Owning Hurt Feelings — Empowerment

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

No one can hurt you with words unless you set yourself up to be hurt.

Let’s be in Heart to connect. ❤ It may be that we’re not just often, but generally talking at cross-purposes, unawares. It’s also time to own our feelings, hurt or otherwise. We’ll grow-up a bit as we explore who is responsible for what in the hate-speech arena. 😉

Cabal strategy is not just to divide-&-conquer, but also to divert & distract.

We know it’s not wise to let the enemy choose the battlefield; they’ll choose one to their advantage. By focusing on regulating speech, we lose the battle. By focusing on enjoying & protecting our freedoms, we will win. Good to keep that in mind throughout any discussion.

What often creates a fight is a misunderstanding. He seeks to convey A but she hears B, something he didn’t mean. When what he didn’t mean offends her, she enters Mirrorland, that space/time where we unintentionally project our stuff on one another. We attribute our issues to them.

Alice (in Wonderland) ain’t got nothin’ on us. 😆

It’s a rocky trek until more of us see how wonderfully beautiful we all are, at Heart. It doesn’t have to be so rough. We’re getting there, folks! We’re actually progressing, so buckle up & let’s have some FUN with it! Hey, having fun is always a choice.

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote, 2018/04/12

“The expansion of the Universe and the evolution of all species is dependent on contrast. How could you ever decide what you do want, without living some of what you don’t want? And so, be easy on yourself! Do not try to hold yourself to the impossible standard of only being in a place where everything is exactly as you want it to be. If you could do that you would cease to exist.” [Emphasis added]

Excerpted from Sedona, AZ on 3/15/14

Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)


Are we ready to see the contrast, the challenges as GIFTS designed to encourage our growth? ❔

Humanity isn’t doing the best job of connecting. We go down many a (contrast) rabbit hole until we awaken sufficiently to spot when we’re not connecting, not truly hearing one another.

We just assume we mean the same things when using the same words. We’re like donkey’s at times, braying in the breeze, making asses of ourselves. 😆 (Assume = making an ass of u & me.)

We’ll continue spinning amidst endless misunderstandings until we unite in our use of language. We’re not ready to tackle ideas & concepts absent a common understanding around words, our most basic tool.

This is far deeper than mere dictionary definitions, requiring introspection to find clarity.


Let’s quit assuming we hold our fundamental definitions in common. This goes much deeper than the mind. We’re forever assuming we understand, delving into the details (concepts) before crafting that solid base any edifice requires.

We can’t clearly delineate our definitions, much less those of others; just try defining “self,” “wonder,” or “love.” We don’t even know what “gravity” is, just what it does.😶 We have a long way to go.

Importantly, we’re not even heard, much less understood. Confusion abounds via our innocent misinterpretations with no one the wiser, lol. You can’t make this stuff up! We can actually enjoy this journey once we quit taking ourselves so darned seriously.

We make a mess without meaning to, without knowing why. In Mirrorland, we project it on one another. 😲

We’re finally waking up, better able to spot things once hidden by our differing Belief Systems. We got way ahead of ourselves, seeking to craft the upper floors of the edifice, (to unravel the complexities of our thoughts & ideas,) before laying the solid verbal foundation. No wonder it collapses!


At least two things are required to prove harm: 1) what was said was not true, & 2) there was an intent to harm. Let’s take that in, folks, & realize it may just undermine the majority of “hate-speech” accusations flying around.

I’m no authority on law, just doing the online research. What’s different, here, is being in Heart. What Heart speaks, no mind can interpret.[1] Others also in Heart just get it, reading it energetically. Some call that intuition.

Unfortunately, defending freedom of speech means defending any and all speech equally, even that which may be regarded as unbearably offensive.” [Emphasis added]

LegalDictionary.net — Hate Speech

Most didn’t see it that way. How about you? It’s light-years beyond the intolerance commonly on display. “Unbearably offensive,” indeed.


Our founding documents, especially the Constitution with its Bill of Rights, are not just old, outdated texts, they’re critically important, the essence of what it means to be American. Freedom of speech was important enough to include in the very 1st Amendment:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

US Constitution/Bill of Rights, 1st Amendment

Free Speech Zone Map — 1.bp.blogspot.com

Let’s get down to basics, to what the words mean, as well as what we take them to mean. There are no absolutes in 3D! Nothing stays the same over time. If you doubt that, just look at the word, “wicked.” Contrast today’s use with it’s older meaning. The colonists could never have envisioned its current usage, those definitions being almost opposite.

We take a major, harmonizing step when we realize that only relative meanings are even POSSIBLE in 3D.

Words don’t mean the same thing across time, to different cultures, to different individuals, or in different circumstances. We’re in both/and territory which calls on us to expand. We can rely on dictionaries all we like, but people will interpret things differently.

Our intentions behind the word use add another layer of complexity.

Words take their meaning from both our background understanding & our intention in their use. We can come back together around the Constitution, with a law dictionary for back-up, crafting that solid foundation to support our conceptual work.


First Amendment

Why is freedom of speech protected?

1. Serves a self-government function because people cannot participate in government effectively, knowledgeably and meaningfully unless they can speak freely

— Market place of ideas akin to the Free market in economic sense

— Best ideas come to the surface and stay while the bad ones fall out and die

2. Safety-value function

— Gives people a way to openly vent anger that is non-voilent

— If they can’t vent anger openly they might start building bombs or something

3. Truth seeking-(market place of ideas)

— Applies outside the political sphere into every area, eg., the question of scientific truth, economic truth, etc.

4. Autonomy and self-fulfillment function

— The only one in which the ends and the means are the same

— The functions emphasized determine what sort of speech we are protecting [Emphasis & minor grammatical edits added]

Black’s Law Dictionary, 1st Amendment

Hate-speech laws of other countries wouldn’t preserve our American freedoms. Then too, how far are all such laws from being thought police? Yet another issue is unequal application of our laws. Many officials apply fines & imprisonment differently to the people vs those in authority.

How much freedom & equality do we want to have & maintain?


A critical aspect involves who gets to decide, to define the terms, to apply the agreed-on consequences; & how they are chosen. Consequences are both personal (Heart) & legal (mind).

Many court challenges emerge as we grapple with this topic. Consider, too, since our court system can be manipulated, it may get crazy before we refine this into something all can respect.

Let’s look to other countries, especially to Europe, to see how that’s working (or not working) for them. We can learn from the mistakes & the (few) victories of others.

Such laws seem to satisfy the cabal, not so much the people. [2]

Since hate speech, by definition, requires intent [3], feelings hurt unintentionally don’t necessarily qualify as harm. If I take away your freedom of movement, that’s harm. If I somehow force you or your children to work as sex slaves, that’s harm.

If I’m talking smack about you, or even to you, to take that to court you must be ready to prove both untruth & intent; not so easy to do. Hey, harm is serious stuff, as well it should be.

“While the First Amendment is one of the most important rights granted by the U.S. Constitution, it does not give citizens the right to say absolutely anything.”

Black’s Law Dictionary

Is slander/libel protected by the 1st Amendment? What about obscenity? How do we handle crime & safety? This Amendment is so central to our way of life that it merits a bit of study lest we join those exposing their ignorance in the discussion.

This whole situation was intentionally crafted by the cabal, diverting us way off course into regulating speech rather than protecting, even cherishing our freedoms. By making hate speech the chosen battlefield, we lose. Our whole focus is misdirected away from American fundamentals, freedom being primary. On the battlefield of protecting & enjoying our freedoms, we win.

They focus us on HOW TO REGULATE OURSELVES instead of on how to protect our freedoms.


We now have a sizable slice of our populace demanding protection from imagined harms, from what amounts to slights to their beliefs, their lifestyle, their bodily aspects or what have you; their ego & life choices. Some believe we owe them acceptance & respect regardless of their personal choices.

I see in that an awkwardness there that seldom rises to actual harm. I see people trying to control one another when the only one over whom we have authority is the self.

Many people are codependent, seeking to control us to get their needs met.

American pioneers must be rolling over in their graves over these delicate flowers who believe we owe them anything but the right to live freely & responsibly. We all make our choices, then reap their consequences.

We are generally the ones creating the mess, not others exercising their legal right to speak. It takes a deeper look, a perspective shift, to see it this way, to thus own our responsibility.

This is not a call to be nasty & rude to anyone, even the meanest boor. Of course, kindness is the best way! Yet, how is that possible when even our definitions of “kindness” diverge? It’s that unstable-foundation thing that has us forever talking at cross purposes, even when our goals align.


Sometimes it’s actually kind & respectful to be direct, which some may consider rude.

People do & say stupid things, yes? Shall we protect them from the effects of their actions? If we never let a child experience behavioral consequences, how does the child learn? They may become spoiled & demanding.

Must we protect the delicate flower from the storms? Will that actually help them (or us) in the long run? Will it strengthen them, make them wiser — or make them weak & more easily manipulated, perhaps even manipulative? The jury is out on that one, but it’s not looking good.

People have been educated/programmed to disdain or even hate those who are different, who . simply . hold . different . values. We don’t have the right to force our values on others.

Arrogance is running rampant, such that we may need to add it to the DSM (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual) as a mental/emotional problem. It certainly creates serious relationship issues which waking up to these things will help to assuage.

Whole generations of children are raised to believe that theirs are the “right” ways & beliefs, that others are simply wrong; even ignorantly, stupidly wrong. This is social engineering, extreme divide-&-conquer at work — do you see? It’s intentional, as the cabal structured the curriculum to serve their social-engineering purposes, but that’s another topic, entirely. 😉



[1] No mind can understand Heart’s words because their meaning rides in on the underlying energy, not in their dictionary definitions. Thus, we encounter greater depths than those we’re used to exploring.

[2] The divide-&-conquer cabal is happiest when we fight against one another, rather than focusing on them & their underhanded dealings.

[3] Hate Speech: Speech that is intended to offend, insult, intimidate, or threaten an individual or group based on a trait or attribute, such as sexual orientation, religion, color, gender, or disability.



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