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“These eyes, through which I hoped to see God, are the eyes through which God sees me”

Can we — will we choose to be still enough to settle down, within, to remember who we are? Not just these forms, but we who inhabit them? That’s not quite correct, either, as we are not bounded by any form. Far vaster than physical boundaries of any kind, we cannot be “contained.”

Auras expand as people awaken. Soon, we’ll begin to delicately see bits of our auras, then more— that’s not far away. It takes settling down, though — it’s not done through physical sight, but an inner vision that arises with rising frequencies. It’s quite natural, too — already there, not a bit spooky.

Nor are you limited to the size of your aura, friend. You encompass quite literally All That Is. You are That. No, I’m not saying you are God, though mind would interpret it like that. If we are unbounded, then what about Source? OMG, no way can Source be defined, contained by any form, any words at all, so I hesitate to even go there. We are one with That — aspects, not Its fullness. All I can say is read, is listen from Heart not mind. Drop all beliefs if you want to “get” this.

Some will be frightened by these aspects of awakening — it will seem so very strange. There’s no way that I see to prepare them, either. It’s a journey, a very personal journey we take — only as we make that choice. It’s simple, & it’s not. It’s not only via our mind that we make choices. There are unconscious or subconscious choices, about which the conscious mind remains unaware.

It goes even deeper — there are pre-life, pre-incarnational choices we’ve all made, remembrance of which doesn’t arise until we reach a certain point — different for each one. There’s no manual detailing the steps & stages of awakening, the various amazing occurrences that arise with our rising frequency. Until we more fully identify with Who we truly are, this remembrance remains hidden — tucked away safely in Heart.


Who are we? That is the question to address first, for further awakening to occur. Who we’ve been taught that we are — & programmed to be — is such a sad joke, one that remains ever unseen by any mind. In that state, no one can be convinced that they don’t already know who they are. Best to just leave them be, as peaceful sheep grazing in the meadow. We can’t help them friends — nor do we need to.

Why not? Are they not the same divine beings as we are? Of course they are! Though we have some very human-appearing AI among us, all beings of soul have the same divine origin, the same great magnificence, as aspects of Source. Let us respect their free-will choice to be as they are, & just stick with self-awakening.


It’s really not something we’re doing, anyway. It’s being done, yes, but not by who we think we are. We are the dance of Source, here in 3D. We are more a flow than anything physical at all. We are not the form — it is but something we embrace. We flow into the world through the form(s).

We’ve been taught to fear & avoid death at almost any cost, which is also sad, once seen for the nonsense it is. This is not life, friends! Those stuck in the Matrix don’t really come alive, as it were, until they leave the form, return to the “former,” the always state. The closest word to what we are is divine Light. Freed from the form, we can take any shape, any appearance we like. While here, we take part as actors in a play.

Just imagine — if you’ve had ever so many lifetimes, then when you cross over this time, are you limited to looking like the last form you took? From the higher-consciousness state, that would be seen as a bit silly — so limiting. Yet we’re so accustomed to accepting limitation, it becomes a tough habit to relinquish — a habit of mind.

While it’s amazing to realize how old habits die hard, as if clinging to us for their very lives, it becomes understandable when witnessing our pain, the many scars & injuries left by trauma & war across the lifetimes. Anyone able to see this in self or others compassionately understands. Yet the running away, fearing to face our own deep trauma — not just from this lifetime — holds us back.


What no one told us is that awakening includes pain. Instead, we have the new-age meme of only Light, of ascension, which doesn’t begin to tell the whole story. There’s a point to our pain, friends — it’s not random, not happenstance, not being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Pain is our gift to ourself — from our Self. It helps us arise, once we’re willing to first face, then embrace it — & the self — that the suffering self may be whole, again.

Compassion is required — not so much for others. That will come, naturally. The necessary point to realize is how we treat the self. Until we go there, being compassionate to others is not the real, true Compassion of Source — of which we are quite capable, from Heart.


We live on the surface of Life. Who can see this? How we go about our business, our day, most are only partially there, not fully Present. This is how mind lives — not us — not the real true Being. We flit about, from here to there, getting things done — or so mind thinks. Time to wake-up, if you like — if you allow.

We even think we know how to Love, but it’s more of the same, superficial at best. Let’s be Compassionate about that, as well — realizing that we’ve been doing our best — our human best, which can only go so far. Perhaps that’s why the pain arises in the first place — to help us recognize how superficial our lives have been — to force us deeper, much deeper within.

This quest is not pain-free. That must be faced. Seeing is freeing, to be sure. Seeing, witnessing from our new perch in Heart, is mighty, indeed. It’s half the battle, as they say. Once seen, whatever it is is defanged, is half defeated, already. Yet that’s to see it as a battle, when it’s not that — not at all, that being so very 3D, stuck in the duality of us versus them, of having to fight.


No fight is required, here. If it were, you would only be fighting yourself. What sense does that make — to anyone? It’s the stuff-and-nonsense, the paradigm into which we’ve been stuffed & programmed — our beliefs. That’s alright — cut yourself plenty of slack. Be kind to you. We can turn this thing around, & it’s not as difficult as it may seem.

Let’s pull our focus back & go within. Self is our only useful business, now. We release all externals to go here, letting them just drop away in importance. Oh, they’ll remain, of course, just never again as important as before. It’s a shift in perspective that’s called for, no radical action at all.


Mind always & ever wants to go into action to deal with whatever arises. Thinking it knows, that it’s so very smart & capable, it sets itself to the task — which is precisely what we must release. Do the same as you’ve done & you get the same as you got. How could it be otherwise? (That’s why it’s wiser to leave them alone, the ones so convinced they already know.)

I say that it’s just a shift in perspective, but it’s a paradigm-shattering shift, to be sure. It’s no small deal. “Seeing is freeing” may sound trite, but until you explore the power there, you just don’t know.

Go within. Yes, I know mind tires of hearing that, but You don’t. It’s your innards calling out to you, through another voice. You can hear, but will you choose to take the necessary steps — even if it sometimes hurts — a lot? Courage is required — a beautiful word whose root, from the French, is heart. That’s where it arises. Mental courage isn’t enough to face the battle, toe-to-toe — that takes Heart & guts.


Fear is but a paper dragon, easily vanquished by Who we truly are, & entirely illusory. Do you recognize anxiety as a form of fear? So is blaming others for simply anything. It shows a lack of courage to face the self, to clean-up its mess. You can do this with one hand tied behind your back, friends — the real You. It’s ever a choice.

The concept of a hell was created — along with the devils & that whole show — to keep humanity in fear. Many recognize that, now, but not all. They will when they’re ready, but they’re not the point, not important at all on your trek. For each one, the paper dragons are ever within — between us & Who we truly are. It’s the guardian at the gate, so to speak — the one that must be slain to gain entry.

As you may have guessed, no one can do this for anyone else. All we can do for anyone is to offer support, but the awakening trek leads ever within. It’s our own dragon, our own demons we must face down. Envision yourself as Source — Source-in-form, but Source all the same. Now, what is impossible to that One? Simply nothing, of course.


It’s a shift in identity — you to You, self to Self — that awaits us all. It’s not exactly at our pleasure that this occurs, either — & mind doesn’t like that. Yes, we must assent, must exercise free will to make the first move. Yet at some point we realize that the self — the one we thought we were — is simply g o n e. It was a fantasy — hard words, I know — but the way out ever within.

Who has the courage to admit that they don’t necessarily know who & what they are? That they may not have everything right, after all? Ego can & will vanish, vanquished by the sword of Heart, the divine weapon that slays all illusion, revealing Truth.

Let us cease looking to others — to texts, to rituals, to anything external at all — to get this job done. That’s how we keep ourselves within The Matrix, forever bound — until we make another choice, choose another perspective on Life. It’s ever & always up to you/You.


You cannot get sick enough to help sick people get better. You cannot get poor enough to help poor people thrive. It is only in your thriving that you have anything to offer anyone. If you’re wanting to be of an advantage to others, be as tapped in, turned in, turned on as you can possibly be.”

Excerpted from San Diego, CA on 2/15/03

Our Love
Esther (Abraham[-Hicks] and Jerry)

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