Perspective-dependent Awakening

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening,

As we step back from the mind for a new look, we see how everything is perspective-dependent. The same thing looks blatantly different when viewed from different perspectives. People still locked in the mind are tempted to judge, to say “right” & “wrong,” but not we who have stepped back farther, seeing both forest & trees.

Perspective-dependent —

Neither the in-the-trees nor the forest view is either right or wrong; both simply are. Each view is either useful or useless depending on circumstances, on our perspective.

We center in Heart, sensing the mind’s fear to consider the possibility that right & wrong are just perspectives, themselves, having no deep or independent meaning. Oh, my. 😲

There goes one major crutch, but it’s one among many these days as we awaken. We just watch, observing the tension in our gut, but not judging it one way or another. Time will tell in this 3D live-and-learn arena.

We’ve taken ourselves to be so small, so unimportant in the overall scheme of life, in the universe. Some take us (humanity) to be an accident of nature. Ha! Finding out that’s nonsense, we are; oh my. Source-in-form we are, or so we’re coming to realize.

It takes time; time & allowing. No fear.

So long we’ve been held back, held down by this globalist bunch, these supremely arrogant ones, acting as if they, the 1%, were the majority with full rights to rule. How we stood for it I don’t know, but we allowed it. Too much trust — but not so much, now, as we awaken, as our view/perspective shifts.

Step by step, we’re coming back into our own, finding our own unique way back into Heart, into our Source-in-form core, settling down there to identify with That. Oh my, how the perspective vastly differs from (t)here. We quietly settle into It, just letting It be, putting It in control.

Where are we going? Nowhere.

The “we” that we take ourselves to be is a plastic creation, something temporary & unreal, something negative for the environment, as well. We go into the nowhere of NowHere to just Be to let this all sink in.

From another perspective, we’re letting all of that just fall away, being restored to our true Divine identity, bit by bit as we allow.

We are Creator, friends; I’ll say it many ways to help us reconcile our seeming 3D reality with this Truth. Source-in-form = Creator at work in manifestation. It has nothing to do with the ego, the false self, a persona of limited view, limited reach.

We got it wrong, just as we were programmed to do but we’re waking up now, so get ready for the vastly new & expanded perspectives that are readily available, that easily arise as we allow.

Actually, they’ve been available all along, we just didn’t see them. That’s how programming works, installing blinders as it goes. The mind is actually frightened to contemplate a life with no beliefs; it just does not compute.

Well, so what? The mind is not the master of us, nor is it meant to be. It will be, however, just as long as we allow it to be. It’s up to us!

It’s a totally new us, however. 😶

This Source-in-form Self is quite new to most of us, though not all. Many have long known; some never forgot. They were/are the masters that walked among us, whose teachings became warped & perverted by the globalist bunch over time. We don’t have the original Bible, much less anything else, history always being rewritten by the victors down through the ages.

Finally, oh finally the time of The Great Awakening is here. We’re here to greet it, to help usher it in, to shine the Light of Source-in-form on it, helping to bring us all back together in Heart. We just forgot, oh my, & for such a long time. Well, so what? We’re awakening Now & that’s great.

Illusion of Choice — MintPressNews

We have much to celebrate, but you wouldn’t know it if you tune in to the MSM, to the regular news. We won’t be calling it that much longer, for it’s being revealed as just another arm of the globalists.

What they call “alternative news” is fast becoming the regular, the reliable news, in spite of— perhaps because of — how the MSM obfuscates every topic, every event or non-event as they spin their lies.

Perhaps the biggest priority focus for awakening is how consciousness creates. What we focus on we’re feeding, creating, attracting into manifestation, into our experience. What we focus away from ceases to exist when enough of us focus elsewhere.

It’s time to remember the vital importance of just feeling good, to recognize the beauty that allows, that it brings into manifestation.

We’re important, here, as Creator-in-form, but not the ego self; not at all. That’s a false creation that’s been installed to keep us off-track, focused on everything external, everything negative, thus continually creating that. It’s a big deal to recognize how our children are now schooled in ways that get them lost & keep them that way, focused as SJWs with globalist, anti-family, anti-nationalist ways & ideals.

Not everyone is seeing this yet, but some children already are. As part of their rebellion, they’re going Conservative, rejecting the globalist, Leftist ways, their indoctrination. I don’t recommend the university to anyone these days, even though I came through with 4 degrees. It has almost nothing to recommend it to Heart.

We were duped, & for quite a long time, as in decades, as in centuries, even millennia overseas. The hard part is over once we see that, for we rather quickly see right through it. We learn to follow the money, so discover & uncover it as the major control system it is, especially fiat currency which is debt in the guise of wealth.

The Family of Humanity is coming back together in Heart, once again re-membering our dismembered selves, our unity in the One that is Source. We have a great deal of laughter ahead, once we get through recognizing how we were so long entrapped. Yes, that’s nasty, but it will be over quickly, so we have ever so much celebration on the schedule, now.

The globalists were actually in the process of killing us off, but we woke up in time to prevent that, to watch them go down, instead. It’s all quite interesting as we expand our perspectives so very far beyond where the body-mind can reach. That is as our left little toe to Who we truly are; oh my. 😆

Cosmic Man —

Let the inner emptiness reign for a time, friends. Until we move out of the head, away from identifying with the body-mind, we’re just chasing our tail to say we’re awakening. The false identity doesn’t awaken, it just gets taken for yet another ride.

We’ve got to let go of so very much, finally accepting that nothing whatsoever is what we take it to be, what we were taught that it is — including ourselves, oh my. “Let go & let God,” as they used to say. As we release the old, small identity, we make way for our cork to rise, to float as it naturally does when we are not holding it down.

Part of our Great Awakening discovery is how we are quite literally the only one holding us down, keeping us from awakening. This identity shift is required before we expand into this perspective; out of ego, out of the head & into Heart. I’ll meet you there.



Thursday, 2019/02/21, 10:59 pm — Mayan day 8 Reed



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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness