Media Programs Us

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

Negative actions & events persist largely due to humanity’s focus on them. As we take ownership of our creative consciousness, let’s take a look at the power of our attention. Our mere focus on things feeds them, causes them to both grow & persist.

Some people are addicted to keeping-up with the news, MSM style. They think it is helping them stay in touch with things, & it is — but at what expense? It’s easy to see how all of the media has become a marketing race to grab our attention & monetize it. We’re being used.


Nor is it just the money they seek to gain from us, or things would be presented in a far more favorable light. An undercurrent of fear hides behind much of this, a fear inspired by so much that we view. They need to manipulate our attention such that we generate the negative vibes on which they once thrived.

Remember, our energy is creative. We’re energy beings, our flesh-suits being secondary to that. The bodies don’t create, WE do; the bodies merely assist. What are we creating when watching a negative video or negative news? Why are the good & wondrous things not reported, except as a token on some shows? What is the cabal after?

The more we step into our powerful creative awareness, the more frightened the cabal becomes. As we own this power, it’s natural to stop being thus used, to shift our viewing habits along with our awareness. We’re seriously addicted to our technology, & the awakening ones know it. We can at least begin to choose media that gives us a lift.


It may seem ridiculous to some to consider that their attention on things wields such power, but it does. We feed what we view, so what do we want to feed? As we back away from the divide-and-conquer programming rampant in most media, we find ourselves. We’re returning to our natural wholeness, bit by bit.

We’d all be shocked by a 30-day media fast.

No videos, no TV programs, no news, no nothing — for 30 days. On tuning back into it on day 31, I guarantee you’ll be stunned, amazed that you were once willing to take in such rubbish. Unless we make a break with our daily intake, we’re unable to step back from it enough to perceive what we see on day 31.

I know because I did this. Thinking I had things pretty well mastered by careful choice of programs, with the mute button ever close, I took the media-fast challenge. OMG, I had to laugh at myself for believing I was carefully controlling what I watched. No such thing! I sold my TV, never to own one, again.

You can’t know by just listening to me or others.

This isn’t information, it’s experience.

Your consciousness is your own, & these realizations are delivered via direct experience. Though I can’t prove it, I suspect that perhaps all shows are laced with subliminal programming. As I only watched “educational” & cultural shows, there was no overt programming there. This made day 31 extra shocking for me.


Let’s have a blast with this, folks. There’s no reason we can’t choose to enjoy our crazy trek, awkward times & all. Not only do we purge & purify our consciousness, but we strengthen it by our internal focus, our awareness that consciousness creates.

We’re on our way to becoming an unstoppable force, as we love ourselves enough to examine such things as our media intake. Much like taking in food, the media feeds us, too — but what it is feeding us? What are the effects of our intake of their offerings?

We look to our own consciousness, how we feel when watching this or that.

How you feel is important. It affects your Now-moment creation, coloring that. For those who want to create a high-vibrational reality, this is important. What are we doing to ourselves? Why are we so addicted? Let’s withdraw all trust from the media, being super-selective in our viewing choices, with plenty of time between viewing sessions.

During the time between, we allow our body/mind/spirit complex to process what we just viewed, to inform us of the show’s effects. Consciousness is communicating with our conscious awareness all the time, but when we watch show after show, we drown that out as we feed our addiction.


Social-Media Addiction —

We’ll walk with a lighter step, finding more joy in life as we ditch our old viewing habits. Let’s create new ones, more in-line with Heart’s desires. WE are not addicted — the mind is. Our move toward Heart is a move away from reliance on the mind, so we’re better positioned to notice the ever present internal guidance.

This is a win-win for everything but the cabal & those of that ilk. We’re separating out from the Matrix, bit by delicious bit. Sure, it’s hard on the mind, which is used to running the consciousness show, but we don’t identify with our mind so much, anymore. We’re breaking out of the prison, the Matrix overlay.

None of it ever touched Who we really are.

We just forgot Who we are for quite a long time. We’re on the road to remembering, Now, with ever so much to celebrate, each step of the way. Just as many are going organic in their physical diets, this is how we do that in our consciousness diet.


As we respect ourselves — our Self — more & more, all the right moves will be made, with us as the observer of that. It’s a magical realm, consciousness — one that requires direct experience to know & claim it. From this magical realm, we’re even able to enjoy what once would have been terribly uncomfortable, our pulling away from our habitual ways & associations.

The world is made new every day, every Now. Let us reclaim our creative power & take back planet earth from her downward spiral. The dark & Light are polarized & separating out. We have different destinations, so let’s get off of their train, lest we go down with them.

Just a word to the wise. 😉



1:14 pm, Saturday 2017/12/15, 3rd, Mayan day 5 Crocodile / Imix




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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