we’re not the teachers mind would like us to be, would like to think we are. It’s Source doing all of this, just so you know. You’ll have to take the steps to discovery, yourself, but eventually the light dawns — Source is the Dancer, but you — you are the dance. The only way this works is when deeply centered, of course. That’s the connection, the contact point with That — with Who you really are, Source-in-form.

That’s why it’s so easily “done” — you’re not doing it, LOL. It’s being done through you. OMG — what a shock! This stuff is actually the real deal — we never knew. We weren’t taught any of this, oh no. Too threatening to the establishment, to the cabal. Heck, we might even rebel. Oh, No! Yeah, that’s them saying that — the cabal. Can’t have that — oh no. LOL & ROFL.

Just have fun with it all. Believe it or not, it is a choice.


[1] To keep the hummingbird feeders clean (less frequent washings) I used to add a drop or two of bleach. Now I use hydrogen peroxide, which is actually beneficial when taken internally. Nor do they need the red dye — the red on the feeder is sufficient attractant.

12:39 am, Friday 2017/08/11, Mayan day 8 Jaguar / Ix



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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness