No More Divide, pt 4 of 4

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

Let’s see if this series has another one in it. You never know, in the alchemy of journaling, what will arise. Well, that’s not strictly true, either, as I knew, after writing the first one, that at least one more would follow.

We now begin to see that the whole “yawning divide” thing was a mental perception — & that it was accurate, from that perspective. It still is, to whatever extent we vest identity in mind. What we note is that our perspectives are no longer so narrow, so riveted on what we once believed, once took to be truth.

We’re more flexible, now, in how we look at things.

Just as things that really hurt as we went though them, on looking back can be seen as providing growth & development, helping make us into who we are, now — so it is with our old perspectives. It’s not that they were wrong, but rather that they were appropriate for those times in which we held them.

They didn’t hurt us at all, even though we now have a vaster perspective that doesn’t include them.


I’ll go out on a limb, here, & offer a few questions that can be used to zero-in on whether you’re more present in Heart or in head:

  1. How worthy do I feel of abundance & prosperity?
  2. How Loved do I feel?
  3. Do I feel worthy of Love, divine Love?
  4. How welcoming am I of the challenges that come my way?
  5. Do I sense being present in all of Nature — my oneness with that?
  6. Do I feel content?
  7. Am I dissatisfied with myself in any way?
  8. Who am I? (Heart will have no answer for this.)
  9. What am I? (Heart feels itself as All In All, boundless, unlimited, complete.)
  10. Where am I going? (Heart’s answer? Here — Now.)
  11. What do I want? (Nothing — I have all, I am all.)
  12. What is wrong with the world? (Nothing.)

Whether you use this list or create your own doesn’t matter. What you’re after is the sense you get on asking the question while centered in Heart. What remains of the yawning divide reveals itself in the answers (mind gives) to these questions.

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote — 10/19/2017

“You are perceptual beings with different vantage points and — it does not matter how much information is given — you cannot see beyond the vibrational limits of where you are standing. You cannot live or see or experience outside of your own individual beliefs.”

Excerpted from Dallas, TX on 3/13/99

Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)


It’s a journey, friends — & I suspect it will always be so. While we have the very core of our existence in & as Source, that’s not fully accessible to those aspects of our being that are incarnate on whatever planet, plane or dimension. To the incarnate beings all over Cosmos, we exist to whatever extent in duality, in what we call time-space. While there is no form, as such, on the higher dimensions, yet there is presence, there — conscious awareness — the merest whisper of duality.

Being content in the midst of our NowHere moment is evidence of our presence in Heart — our connection with/in/as all of that. There is nothing to be done, to be accomplished — nothing lacking at all. It is as we anchor in this awareness that we begin to note the sense of flow replacing all sense of doing, of being the doer of anything at all.

While to others, we appear to be doing this or that, we have another sense — about which we need not spout-off. When we catch ourselves trying to correct or teach anyone else, we begin to back-off from that, careful to sense if it’s mind at work. It may or may not be — but only Heart knows. Mind never does.


It doesn’t matter that our desire to teach, to inform, comes from the best of intentions — we witness that, too. Nor are we ever, ever harsh with self, or anyone, for that matter. I once felt a powerful flow that felt rather like losing my temper in its intensity. In leaving the room, working to suppress that, the intensity only built.

Making sure I was centered, within, I went back to the others & let it flow — more the witness of what was being spoken than the speaker. There was no shouting, but the energy delivered through me was powerful. This was before I’d learned/realized that the energy Source delivers through us is precisely calculated for whatever NowHere situation presents itself.

Where there is density present in people, it may take a stronger energy to penetrate that. This isn’t up to us to deliver — Source does it.

After they left my house, the feeling was strange. I was left with the realization that, though it may have looked to them as if I was angry, I never was — not one bit. It was just the intensity of the energy being dellovered (will leave that ‘typo’ for ‘delivered’ in). One remains conscious of the presence of Love, the delivery coming from there. So once again, it was self-doubt & a bit of fear causing me to try to repress that.


Do you see how you just can’t go wrong — can’t make a mistake? Okay, what if I’d been in mind in that situation? Don’t you think we’d have learned, have also gained something from that? It is such a delight to discover how there is not one iota of judgment in Heart — in Source. If you’re far enough along on your trek, it won’t bother you that this goes against whatever religious beliefs you may have.

While religious beliefs may well be some of the last ones to go, to fall away, what you have in their place is riches beyond measure, coming to you as a deep inner knowing of What Is — just that. Mind will go into fits over this, for our religious Belief Systems go very deep. We’ve used them to give us a sense of meaning, a context for all the other beliefs.

Anything done in haste will not prosper. Nor does one have to give up their particular religion. Instead, you may find yourself standing in a different relationship to that. Hey, it may form an aspect of your particular path — only Heart knows, so just stay true to That.

What we discover is that it was not Source, not God, standing in judgment, it was mind, thinking & knowing, i.e., believing it was right. Your journey is yours, & there isn’t anyone, alive or dead, who knows the way better than you, at the Inner Being “level,” if you will. Advice from others is not generally useful or helpful, unless it fully harmonizes with that, within — or shows you something you need to see. Heart will know, so you need not concern mind with that.


At a very basic level, this is all about frequency, about vibration. Some energies clash with others, some harmonize. At any point in time, any NowHere moment, we’re radiating a certain frequency, which can be experienced as higher or lower. Yet higher or lower than what? It would help to spend some time with that, just pondering.

We have aspects of our Being in manifestation in all of our incarnations, NowHere. At the heart of them all is Source — not “in form,” but just IS. That’s “how” we’re all One. Our aspects in form are all tied to That, the ultimate Is-ness of all. In connecting to Heart, we are reconnecting, ultimately, with That. The 5D Andromedans working with Alex Collier call That the Is-ness. Makes Heart sense, to me.

That, the Is-ness, does not vibrate. Vibration is a property of manifestation, of duality — do you see? Our vibration, our energy, while on 3D earth, is not fully harmonious. We’re not fully being or experiencing Who we truly are, or we’d be fully harmonious, resonant, “in-tune.” We have self-doubts, uncomfortable things of which we’re just not sure.


There is present an underlying movement of being “against” — against anything — that is not present in Who we truly are. It remains hidden, disguised, as long as we’re resident within mind. All it takes to spot the falsity of this whole movement is being fully present in Heart once — just once — for then we know beyond doubt, & in ways no mind can know, that there is none of that in Source. It’s completely absent, cannot possibly exist, there.

Our vibration will come into harmony on its own — to the extent we continually get out of our way.

We have new ways of knowing, now, that do not participate in the hacked, programmed mind, whose ways we once trusted, implicitly. We’re now entering a whole other realm, & it’s shocking to mind. Mind, itself, is not at fault here — it’s the programming overlaid on it producing all the static, the dissonance — The Matrix, if you will.

Nor do we have to figure any of this out. It will reveal itself to us, with perfect divine timing. Our job during this phase of awakening is purely one of letting go, of releasing old ways of doing, of being, of thinking & believing. Thus, do we get out of our own way, leaving Heart/Source at the helm. During the process we’re clearly shown the extent of our identification with the programming — with the hack. Seeing it that way makes it all the easier to release.


At first it seems hugely complex, but it isn’t. At each stage it gets ever easier, ever simpler. There is no complexity in the Is-ness at our core — just Pure Being. Higher Self & Higher Mind or Divine Mind are basically the same. Depending on its purity, lower mind can participate in That — just not in its current state on 3D earth.

Now, do you know for a fact that you live on 3D earth? I’d be cautious, there, remembering our multidimensionality. We currently have little understanding of the various dimensions, here in our Universe — where they are, how they interact, etc. When we approach this from a mystical or Heart perspective, we find them all equally present in every NowHere. Perhaps take some time to let that sink in.

Heart Space —

Just as we use vehicles or shank’s mare to walk the roads of planet earth, we use vibration to travel the dimensions. They’re as present here as the physical roads. Those who consistently exist in higher vibratory states actually free themselves of 3D, moving beyond it. We’re all doing this, to lesser & greater extents. This is an aspect of The Great Shift, one that makes maintaining our desired frequency of critical importance.

Water seeks its own level. Who do you hang with? What are they like? Do you want to be like them? Know that you are sharing, blending your energies with theirs as you interact. What do you watch on the various media you use? What’s the general vibratory level of each thing? Do you want to be like that? Look within, to see why you’re viewing it.

You may be surprised to find elements of The Matrix, the mind hack, at work in all of that. Good to know.

Where are we going with all of this? Within — just within. Meet you there. 😉


1:38 pm, Sunday 2017/10/15, 2nd, Mayan day Mayan day 8 Storm / Cauac




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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