Media-Fast & Empowerment

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

re we there, yet? 😆 We need not await some mass-awakening event to go there, ourselves. Heck, it will be us doing that, creating such an event IF that’s to happen. It may or may not, but that hinders us not a bit. Let’s continue to unplug from everything external, friends — perhaps do a media fast — to expedite our journey into the heart of it all — into Heart.

Once we’re well grounded, there, only then can we look to the externals, but we won’t see them the same way. Nothing looks the same once we enter Heart’s Kingdom. Let’s also ditch at least 95% of our books while we’re at it, remembering that the dark-side takeover awarded all writing & editing to the nasty victors.


In this way, we can accomplish what amounts to a mental fast. We’re so concerned about our body, that it takes in only the best & purest of what Nature offers, but we don’t give the same care & concern to our minds. Why not, I wonder? There’s been a sort of hypnotic takeover, there, filling us with endless distortions & outright untruth.

The dark ones like it that way, using false written & spoken words as collars & leashes to keep us in line, seeding it with the merest bit of truth to keep us going along with their complete-takeover plans. Fortunately, too many of us have already slipped the leash & are venturing out/in on our own in search for actual truth.

We’re entering the triality, slipping the harness of 3D duality.


It’s been a long, dark haul for humanity. We & our ancestors have been as if in a mass Dark Night of the Soul, going farther back than our history books cover. We’ve become a bit schizophrenic, too, made to think everything is just fine, & that we are the only one having troubles, & they’re of our own making.

OMG, the number of beliefs we must erase/release to regain our true freedom is shocking!

The brave ones are already leaving the pile of lies & crimes some call the Matrix behind, shining the light for themselves, but also for the rest of us, helping to point the way Home via Heart. That’s darn tricky when most people have no idea what is meant by “Heart,” but that’s okay, too. We’re a group consciousness, so all that one attains goes to benefit the whole.

In order to keep us as far as possible from Truth, our programmed Belief Systems are basically the opposite of reality. Strange, huh, how we could go on & on in the absence of any real Truth? We’ve done it, so just look around you & around the world to see the effects — brother against brother, sisters likewise, wherever you look, on just about any topic that arises. Yuck!


Friends, I can’t prove to you what happens during a 30-day media fast, but it’s shocking. I don’t care how awake you think you are, this is still shocking. We’ve been given false addictions, ones most don’t yet recognize, to both our electronics & to the “news,” which is distorted or absent Truth.

MSM news is BS, shoveled higher & wider every time we turn it on, burying us deeper in lies, seeking to morally bankrupt us. Same for the video games — yet we aren’t able to stand outside of the manure if we’re steadily taking it in. They get enough of it into us, such that what we hear on the news harmonizes with the inner BS, so we think it’s fine. It’s quite a head-game they’ve been playing & it’s on us to wake-up from the daze we’ve long been in.

IF you can take just 30 days off from the MSM & the gaming, I guarantee that you won’t see any of it the same on day 31.

The only way to prove this is to undertake the fast, during which you’ll also be shown the depth of the addiction in which you were mired. Many surprising things arise as you get better acquainted with yourself/Self.


The Matrix exit door is actually open, which is awesome, as it’s been closed for literal ages. Oh, the one here & there would always awaken, but due to the times in which they lived, their life was usually shortened if they spoke out.

Heaven help them if they pointed the way to the exit door. They often died horrible deaths as a further way of keeping the inmates docile & cooperative. That’s no longer the case, so ever more of us are queuing up to leave this whole shtick behind, taking as many along with us as possible.

While we’re in Matrix-daze mode we can’t stand strong in & as Who we really are. Our hypnotized state blocks that at every pass. During & after the media fast we begin to reconnect with that inner strength we all have.


Now we can stand tall, firm in our powerful intention to wake-up. We get reacquainted with what taking responsibility really means, no longer looking to others to educate & inform us, since all we require is already within.

Our tendency to blame others, be they people, institutions, or even Nature, itself, for our troubles, our challenges rises to the surface during the media fast. We couldn’t see with any clarity, before, & now clarity is returning. The programming kept pushing it aside, so clarity has been dysfunctional for such a long while for us & our ancestors.


The media fast won’t take us into Heart so much as it will into sanity. We begin to realize that today’s society is blatantly insane, taking nothing but falsehoods for their truths, building our lives on that. So very sad, but we didn’t even see it while in the Matrix daze. The media fast brings up so many amazing things, especially when we’re alert for them.

There are clearly layers & levels of awakening. The media fast does for the mind what entering Heart does for alignment with Who we truly are, Source-in-form. They can be taken separately, but usually aren’t, for the mental pollution is in the way. Many beliefs must be set aside before we’re ready or even able to touch bases with the internal emptiness.


Most of us go through the “It is what it is” phase on our way into Heart. All Truth we could ever desire is accessible within, but our beliefs contradict most of that so they must make way for us to fully anchor into Truth. We’ve been corralled so long into the body-mind aspect of our awareness that most don’t even know anything deeper exists.

Once we let go, accepting that it all just is what it is, & that we, as Source-in-form, have got this. We have all begun to re-awaken to our vaster Self, so we begin to relax in so many ways — ways to which we’re unaccustomed, being unaware of the internal tension created by our beliefs.

As long as we remain trapped in the body-mind we’re unaware of our higher-frequency, higher-dimensional aspects.


No one can pull us out of the Matrix crap but the self. Part of awakening is releasing both beliefs & expectations of every kind, for they’re related. Part of our body-mind imprisonment is an unhealthy sense of the nature of time & space.

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote — 2018/01/07

“Before the contrast and before the summoning, and before the answering of Source Energy, the Universe was less. So rather than thinking in terms of time, think in terms of expansion, and then you will understand time in the way we understand it.

We never think about how long anything takes. We are just enjoying the expansion. And so, our now is always powerful in our anticipation of what is becoming.”

Excerpted from Asheville, NC on 10/27/01

Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

Emphasis mine

Our sense of time is not shared by those on higher dimensions. While it has a certain functionality in this false sort of life we’ve been living — getting us to work on time, for instance — it’s hugely limiting, blocking the way to deeper Truth, to higher-vibrational realms.

The dark ones have really covered the bases, trapping us from every angle they could by instilling lies in education, science, history, & whatever you name. Just as we note how the guilty ones are often caught blaming others for precisely the same things they are doing, the falsehoods & lies are designed to thwart all attempts to escape, blaming us for the problems.


As long as we continue to rely on the mind & our knowledge we remain stuck. Those have been so thoroughly compromised that the only way out is to ditch them & go into Heart.

Those continuing to demand proof for whatever we offer are like bugs caught in a glue trap, unable to escape their programming. They’re able, of course, but it requires other uses of Free Will than those they’re making.

Do what you can to give yourself some time out, sufficient peace & time in Nature, to help with the internal cleanse. As long as we’re focused on the world & happenings, there, we’re in no condition to awaken. It’s just an uncomfortable fact only you can only prove to yourself, but not if you don’t pull away to check it out.


This year of 2018 will rock everyone’s neat little world, the reality in which they believed they were living. Let’s be as steady as we can, for we DO make a huge difference in how this whole thing goes down. It won’t be entirely defeated in one year, but by the end of 2020, we’ll all be able to see how we were a bit insane, before.

Finally, yes, it’s a bit scary to cut yourself adrift from all you knew & believed, but remember — it’s the mind experiencing that fear, not You. Source-in-form is not blown away by any of this, & you have access to that once you release your dependence on the external world & its games.

You’re as steady as a rock, as a mountain, in Heart. We all have in-and-out times where we flit back & forth between mind & Heart, so let go of any rigid expectations about how you must be, how things should be.

The big message 2018 will deliver to those who wish to awaken is to LET GO. It’s a huge task, but one we’ve already accomplished from another perspective, from a higher-dimensional understanding of time. It already is. Just that.


We now take over the job of reprogramming our minds, letting Heart choose what to instill, there. Many ideas like this are more than helpful as we inevitably falter, now & again. It goes to make us stronger, rather than weaker leaders, rather than confused followers. Let’s be very firm about going our own way, friends. So what if we make a mistake or 3? Heart is always there for & in us.

We already ARE that which we seek.

Now, it’s a matter of aligning with Source, of anchoring our awareness in That, come what may. One day we’ll all realize that it doesn’t matter, anyway — what happens here is more like a play, a performance, than anything real. Our deeper Reality is accessed, is experienced via the Heart portal.

Welcome Home!



11:01 am, Monday 2018/01/15, 1st, Mayan day 9 Monkey / Chuen

Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness