How We Paint Our Future

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204
The Frame of Mind —

If this was your canvas, presented to you fresh, every morning — what would you paint? What if this is Who you truly are — this emptiness? What if you could literally fill it with your heart’s dearest desire(s) — & have that manifest for you over time — less, & ever less time? What would you paint, right now?

We really do awaken with a blank slate, friends, then quickly fill it up with the cares of the day — the need to get to work, to tend to the pets, to rush through breakfast, then traffic… our focus ever on externals. This is mind’s way.

We don’t yet recognize self as the one painting the images we set out to manifest — yet we are Creator, here, as Source-in-form. As the day passes, we inadvertently cross out things we wanted, un-creating them via our jangled nerves, our careless statements — & thoughts. We find ourselves drawing a big X across many things on our canvas — all unaware both of what we’re doing — & how — or of the consequences.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We just need to be Present, more aware of the NowHere moment we’re ever within. Were that the case, we’d be far more aware, less likely to work both for-and-against our desires — for-and-against ourself/Self. Higher Self ever occupies our NowHere, yet we seldom join that One there. I wonder why not.


Okay, so humanity has been programmed for endless generations — I get that. But so what? With frequencies rising as they are, we’re all getting the proverbial kick in the rear, impetus to awakening, most of the time, certainly daily.

When we’re in mind, though — we just don’t hear, don’t perceive. We respond with irritation instead of attention. It’s truly time to be making the Great Shift that’s there for us — yet those in mind are not there for it.

As I look at my journal/blog statistics, I see the many who open, but do not read them through. I don’t need the numbers — that’s not why I do this, which is strictly for me, for joy as they flow onto the canvas. The Light is there, easy enough to sense — but not from mind. Oh, I would call humanity to Heart if I could! Such release & relief from stress & care is ever as near as our next breath.

I am a journaler, not a professional writer. Though I’m aware of things like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you won’t catch me going there. Source will bring them, the right ones, at the right time for them. That’s Source’s job — mine is to flow from Heart, to provide something to see/read, infused with Heart, with this Joy.

It becomes ever more clear that I live in a different world from most — which is fine — no complaints. I Love my world, my reality — wouldn’t exchange it for anything. All others are also Source-in-form — their life, their choices their own — none of my business to try to change them in any way. Not my job, which is merely to fill the daily canvas with my song.


How very strong we have to be, how determined to stay with Heart on this trek — early on. (Later, it comes at natural as breathing.) As our inner senses come online, we more deeply feel the energies of others, yes, even in their writings. We feel the pain, the dissatisfaction, their regrets, the desire to “do better,” to improve, to attain — that endless push. It’s uncomfortable, feeling that. If they weren’t so used to it, they’d feel that, too.

But they’re not — they’re off, chasing their dream(s), trying to achieve. That’s mind energy — never satisfied with just this, just Now — & if they don’t realize it, what then? All you can do is put the food on the table. They’ll come when they’re ready. The awareness that suffering will provide that readiness kinda hurts.

You’re like a parent, helpless before your dear child’s willfulness — but (hopefully) wise enough to let them go their own way. Your words won’t help. In the absence of readiness, silence is your best gift.

Let’s leave one another alone, friends. Let’s trust them to find their own way, & not interfere. As we find our own way into Love, nothing prevents us from Loving them, but let’s add that sacred ingredient of Respect — trusting them as Source-in-form, too. As humanity awakens, a big part of that is this Respect — first for ourself — but then, both for our dear ones, & for all of Life, too. The only one we need see to in this crazy melee is self/Self. Our hands are full enough with that.

As we come to our daily blank canvas in Self-Respect, we’ll take ever more care with what we create, there — & how — bringing Love into the process. Out of our Self-concern flow rivers of Love for one & all. The more we tend to Self, the more we fall in Love with humanity, each one. It just flows from that, naturally.


We create brush strokes with every thought, every idea, every word — along with the tender care we infuse into it all. Out of Love for self, as Self, we carefully observe our thoughts, being often with MOM — in Mind-Observer Mode. Besides, we don’t want a messy canvas, lol. We’re quite literally painting our future there, after all. It’s important — & only do-able in the NowHere. Otherwise our brushstrokes are careless & sloppy.

We have learned that, if we don’t first tend to the self/Self, we can’t tend to anyone else — we have nothing to give. When we pour from the glass of self, there must first be something there to have aught to share. When we’re in Heart, Source flows through — so if we’ll just invite MOM around more often, the rest takes care of itself. Being Love is tending to self in every way.

Then that Love overflows the lip of our glass, pouring out onto all in a natural way. It’s nothing the human does — it’s Source dancing us. We’re the witness as well as the participant, letting Source be the do-er of it all. Pretzels the mind, of course, but what’s new? Mind is least involved of all in this divine dance — just watching.

