Parenting Ourself into Awakening, pt 2

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

We left off considering the possibility that all that we see operating in the world has its origins within us. Who is willing to at least consider the possibility that thought & our intentions, our beliefs, create the physical reality? Remember, this is not a mind trek, so be sure to Heart-center as we continue.

This is all about the self, so let’s look into that. What do you want? What do you fear? Like it or not, we’re dealing with these all the time, albeit subconsciously & unconsciously. It’s not just conscious thought that crafts our experience of reality.

As we’re awakening, many hope to just step into higher consciousness, to have some wonderful experience that reveals the greater Reality, thus becoming “enlightened.” That’s a mind thing. Awakening is not some divinely bestowed gift (though it’s also that, from another perspective).

No one is free of trials & challenges. The way out is through, not over, under, or around. It’s a walk of embracing all that comes our way while our perspective shifts, which seldom happens all at once. Thus, it’s a trek.

Things “out there” aren’t shifting, we are, & that’s strange to the mind.

Where we once firmly identified with the body-mind, we become ever less so as we realize our Source-in-form identity that was there, unnoticed, all along. Every bit of awakening is internal. We watch the world & its happenings shift into the background, losing importance as we go. We begin to see more through the eyes of Source than our physical eyes.

Where we once thought we were powerless to bring the changes we so deeply desire, we now realize that’s not true. The mind tags along, eventually forced to accept the Source-in-form thing, yet it has no ability to go where we’re going, to truly comprehend. Our mere focus in Heart keeps our awareness, our frequencies rising in ways no mind can grasp, but only witness.

Again & again mind chimes in, a distraction from Heart. As thought loses importance, we’re better situated to simply observe, to make friends with MOM (Mind-Observer Mode). The meal can’t cook itself, the surgeon can’t operate on himself, & the mind can’t take us where we’re going as we move from the chess piece to Chess Player.

A one-time journaling of two lists can help us become more self-aware: 1) what we fear or don’t want, & 2) what we want. When Heart-centered, we’re better able to write these down. A mental list is less than useful, here. Remember, the mind can’t analyze itself; it doesn’t have the broader picture.

So often in our quiet moments of falling asleep or waking up, we’re in that in-between region of clarity/Clarity. I keep a notebook near, day & night, with a little flashlight so I don’t have to get up to turn a light on, enabling me to stay with the flow. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received something with such clarity that I just knew I’d be able to recall it on awakening — only to find it doesn’t work like that.

This is NOT mind stuff! Write it down.

These are special, even sacred times where we’re in communion with Higher Self. That’s just one way to say it, of course. It can occur anytime, anywhere, perhaps on a nature walk. Meditation is a potential avenue into this, but not always. It depends on how much we’ve got in our backpack & how cozy we are with MOM, or perhaps even beyond that, fully in Heart.

Memories will arise, painful ones. When we view them as gifts, we see that they are — we unwrap them. Though they’re from “back then,” they’re relevant to our Now or they wouldn’t arise. Perhaps they come to display the contrast between then & Now, to help you release them & move on.

No one can tell you what gift your memories bear but you, as Higher Source-in-form Self. Just trust that they’re relevant & appreciate them so they can deliver their gift(s).

You’ll recognize things from your two lists as you watch what crosses the screen of your awareness in this state. You can witness your fears & desires interact, resistance on the one hand & seeking on the other — both activities of the mind. You’re in a higher-frequency state, now, finally able to see into yourself in a deeper way than any mind can provide.

Allow, allow, allow! Just observe while focused in Heart. Use the notebook to jot down things as Heart directs, not mind. You’ll see why later, so don’t question it — just allow & align. You’ve got what amounts to a sage, a guru on-board as your own Higher Self, so just be alert.

Resisting what we don’t want & seeking what we do are the bane of lower-frequency living, friends. There’s no way to spot them until we find our way deeper within. We eventually realize that following any train of thought amounts to chasing our tail, a distraction at best, so we just observe as fearless non-seekers.

Some things that arise will be painful. Again, just watch. Remember, they, too, are gifts, some of the best ones, actually. You’ll be amazed to find the boost, the uplift that often follows your MOM time. We begin to feel younger, inside, to recapture the innocent amazement, the child’s enthusiasm for life as we release the weights from our backpack.

Literally, everything in Life is a gift. Are you willing to see it like that?

It takes letting go of quite a lot, but OMG, what we discover makes us laugh at what once gave us such pain. We see that it wasn’t those happenings that gave us pain, it was how we received them before we recognized them as gifts.

Some things that arise will bring shame & regret. Again, just watch. There are gifts hiding within everything. Clearly, our perspectives must shift, but that’s not something we do so much as something we experience. In Heart, we are no longer the doer of anything. First, we’re the witness, & later, we’re the Divine Dance being done by the Beloved of Beloveds — Source.

Somewhere along the way, we fall in Love with the self/Self.

This is a great experience as we gently parent ourselves through this shift into higher consciousness. Our MOM time puts on display the many ways we’ve been trained to be hard on the self. We’ve treated ourselves cruelly, quite unintentionally, just trying to conform, to make our way in the world.

There’s a whole world of living in these words, as Heart will attest. We’re going beyond where any words can be useful, any thought. (We’re now the observer of thought, not the thinker.) That doesn’t matter when we’re communing, sharing with those also on this trek, aware in Heart. We get one another, vibrationally, now. Do you see? Do you sense?

You’ll find yourself not only being more gentle with yourself but with others, too. Delightful amazement will frequently pop in for a visit. For a time we’re a bit schizophrenic, as we retain the mind’s perspectives while also accessing Heart’s take on things. It will be odd, but like everything else, it’s only a phase, a cycle.

Awakening, enlightenment is never-ending, beloved ones. I don’t trust anyone who tells me they’re enlightened. They don’t yet realize that, in the infinity, the eternity that’s our natural realm there can be no endings that aren’t also beginnings.

So, in a way, we never arrive.

At the same time, we never left — we were always That, the One, the All That Is. We just weren’t accessing the more that was always there for us. This is the both/and territory of the Triality, beyond the mind’s either/or realm.

The mind & its lower frequencies are not bad nor even lesser than what we now view. They’re just other, another aspect of Now in the One. We’re like a piano whose keys go on endlessly in both directions, able to play divine symphonies as we merge in Heart.

All that you ever loved, all that you ever desired, hoped for & sought are found right there, where you are. Every NowHere moment is so full of gifts it’s beyond amazing, once we make this shift in perspective. When you know this is true, then it’s true for you. Never forget, friends — thought creates & Love reigns.

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote — 2018/01/26

“The joyous place you may be standing is temporary, and the abhorrent place that you may be standing is temporary. Your now reality is only a temporary, momentary culmination of what you’ve been thinking about.”

Excerpted from Dallas, TX on 11/2/02

Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)



10:56 am, Friday 2018/02/02, 1st, Mayan day 1 Offering or Water / Muluc



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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness