Meditation on Time/Timelessness

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

As the body lays down, taking a break, perhaps to nap, things percolate up from within — from Heart. Once the journals came in a linear fashion & were viewed that way, but no more. Now there is this awareness of the many of them that are somehow “in there” — not the understanding — just the perception.

So today I found myself reading them. Earlier on I “thought” — operative word — I was engaged in writing them. Not so. They are just there, & there’s this new facility to “read” them. It is strange. What I witness is timelessness in action — though not yet created, supposedly, there they are. I find myself switching from one to another — equally there, unconnected to time.

Lately I’ve learned to have notepad & pen ever laying on the bed, so I jot down titles, ideas as they arise — subject matter. If entrusted to mind, these things will either be lost, or quite likely garbled, losing the thread, the purity of what arises in Heart.

Do you see how the supposed structure of time is thus violated? Nothing is actually being violated, here — just the beliefs around what time is, how it operates. None of this goes into memory, either — that would pollute it. Instead, it arises fresh & (mentally) unknown in the presence of the keyboard, the instrument through which they manifest in transmittable form.


So there is both “knowing” & unknowing at work. The knowing is not of mind nor of thought — it’s a Heart sort of thing, for lack of better words. It’s an is-ness that is always present as we interface with or within the NowHere, the present moment — always present.

I like the unknowing of it best. Thinking we either know anything or even can know anything is a mistake. We can have all the facts, all the books, data, processes & so forth; this is not what I call Knowing. This is linear knowledge with severely limited application, none of which intersects with our deep, internal Knowing. Mind has nothing to do with the actual territory, confined to its realm of the maps (thought).

Mind is the map creator; it’s quite good at it, yet the maps are chaotic, at best, ever in conflict with one another. This would be fine, if humanity but recognized the inherent limitation of thought, of the mind sphere. Since most of us don’t, we remain stuck in map-land, in la la land, if you like. It has its uses, some of them quite valuable, but it is trusted far too deeply. We invest too much of ourselves in our knowledge & our beliefs.

It’s all beliefs, actually. Every bit of so-called knowledge has both a beginning & ending date, being only temporary. Today’s knowledge, its scientific facts stand only until tomorrow’s facts & beliefs wipe-out or significantly modify them. Until humanity recognizes these built-in restrictions of all knowledge, we’ll continue to make a mess of things, all the while fighting over whose knowledge, whose facts will dominate the rest.


We have access to timelessness, right within. All knowledge across all time is available, there, once we learn how to access it, to align with this strange (to mind) realm. Its knowledge, its understandings bear no resemblance to those of the linear, 3D realm. They are distinctly “other,” totally different. They are not linear facts.

It is this whole thought structure which must be left behind to gain entree, here. This is the emptiness with no structure, the void with no rules, that no mind will recognize. Entering with 3D mind is as the camel seeking to pass through the eye of the needle — not do-able.

This restructures us, we don’t restructure or manipulate it.


Actually, to enter to any significant depth seems to require the loss of the separate self. In this emptiness is is the no-thing of the One — the inseparable — the complete absence of even the concept of two, much less many. Into this void not even the self may come, being stripped away at the threshold.

What enters in? That which is already there — the emptiness at the core of being. Thought is a pollution in this realm of the territory — the direct experience. So experience is, indeed possible, there just isn’t any self doing that, having any sort of experience. U.G. Krishnamurti likely entered here — not sure to what extent.

When we leave aside thought, with which we’ve so long identified, what is left? To those identified with thought it would seem to be nothing, but that is not the case. This is the fullness of wo/man that finds itself here, not the structure, the form of that. Awakening into the One does not strip away the uniqueness of the being, which ever, eternally remains.

Mind-pretzels galore, here, yes. Are they tasty to you? If so, you’re well on your way. There is a something in the no-thing, in the emptiness that is ineffable, undefinable, yet accessible to direct experience. Remember, these are just words. Remember that your Heart — your core Being — knows & has access to all of this. Trust that, not getting stuck in the poverty of any language to convey it. Translate it to yourself — let it be the gift of Higher Self.

It is as Higher Self we gain access to this — to all that is, including the no-thing, that which seems to not be. Nor are we talking matter & anti-matter, or anything accessible to any mind. Surrendering reliance on mind is the price of the ticket into the experience.

Wo/man has long been stuck not knowing either who or what we truly are. Having settled for far less — that which is accessible to mind & thought — we chose the short end of the stick. So very many beliefs must be questioned, then released, to enter, here. They are that which blocks the way.

No mind wants to come to terms with this, so that is the fulcrum of choice.

What choice will you make? Are you willing to allow the possibility that you could be far more divine than human? That’s not a great choice of adjective — divine — but what word would you have me use? It doesn’t matter — pick the one that works best, that feels closest to Truth.

Humanity has access to Truth that has not one shred of relativity attached. That too, comes at the expense of the separate self, that whole notion of separate existence. All of this goes so against the grain of our training, our upbringing, our past experience of life. It’s challenging to accept even the possibility that we haven’t been living life to the fullest — that there’s another option than those about which we knew.


There’s a whole new Life that beckons to us all — welcoming, inviting us in. It is not cruel, a nasty joke, that we’ve been so thoroughly misinformed. Current reality reaps the consequences of our many uses & misuses of Free Will. Nothing has been done to us — we’ve done this — or consented to it — ourselves. What manifests as today’s reality is the result of the human experiment.

Free Will is the key to understanding the mysteries, if we are willing to go there.

The only question is, “What will I do with Free Will, now?” There is no other worthy question. It takes significantly dropping reliance on mind to come to grips with Free Will. Further, the only legitimate access point to any of this is ever in the NowHere, the present moment — which we begin to recognize is all we ever have at any time. As we cease frittering it away on mind’s strong time-travel tendency— to ever be in past or future, remembering or worrying — we find our way in.


At least the access point to all of this is fairly well delineated — stay in NowHere awareness with the intent to go within. That’s truly all it takes, too — nothing else. In this manner we are shown what blocks our entry — it’s all pointed-out to us.

Going forward becomes merely the process of alignment with our original intent.

That results in our shedding of old ways, old thoughts, & worn-out beliefs. We begin to recognize these for the impostors they were, that which produced humanity’s current muddled state. As we see how they bore no worthy fruits, they become ever easier to drop, so we just let them fall away. This they will do on their own as we align with our primary intent.


Slowly but surely, as we watch the old anachronisms drop away, we realize how little we actually knew — & how little is the value of any of it. We see it’s practical value for this or that task, but begin to recognize the skimpy utility there. We don’t go mindless, brainless — this is more the self-organizing of the relative value of things.

We place ever less value on the past.

We also realize that, from our current standpoint, it is pointless to look into the future. We’re clueless as to what that will bring. The more we become acquainted with the timelessness of the eternal Now, the more the whole concept of “future” fades away.

Again, this applies to the awakening trek. We can still remain functional in our everyday life while we watch the drastic shifting of values, within. Nothing is the same, nothing remains untouched by this trek.

Everything in us maintains a fairly constant state of flux.

We don’t know who we’ll be on awakening, tomorrow morning. Due to our strong intent, we remain open to discover what that is as it enters our Now experience. We worry about things less & less.


Who are we? What are we? We’re coming to terms with the fact that we don’t know — that we can’t know. Now is when even the questions begin to fade out of the picture. They don’t fit with what we’re experiencing. They just get in the way. We may even begin to spot mind at work, there, attempting to lure us away from our intent, our chosen trek.

This is where we start to realize that no other wo/man’s experience can be useful to us, NowHere. Even if we had direct access to Gautama Buddha, any other saint, sage, or Master, they can’t help us with this, being only able to relate their direct experience. We are unique — we are not them — so it doesn’t apply. That was then & there, this is Now & Here — they don’t know us.

Their walk was their walk; our walk is ours.

Nor is there any sting in that, if we have thoroughly mastered mind, demoting it from its position of total dominance of our life. Yes, mind may be freaking-out, but that is not our concern — we now know we are not the mind, but “something” that so far transcends it as to be ludicrous.

Mind takes its proper place in our tool belt, to be used as needs arise.

Our mind does not & cannot take this trek, friends — not at the helm of control. It could not have taken us even this far. At this point we realize how we’ve been gypped out of any knowledge or awareness of what & who we actually are. We’d taken the tools of the body, the mind, as our actual self, when they are but tertiary accouterments on this trek, forming but the backdrop for the adventure.


We have our work cut-out for us — the distancing of whatever we actually are from belief that we are but the body-mind, seeing them now as but the vehicle, the behicle for the journey. There is no way they can lead the way any longer. Our job now is one more of deconstruction that construction — breaking out of the old belief structures in which we’d placed ourselves.

There is no anger, here — no rage, no blaming, no scapegoating. They are not properties of whatever we actually are — which cannot be defined. Not only do we not know what’s ahead, we don’t even know what we are — yet we’re more comfortable with that, now, due to our ongoing experience of the trek.

There abides in this seeming emptiness, this nowhere of no-thing-ness, such sure footing that we’re amazed, finding it hard to believe this was here, all along. As this amazement continually arises, we also recognize mind at work — now that we’ve pulled sufficiently out of identification with it.

We’re finally beginning to see the actual forest as we extricate ourselves from being ever in the midst of the trees. We wouldn’t exchange this experience of the territory for anything having to do with the old maps. They were faulty, one & all, but only Now can we see that — thus the steadiness of our every Heart step.

Sure, we waver at times. Can’t be helped. Yet, we remember that it’s a journey, a process, this mysterious NowHere experience, so we’re not long distressed, easily abandoning that in the presence of This — whatever it is. 😆 Now we joyfully shed the remnants of the old identity, letting them just drop away.

Wishing you well on your unique trek, my friends. Let enjoyment — in-joy-me-n[e]t — be your Now focus. Thus, do you continually remain in higher vibration & align with your original intent — going within, exploring, discovering the vital newness/ancientness of the inner realm.

As more & more of us engage with this, the old in the world will also just fall away. As we cease to feed it with our sacred energy of attention, engagement, it can no longer sustain itself.

It was a sort of vampiric existence, drawing energy from both our identity with the mind-body & its concerns, as well as our continual participation with that. To the extent anything in it was ever real, ever True, that will remain. Otherwise, it’s the dust bin for all of the old nonsense, without having to engage with it to somehow take it down. That is happening quite naturally, just as our personal old unrealities are crashing down, simply falling away.

Let Truth do its work.

Though we can’t even define that, nor understand anything about it — Heart knows. As we align with the path of Heart & find ourselves entering there, we Know, but not in ways accessible to any mind. It’s all good, friends. Let us withdraw from the old as we make way for the new, the rising frequencies, the massive change here, & on the horizon.

PS Though I read the title of this journal in Heart while resting the body — & had a sense around what it would have to say, even read bits of it — mind had access to none of this. It just arises from within. I encourage each one to find their way into their own sacred alchemy of journaling. 😉

The Mission on



6:35 pm, Tuesday 2017/10/03, 2nd, Mayan day 9 Deer / Manik




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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