It’s quite funny, really, for as we’re doing the MOM thing, observing mind — there sits mind, observing it all — wondering, “What the heck?” most of the time. Hilarious, really — & quite injoyable. It’s a great way to “spend your time,” time being far more valuable than money, any day of the week. Why? Because the NowHere is always found there, ultimate pinnacle of worth, portal to Heart.


There’s really no way to reach someone deeply caught-up within mind — have you noticed? They truly can’t hear this stuff — the minds who haven’t already been tamed, that is, along the Heart trek. You can always tell when someone is truly Present — not sure quite how, but you clearly sense it. They’re quick to pause, to look right at you — to actually listen, rather than the imitation of that offered by those in mind.

Sure, the ears of those in mind definitely hear your words — but there’s no one home, so to speak — they’re not really there. What you have is like an imitation person — one not fully real, not Present at all. Oh, their body is there, sure — but that’s not saying much. They speak & they hear others speak, but they’re on auto-pilot, somehow — unlike the one truly there, the one at Home in Heart. That’s a real person.

You can check this out for yourself, of course. Be in Heart, say something to someone, anyone — & note the response. For the most part, it will just be polite — saying what’s expected — but somehow vacant, too. When the real Being is Present in someone, you just know. It’s quite clear. You feel deeply heard, even the undertones of what you may have said. They’re focused, Present — & you’re aware of it, because you are, too.


All we can offer to humanity is our Presence, friends. Whether it’s noted, or not. Thank Source it’s a real Joy to be Present, fulfilling in itself, for we no longer look to humanity, to anything or anyone external, for any sort of needs gratification. The needs all fell away, somewhere along the trail. We want nothing from them — just themSelves, simple interaction with That. It’s fulfillment, enough; a real blessing, in fact.

Perhaps most of the wealthy among us are fully mind-occupied, empty of that Presence so fulfilling to us. I wouldn’t exchange their riches — & all the cares that go with that — for one moment of real Presence. A poor exchange it would be. While those in mind think this quite crazy, they just don’t know, so they’re excused, lol.

Let us paint what is of real, true value to us on our morning, our daily canvas, friends — not the drivel of luxuries, of that which represents “getting ahead” in the world. As we take a real look at our values — at what we’re reaching for, daily — let’s be in Heart, which has a whole nother take on value. As an eternal, infinite soul, let’s paint that canvas — not with the common things that occupy so many their whole life long — but with what has real, lasting value — to Higher Self.


It is quite literal that our daily canvas paints images of our future. We have the power of creation in our hands. As we allow mind to paint the pictures, lasting value is not what we’ll see, just the fleeting things that bring no real happiness; only fleeting pleasures that turn out to be as empty as our canvas before the first stroke.

Those in Heart are this emptiness of the canvas, friends. They are largely absent to the mind, home of most of humanity, these days. Theirs is a full emptiness, though — which, of course, no mind can grasp. They have no needs which are not already met. Oh, their human self may feel it has needs, but they know better, being ever supplied with every requirement — having a deep faith in that, that amounts to Knowing.

Even the seeming trouble that comes their way is a gift, detectable to their eyes, their inner sight. In every single happening they recognize the hand of Source, presenting that, so they value it. If you have a lesson to learn (remember), you want to be taught, you want it delivered. That’s what some of those seemingly unfortunate happenings are — gifts of Source, designed to bring remembering, awareness of something valuable to you — or Source wouldn’t present it.

Just as every coin has two sides, the Heart-centric one is well able to interpret the gift aspect of every happening. While the human aspect may rebel, may wish “this wasn’t happening,” the one in Heart knows that arises from simple ignorance, & patiently retains their divine perspective on it all — knowing the human will “get it,” eventually.

Having a mind is much like having a child, in many ways — one you Love dearly. You’re patient & kind with it, yet firm — quite firm. When you Know what is right, you don’t let the child persuade you, otherwise. That would be foolish, & there are no fools found in Heart. It’s a higher way, yes — one not often either recognized or understood — but so what? Do you abandon it because others fail to understand? What sense does that make?

Be faithful & steady, friends — finding Heart, centering there — then finding what just feels right to you, following that. You’ll get precious few thanks, but you don’t need them — you no longer need anything. Ah, what a release from cares will bring — a vibrant, uplifting, deLightful experience of life, everyday, every NowHere moment. This is your due, as one abiding with MOM, one with Source.

What does Source deserve? And you, as Source-in-form? As we come to identify with That, ever more strongly, life changes to Life, & so does the view. Our inner senses — beyond the stale 5 — come online, enabling ever deeper perception of simply everything. Other dimensions, included. Though there’s no way to put this into words, your Heart knows, so I’ll trust to That to interpret it for you.

Be blessed. It’s Your due ;)



9:55 pm, Friday 2017/09/06, 2nd, Mayan day 8 Sun / Ahau



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