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5 min readOct 15, 2021
Candle-holder Illusion

What can be said in today’s insane times? Things of the spirit, the Light cannot be proved, at least not in 3D. So many of us have moved beyond 3D, permanently, that we’re able to listen from higher dimensions — where we also exist.

When we enter 3D, taking on a physical body-mind, that does NOT mean we leave the higher dimensions. Though it makes zero sense to our mind, we’re actually living ALL lifetimes simultaneously. We do not leave the higher dimensions to become present in the lower ones. We’re all One, present everywhere at all times.

Because many are still too centered in & too reliant on the 3D mind, they cannot hear such things, claiming they can’t be proved. Oh well — just leave them in your dust, friends, as you’re moving on into 4D & even 5D (or beyond). We are not as limited as we’re taught to believe we are. Most of what we currently be lie ve is BS.

So it’s the rebels who are moving on, moving up in frequency & dimension. We all have free will so there’s no reason to feel guilty for your continuing & expanding awakening. It’s available to us all. We can respect free will & everyone’s right to make their own choices. They are also present in the higher dimensions, but the mind is no route into that territory.

There is a singer on the world stage that leads us into union, into unity across our differences. His name is Dimash Kudaibergen, a young man from Kazakhstan who has been singing & training to sing since birth, it seems. He’s now 27. If you want a really unifying, enlightening, totally amazing experience, listen to him from Heart, your deep inner core.

Playlist of All Songs (Many language captions available)
A Personal Favorite

No matter how crazy the external world seems to be, it actually makes sense — when we have the various puzzle pieces that have long been hidden. Things are much darker than we’d like to see or admit, yes — but truth is worth whatever price we must pay to perceive it. Truth always wins out in the end, being at a much higher frequency than the deception practiced by those who are either misled or blatantly corrupt.

Fear is the weapon of the Dark Side, the Deep State. Yet, we can choose to refuse to enter the fear vibe they try to weave us into. Once we first see their corruption, we can then see through it when they try to use it again. While it’s hard to recognize that we — humanity — have long been seen & used as livestock for the Deep State (DS), there’s great value in finally being open to witness it.

No, the game is not lost, the enemy has NOT won. This is our win. Even though we must conquer through terrible-seeming times, we are & have always been the 99% which the 1% can NEVER conquer once we come together. “United we stand, divided we fall” is not just a saying; it is reality, Reality; something we can claim once we come into readiness for that.

The DS, the cabal is falling, is failing everywhere we look. Who among us can see this? To the extent we choose to stay out of fear, to that extent we suit ourselves up for the Big Win that is now on the horizon. We live in both perilous AND awesome times. The choices we are now making have EVERYTHING to do with what lies ahead.

Friends, fellow patriots, we planned this all out before we incarnated. It takes centering in Heart, leaving the mind aside to handle the boring 3D bits & pieces, but centering in our deeper identity — as Source-in-form — to reconnect with those plans, with our upcoming great victory.

Max Planck — Matter derives from consciousness, oh my

We lost touch with just how powerful we are, as humanity. We let the DS program us into being ever so much less than we truly are — but those days are done. Our time is NOW to reawaken to Who we truly are — all One, all incarnate as Source-in-form, here to secure humanity’s release from the seemingly endless dark times we’ve been going through.

The DS is now sufficiently fearful to be exposing themselves right & left, everywhere. More of us awaken daily to the DS corruption that’s long been running things, here — under the guise of being the “good guys,” of taking care of us. As if!

Let’s all remember that we, the people everywhere, are the 99%. We are far more together than we’ve yet realized, but we’re waking up to that, too. We are the HUGE majority, something the 1% cannot handle, much less control. Yes, we’ll have to prove it, to ditch the old belief systems, to get past the artificial divide-and-conquer nonsense deployed at every turn, coming back together for the win for all of humanity, not just the USA.

Whatever you do, do NOT succumb to the fear-porn or the divisive strategies of the DS. Be determined to live in & as Who you TRULY are, a ray of Light projected by the Divine: Source-in-form. It takes humility to make room to let Heart lead, align with Source & become the Divine Dance, and allow Source to speak & act through you. It’s awkward, at first.

So what, right? We are not these 3D bodies, and we cannot be killed, so it’s even okay to put our lives on the line — as the military does every day. In consciousness, we are reconnecting both with Who we really are AND with our Soul Families, our Star Families as some of the Native Americans call them. Oh, how we’ll laugh when we realize that we, too, are ET!

Just be open, yet wise, never again trusting too much. The blindness of that trust was engineered to help keep us under DS control. We can now be, “Wise as serpents, harmless as doves.” Our time is here, fellow patriots. This is our day to re-member what we’ve long been programmed to forget, to be restored to our Higher Self, the wholeness of our true identity.

Align with Source/God and all is well — no matter what the externals seem to portray. God bless America, God bless our beloved Planet Earth/Gaia, & God bless all patriots, everywhere! As Source-in-form, we are up to whatever tasks lie ahead of us. Trust The Plan & just BE Who you truly are. Source/God has our six, our back.



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