Only INTERNAL Change Required

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening,

Chaos comes to announce a speed-up in the pace of change. Yet, what sort of change are we discussing? Most will likely consider outward, external change, but wait a minute; could that be yet another false premise we’ve bought into?

The only sort of change any of us is called to is internal change.

Niels Bohr — We are not measuring the world, we are creating it

If that seems strange to you, then move out of the mind & into Heart, where it’s more clearly understood. For some time, I’ve been touting all creation as arising from consciousness, but what does that mean, & what does it imply? Have you looked at yourSelf as Creator, recently, or do you still look to an external God?

We were all programmed into beliefs & ways that are not spiritually beneficial. Some call that whole scheme the Matrix; works for me. What I hope most can see is how that’s a mind-centric reality. Another way to say it is the co-opting of our minds by the cabal.

Why would they (or anyone) want to invade & take-over the operation, the direction of our minds? What would be their advantage, their takeaway from that?

When we realize that consciousness is THE creative force, creator of all we experience, then it makes more sense, Heart sense. Those choosing the dark path cut themselves off from close contact/communion with Source. Their wings are thus clipped, their powers dimmed, based on their own free-will choices. This is no judgment, no punishment from Source, just Natural Law in operation.

They still want to create, to create the lower-vibratory things that harmonize with their current state, but the Divine Power doesn’t flow through their dark, harmful actions & desires — so they turn to us & other less developed races of beings to do the creative work.

They can’t reveal themselves & their desires directly to us, knowing we’d refuse to cooperate. We may not be that advanced yet, here on planet earth, but we’re not stupid. In our hearts, we all know Light from dark, benevolent from malevolent, so that won’t work.

Quite naturally, they turn to deception, pretending to be wonderful beings like us. Over great swaths of time they insert themselves & their minions here, all controlled & directed from behind the scenes. They require darkness & secrecy to operate. We know no ranking members of the cabal, just their workforce, their minions.

We & the other races on which they’ve preyed wind up in a pretty terrible state. We get taken over without even realizing what’s happening. We get so confused as we begin to see the cabal minions really acting out, for instance as they’re doing during the Judge Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation process. They seem almost insane, but that’s nothing new when we consider the nasty craziness of Antifa.

What’s not working for them any longer is finding sufficient darkness & secrecy in which to operate. With frequencies rising as they are, there’s ever less darkness to be found. It seems every dark plot they launch quickly boomerangs back on them — yet they don’t seem to learn from it.

That seems a bit odd, but not when you realize the underlying motivation for their escalating misbehavior. They’ve always known more than they allowed humanity to know, & right now they see their end coming, their absolute ouster from power. They can’t even relate to this, much less accept it.

They’re all in to both retain power & stamp the Light out.

Most of us have noticed the ridiculous behavior of the globalist sorts of late, many of whom seem almost insane. All pretense of principles, integrity, & honor is thrown to the winds in their rabid intensity to stay in power. Too many of us are now seeing through the ruse that the globalists are the majority. They never were, just the cabal’s 1%, & they hate having that exposed.

We, the Family of Humanity, are the 99% of this world. It is ours, yet over time we’ve allowed ourselves to be programmed into believing otherwise. Who hasn’t been subject to this, all-pervasive as it is? Today’s schooling is better labeled as programming, as being taught lies in every subject.

They were once masters of the divide-and-conquer strategy, but it’s ceased being so effective. The Great Awakening is clearly in progress, & the cabal is flipping out, watching all of us & what we’ve long delivered for & to them slipping as sand, as mercury through their clenched fingers.

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote — 2018/08/06

You don’t have to protect yourself from anything! In fact, an attitude of protection will surely bring you to the vibration of the thing from which you’re protecting yourself. Because you can’t look at something and say, ‘Oh no, I’m saying a prayer to protect myself from you,’ without achieving vibrational harmony with ‘you’, whatever you are.” [Emphasis mine]

Excerpted from Seattle, WA on 7/3/99

Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

The cabal used us, encased in our prison without visible bars, the Matrix, to create scenes & situations they wanted. The beliefs they installed in us — in our consciousness — brought about their desires. We were set up to expect certain outcomes as inevitable, the ones that benefited them, having not a clue about our innate Divine Power to create.

As all of that fades into dust in the incoming Light, the increasing frequencies of everything, we begin to take stock of this “reality” in which we’ve so long been trapped. It’s truly falling apart at the seams, & that’s great, albeit disquieting & ever so strange.

As we begin to witness certain truths rising to the surface, it’s more than helpful to realize that the only change that’s required is internal. Why would that be? It makes sense when you realize that consciousness creates. What could possibly be more internal than our own consciousness?

We, humanity, are the creators of all we behold, all we experience. Now, it makes more sense to see how no two witnesses of the same accident give the same report — they each experience it differently. In light of the creative power of consciousness, that, too, makes better sense.

Saying that we, as consciousness, as Source-in-form, create doesn’t shove Source/God to the side in any way. No one can define the self, much less Source. Along our awakening trek, we discover false premises, galore, built into our every belief system, making them easy to discard. This is, in effect, defanging the cabal.

Our internal changes manifest as our external reality.

Those who seek to bring external change to anything work in vain if the desired changes aren’t first made within, for 3D & all the dimensions are the realms of effect, not causation. Consciousness is the realm of creation. Yes, even in the presence of internal change, external action generally plays a part, just not at all the part expected by our mind.

One new necessary skill is reining our minds in, shifting our power center, our focus to Heart. We’re better served, initially, to simply set all expectations aside. The mind just doesn’t know & we slow ourselves down when focusing there.

We are so full of false beliefs, of mistaken premises, of unhelpful expectations, but the beauty here is that we’re finally seeing through the Matrix, through the endless lies, so let’s celebrate! Hey, one step at a time, the live-and-learn way is perfectly natural. It also helps us make a bit of sense out of being eternal, unable to actually die, no matter how many bodies we shed.

Causation is internal. Once we see & accept this, it’s truly life-changing. We’re starting to take back the Divine Power we long ago ceded to the crafty cabal. Step-by-step, the perfect people & things will come to our doorstep, magnetized by our consciousness.

It takes time to master this to any extent, but first, we have plenty of time, & second, we don’t even know what time is. Both time & space are misconceived, misperceived by us — intentionally, of course, thanks almost entirely to the cabal.

Now, before anyone begins blaming the cabal or its actors for anything, for any of the sufferings, the chaos, the seemingly terrible challenges we’ve been experiencing, please STOP. We take the next step to recognize when we’re playing the victim. Until we see it in action — & it’s always the case with blame of any kind — we’re helpless before it.

Any sort of blame is playing the victim, continuing to give our power away. It doesn’t take into account that we let it all happen.

We have so much to learn — no wait, to remember, for we already know, deep within. We’re just connecting up with that. As we adopt an uplifting attitude toward simply everything, we serve ourselves & our brethren well. It’s yet another aspect of reclaiming our rightful power.

What better way to spend our eternity in infinity, friends?

Let’s make those internal shifts Heart guides us to & be sure to enjoy every step of the way. Hey, we can’t always rise to that extent, but we can set it as our aim, our guiding star to help us stay on track in our desired direction(s). We have soul family on higher dimensions supporting our current journey. We’ll meet them & interact more closely with them as consciousness rises.

Meanwhile, let us truly put the Golden Rule into practice in our Heart-centric life. As we release the old, useless, even harmful beliefs, we’ll quite naturally rise in consciousness, just like the fishing bobber in the water always rises to the top. It’s quite natural to Who & what we actually are, so let’s be about reclaiming our Divine Identity, Source-in-form.



Wednesday, 2018/09/26 — Mayan day 3 Serpent / Chicchan



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