Making The Shift in 2017–2018

“These eyes, through which I hoped to see God, are the eyes through which God sees me”

Once upon a time there were tales of a great Shift, prophesied to occur in 2012. They even had a date — December 21st. It didn’t happen, right? Not so fast. I, too, figured that “ascension,” like Y2K, was much ado about nothing, but perhaps it was just the beginning of something that will turn-out to be huge.

Most have heard of the Schumann Resonance, once considered a scientific “constant” at a steady 7.83Hz, but no more. Here’s a short video documenting its current peak at 1000Hz — yes, one thousand hertz. Admittedly, it doesn’t address this, but no “constant” can be so variable.

In the Last 24 Hours, the Resonance of the Earth’s Geomagnetic Field Has Quadrupled — 7:04

I can vouch for both the integrity & the scientific basis of the HeartMath organization, which is not government backed or funded. This next video is rather more “out there,” but more than interesting support for the current rise in both consciousness & frequencies. It is from Magenta Pixie, a channeler, so make of it what you will:

The Emerald Gateway (Lion’s Gate into the Eclipse, August 2017) — 25:12

Looks like humanity is in for massive shifts & changes of every sort, & it appears we’re going there, now — in 2017. Are you ready? Sure, you are — our inner Being is well aware of it all. Time for the conscious mind to catch-up. It appears that earth is shifting, & whether we like it or not we’re along for quite a ride. The August 21st full solar eclipse, viewable, at least partially, all across the entire United States, may turn-out to be a part of that.

What Will the August 21, 2017 Eclipse Look Like in Your State? (Scroll down for a USA-wide eclipse animation)

How? Science has long known that ours is a binary solar system — as 75% of them are — meaning that we have two suns. This has been easy to hide up until now, since the 2nd sun only makes its entrance about every 3,600 years. Now, however, this 2nd (dwarf) sun & its mini-solar system have made their way into our area — currently between Jupiter & Mars. Perhaps, if conditions are right, we’ll be able to see it as our sun goes dark with the 8/21 eclipse.

Planet X to Eclipse the Sun in 2017 — Come into View When the Great Sign Appears — 58:13
Just an image from the above video


Many videos & articles on the Planet X subject are so heavily laced with fear-porn. Keeping humanity in chaos & fear is a cabal hallmark, along with divide-and-conquer thing which they do so well. Fear energy cuts us off from our central core, our ability to tap into Heart.

When you know you can’t die, that you’re eternal, immortal (in Spirit, as soul), much that inspired fear is neutered. Bodies come & go, friends — once we cease to identify with them a deep, surprising peace arises. Soul knows the drill, but its knowledge is blocked to the extent that we identify with mind or body.

Freedom is truly within our grasp, it’s just that, with our hands so full of daily cares — mental & physical things — soul knowledge is blocked, & only by self. It’s pretty funny, once we center within enough to recognize this — until then, not so much. It takes a great deal of surrender & release.


We have no need to rescue anyone but ourselves. It’s time to recognize the same Light within everyone — full internal access to Source. If any of this news (or anything) inspires fear, that’s on us. As we move out of head & into Heart, every bit of that falls away. Many begin to realize that the bad guy in the play, the culprit, is ever & only the self — yet even this requires a certain letting go — again, which no one can do for anyone else.


In Heart we discover a beautiful energy, a deep Respect for one & all, including Nature & the elements. Its foundation — our foundation — is a Love so divine, so amazing that no words can convey it. Yet we don’t find this, absent some pretty serious surrendering.

We only thought we knew who & what we are. On the awakening trek we soon discover that we don’t — & never did, at least not in this life. We’ve been so deeply programmed with a ridiculously false set of beliefs — which we naturally took to be true — that we’ve created a false reality for ourselves, robbed of the knowledge that thought actually creates.

PEEK-A-BOO, Self to self

Only the brave will go all the way, as it leads to the actual surrender of the self — the false self parading around, pretending to be real. (Some call these periods the Dark Night of the Soul.) There is no mind which can even conceive of Who we truly are. “Source-in-form” is just a label for that — it only points in that general direction. This must be experienced — talking about it does not work.

Attachments — all of them — have to go; not all at once, but gradually. With the overall acceleration heating up, the later awakeners may have a rougher time of it, a more compressed awakening, as it were. Soon we’ll all be faced with more truth than some are prepared to handle, especially those who believe we’re the only life in the Universe. (That such beliefs are ridiculous simply cannot be seen until they are dumped — & again, we can’t do this for anyone else — only self.)


We were taught that it’s not nice to be selfish. While this has a bit of truth to it, it is misleading. Self is literally all that we have, all that we are. We are not in charge of anyone else. The trick they used was to not distinguish between Self & self — the biggest distinction of all.

To be selfish is to be small — to be Selfish is anything but, for that Self is the One, an aspect of That which all are. As Self, we are points of attention within the greater Whole — the All That Is — Source. There is nothing “small” about that — quite the opposite.

Thus it has been with every “truth” we’ve been told, friends. Time to start weeding them out — Self has no need of such nonsense, such false garments going forward. It’s time.

Are you prepared (e.i., centered within) to be fully in Self — to identify with That? Are you willing to put your own inner guidance ahead of anything whatsoever coming from outside? Just like the one who marches to the tune of a different drummer, you’ll likely be misunderstood by those in your circle of acquaintances. (They can’t help it, though, so let’s cut them loads of slack. ;-)


The beauty, herein, is that this only bothers the mind. The one deeply centered is well aware, well prepared, mind not being in charge, there. It’s all about separating out from mind, at a certain point. Once that separation is made, in comes a new Peace, one not previously encountered by most.

Since we start out mostly blind to this, it’s an amazing experience as it arises — a surprise. A new sense of humor begins to develop, enabling us to freely laugh at what once upset us so much. With the (mental) blinders removed, it doesn’t bother when we see how the joke was on us — all along — while we were so (seemingly) trapped within mind.


There may or may not be major cataclysm on the horizon. Yet from Heart perspective, it truly doesn’t matter so much — not in the many ways it once did — to mind. We see that there is & can only be good, better, best, & simply awesome — nothing else. Not one single thing that ever happened had the ability to do harm — it’s how we took it, how we interpreted things, that created every bit of suffering.

Who can see this? I know that many now can. Unlike earlier times when humanity seemed well & truly trapped within the mental Matrix, frequencies have arisen to an extent not previously encountered. Many control structures have already crumbled, while others are doing so, now.


As Light increases, the dark ones will soon have nowhere to hide. Darkness, itself, is critical to their operations, most of which occur in a deep secrecy which vanishes in the presence of light. Their whole system relies on both need-to-know & the individual story (lie) given to each layer of the control pyramid. Thus many doing the dark work do so based on their good intentions — based on the lie(s) they’ve been told — though not those at the top.

So if & as you catch yourself looking at things as if they’re going to hell in a hand-basket — just step back. Let Heart inspire new thoughts, new perspectives on everything. Heart vision is nothing like mind’s vision. The divine is not far off, up above on some cloud looking down — it’s ever & always right here — within. All have access to That.

So hell-in-a-hand-basket or not, it’s a time for real celebration, friends — first only within, but soon also without. We’ll join hands across the planet, Internet or no, in celebration of the rising consciousness, the awakening we’re all experiencing at that point.


2:24 pm, Thursday 2017/08/03, Mayan day 13 Transformer



Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness