Not Being in Charge

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

What shall arise from the emptiness, here? One seldom knows or even has a clue. Sitting down to write like this is never-endingly curious, for you can tell when your mind has crept in, unnoticed. At its best, it’s a writing that flows from/through us, absent the interference of thought, arising from an infinitely quiet yet infinitely active space.

Not active in the way of body or mind, but active from another perspective — the activity of stillness. This journey, walking this way, is a delight, & that’s great since there’s no ultimate goal or attainment we’re after. Just this. Just Now. We find our contentment there in ways no mind understands. Our mind can certainly perceive our state, yet with no comprehension of any why or how.

Just Is-ness. Just That.

A real beauty arises when we run ourselves to ground, herding the self into any NowHere moment. There’s a fulfilling feeling, the essence of ease, that arises in the Now moment, absent thought. It starts simply, when we step back enough from identifying with our 3D character-in-a-play to just watch that one.

At first, there are thoughts — lots of them — & the trick is to simply observe them. No action is required or recommended outside of quiet watching of self. A bit later on, we discover the ability to ignore thought, to look the other way, as it were. Though the mind rebels, we watch that, as well — just watch.

In order to distance ourselves even more from the embodiment game, it helps to have a focus. It’s not that easy to just be in the emptiness, at this point, so we focus on Heart, on the breath, or whatever suits us.

Thoughts are now much easier to ignore, their importance somehow draining away. It’s a fascinating time where we’re somehow two — us & mind — in the midst of oneness. Just strange.


Where are we going with this? Why, nowhere, of course — the nowhere of the NowHere moment, at once an exit & an entry point into we-know-not-what. Our intuition & inner senses are coming online, & we just know by what we sense, how it feels, that this is great. We now take directions more from Heart than from the mind.

There is no goal, friends. The more time we spend in this “space,” the more we realize that goal-directed behavior springs strictly from our mind. By now, we have some realization that this is a trek our mind is unable to make, so its importance in our life has greatly diminished. Heart guidance is our way, now.

There is nothing we need to attain, & this one is a shock, so unlike the way we’ve lived our whole life. From the emptiness, we’re enabled — or we’re enabling ourselves — to isolate & step back from all activities of the mind.

Full presence in the NowHere is our desire, all other desires losing importance. We have our own way, a subtle fragrance unique to our path. We ceased being followers some time ago, knowing this awakening is strictly do-it-yourself. We’re fine with that.


During this period we’re frequently shocked to encounter the depths of our mental, perhaps spiritual programming. As all programming is anathema to us now, we navigate via Heart out of such webs. We sometimes wish it would be quicker, but it is what it is. We recognize the desire for speed as yet another aspect of mind interfering with our chosen path.

It becomes so easy to let things go. Attachments just fall away wherever we look, & that’s great. Sometimes our burden seems heavy, but more often we experience the lightening of our load.

We had no idea how very in-charge we were of creating our trials & troubles. We’re on the look-out for old beliefs to crop up so that we can extricate ourself from their sticky nets.

Our path is one of endless surrender, the necessary emptying-out that enables our deeper trek, within. It isn’t ascetic, in the sense that we’re brutal in any way with the self, just an open-handed releasing of that which has lost its savor. We realize more & more how the mind was in charge when we lived in time. Mind + Time = goals & desires.

Gaia — Wordpress

As ever more of us find our way into this space there’s an overall lifting of the burdens for the planet, for Gaia. We may not be totally clued-in, yet, but we’re at least witness to how it’s consciousness that creates, not some illusory self that we now know doesn’t even exist. There are no causes to be found in the external world, just effects.


Let’s keep taking our power back, our divine power which is the power of Source to make better choices every step of the way. The old attachments must go, & on this trek they’re slipping away. Attachments cloud our vision, & we’re still full of them, although also freer than we’ve ever been. Things make a different sort of sense in this space — Heart, rather than mind sense. We’re good with that.

We can’t likely explain much of this to our loved ones & friends. We try, of course, but it doesn’t work unless they are on their own inner trek. Learning to be comfortable with letting go comes to our aid in this & so many ways. Sometimes it’s all we can do.

We eventually accept that we can’t help or fix anyone else.

We eventually recognize that they, too, are Source-in-form, enabling us to further relax, entrusting their walk to Source. Nothing is like we thought it would be, so our apple cart is continually hitting potholes, losing apples — & that’s a good thing.


We grow more comfortable with the no-self, the almost total absence, the unreality of who we once thought we were. We may not know much, but one thing we know is that we are NOT that. Our greatest gains, here, are our losses. We notice our mind growing ever quieter, more often entering the no-thought space of the emptiness.

What do we celebrate? Peace in our Now moment, the utter ease of that. Oh sure, pain still comes our way in 3D, but we’ve noticed we no longer suffer. Delighting that the only constant in 3D is change, we know that whatever it is cannot long last. Letting go is the order of the day, of the NowHere that is all we really have, all we’ll ever have.

We celebrate feeling good in our Now, finally recognizing that as our natural state. The Maya comes & goes, but this remains — the one constant in a continually shifting realm, equally available to one & all whenever we’re ready.

We’re more in charge of our life than we knew, early on.

By now, we’ve taken a great deal of our divine power back, so we enjoy that. While we may have lingering desires to be able to share what we’ve discovered with others, we’re finally recognizing that as an impossible task.

Each one is ready when it’s their time & we’re not in control of that. Like a river, we sing our song as we flow on, letting each one be in charge of their own journey.



10:01 am, Wednesday 2017/12/20, 1st, Mayan day 9 Serpent / Chicchan



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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness