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These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening, Bodymindsoulspirit.com

Let’s have some fun. For those who didn’t read the prior journal, it closed with this short vid that launches this discussion:

Jordan Peterson: on what 93.9% of people miss in a “perfect awareness” video — 13:24

Thus, do we see what effect our focus can have on perception. Stunning!

It’s amazing how little we Know about this thing that we are, this awareness or consciousness. Oh, the mind thinks it knows, of course, & it does — but it can only know about things — not at all the same as Heart Knowing.

Had you considered that our focus can arise either from the mind — more “normal” — or from Heart? Heart focus is different, it’s empty, somehow; hard to explain. But then, this is mind-pretzel stuff, so don’t think your mind is going to get it, regardless.

IF our desire is to simply perceive with clarity, then Houston, we have a problem. That would take a NowHere-focused emptiness beyond the capacity of our 3D minds. If we take no other lesson from the Jordan clip, it’s clear that our focus blocks things out; things other people may see.

When are we not focused ❔❔

It’s again time to step back, let go, & observe. Once we’re aware that our mind isn’t our only resource, that there’s more to us we can access, we’re better observers. Heart works by allowing, by releasing, whereas our mind works by grasping, by doing. ☯️ It’s the Do vs Be dichotomy, again. That thing is everywhere. 😆

As the Divine Dance, we don’t “do” such things; they “do” us.

We are the Divine Dance, in this case. Do you see/sense? I feel many do. Anything working against the Dance can be traced reliably back to the mind & its ways. It’s much like, “Follow the money,” in the world of the cabal. To get to the core of our issues, whatever they are, “follow the mind.”

Friends, the majority of us completely missed a 6-foot black gorilla slowly walk across the screen, right through the middle of the group we were intently watching, pausing to pound his chest before exiting! As in, OMG. Seriously, if this experience gives us nothing more than the awareness that both the mind & our perceptions are untrustworthy, that‘s still huge.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the mind tends to think highly of itself, tends toward the swelled head; if not in you, then in others, LOL. 😆

What do we make of this new discovery? Nothing. Well, that’s one possibility, anyway, one that gives Heart room to unlock the mysteries. We’re so well trained/programmed that we have to DO, we have to figure things out, make good decisions, & make things happen. Perhaps not.

While I’ve long realized that the mind is the tool for practical 3D things, yet thoroughly inadequate to tackle anything of soul or Spirit, this video displays how we can’t fully trust our mind & perceptions for the practical stuff — such as noticing gorillas while counting ball passes. 😆

Okay, it’s a bit deeper than that, since we can certainly count the ball passes. Our focus helps us do it. We’re just not used to calculating what we might be missing, meanwhile. Clearly, that can be significant. Again, OMG.

Our Belief Systems work to keep us in line, & we choose to do that, which is fine. They also do a great job of blinding us to ever so much, things we first, don’t even see, & second, block out because they conflict with our beliefs. We don’t want to waste time on what we consider “wrong.”

It’s important to note that this blocking out is not done consciously, so the conscious mind has no awareness of it. It’s funny; we’re not just missing the 6-foot gorilla, we’re missing that we’re missing it. Hmmm.

Never did I expect to have such a practical demonstration of how our visual perceptions are edited by consciousness, by our focus. It’s long been said (since the Babylonian Talmud) that we don’t see things as they are, we see things as WE are. The gorilla vid is some practical evidence of our power to edit things out.

The internal divide-&-conquer, the many spits (will leave that “splits” misspelling in just for fun) we contain, cause us to wear many sets of blinders. Clearly, we edit out certain things when they go against the grain of our concepts, our beliefs. This, in addition to the power of our concentrated focus to edit things out, even things we do believe in, such as gorillas.

We don’t do this, consciously. It is not our general intent to be blind to anything. Those blind spots are produced by our chosen beliefs. It’s funny, too, to consider that we take on most of our beliefs to help us see the truth, to see things more clearly. LOL.

None of this is a problem.

What I see is a great gift that points out significant pitfalls of being mind-dominant, which corrals us into such a limited space. Heart is our portal into the ALL, the All That Is & Is Not. As consciousness, our native realm is the unlimited domain of infinity/eternity & beyond.

Cosmic Man — 3.blogspot.com

This is a great call to expansion, among the many other things it may be. What we get from it will be unique to each one. Let’s give both ourselves & one another greater leeway, more space to just Be, to work things out for ourselves.

We’ll get the best results in simply everything when we let our focus be to in-Joy/enjoy — whatever it is.



1:39 p.m., Tuesday, 2019/04/16 — Mayan day 10 Deer / Manik




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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