Lose it All to Gain it All

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — In5d.com

When will we wake up to realize we’re the creators of all that’s transpiring? Being given free will is a rather major hint in this direction. We get to choose & choices have consequences, have results. Some call this karma & if that pleases them then fine, but it’s just cause & effect.

We’ve got to quit playing the victim!

There are no victims, believe it or not. We all signed on for this. We have our reasons, even if we can’t seem to access them just yet. Chaos is not the way of things. “Order out of chaos” is the dark path. Let us make better choices, instead.

Empowerment is the need of the current hour. Just look at the who SJW phenom through this lens. Did you ever see a more disempowered bunch, forever pointing fingers of blame while taking zero responsibility for what is, what simply is? Nothing is ever their fault, have you noticed?

There is no resolution down the path they tread. We must take responsibility, we must own things before they can be fixed since we’re the creators of whatever it is; well, since Creation flows through us.

How simple is that? It’s only us & our beliefs that are in the way, taking us down endless, divisive rabbit holes. We’ll wake up when we’re darned good & ready & I hope that is soon.

Since we’re misled & misinformed in endless ways, fixing a bit of this or that here or there isn’t the best way to go. Rather, let’s look to the most fundamental, underlying bit of deception that supports all the rest. What could that be?

How about who & what we are?

Everybody is a Genius but Fish Don’t Climb Trees — AZquotes.com

Yup, that’s the best place to start that I’ve found. When simply everything has gone astray from Truth on planet earth, there’s really nothing, no tome, no teacher, no teaching today we can fully trust.

It may have been beautifully truthful when originally delivered, but with the victors rewriting the texts over the generations, that’s long-buried under current bias, misinformation, & disinformation. Science, education, government, you name it; nothing, today, delivers real Truth.

Ah, but Truth is ever within so we can seek it out, there.

It’s best to begin from ground zero, from a certain emptiness that goes along with distrust of current information & beliefs. As Einstein said, “Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one.” He gained more from inspiration that any texts or tomes. So can we. Einstein was nothing special, no more special than any of us.

Yes, let’s quit looking up to anything external.

When we Heart-focus in the presence of that emptiness, that distrust of externals, what do we find? We’re on the verge of discovering Source, the core & heart of All That Is. It’s there for us NowHere & always, just not noticed when our focus is otherwise occupied or directed.

The Empty Room — 4 bp.blogspot.com

We really are Source-in-form, friends; no kidding, no exaggeration. We’ve just been loaded down with so many other, conflicting beliefs & ideas that — when accepted, when believed — prevent us from going there, from discovering & checking this out. Thus, the vital requirement, the real need for emptiness, the openness it provides.

No, this is not a journey any mind can take. Sorry. That’s a more limited aspect of our reality; wonderful, exciting, ever so useful, but ultimately too limited for this trek. Empty it out. When it pipes up, learn to ignore it. 😉

As we focus in Heart, things clarify. Real Clarity & Discernment are properties of Heart.

As Source-in-form, but of course, Creation flows through us. It becomes a very clear, well duh. We finally see what many call karma as very simple cause and effect. Owning the results of our actions, our thoughts, words, & deeds is so easy from this perspective.

Yes, it takes a good deal of pulling back from what we once viewed as our life, as “the way things are.” We must let the new perspective(s) settle in & take root. Better said, we take root in it, for it is far more real than the self, the reality we took to be real.

As you can likely see, the emptiness is a true requirement for this journey. We cannot take our belief structures, our concepts along for this ride or we’ll swiftly go off course or crash. If we focus on anything, let it be that emptiness. Let us learn to make friends with the great Silence found within.

The deeper we journey into That, the more our current 3D life will take on the look, the sense of a dream. So yes, it’s real, quite real & if you don’t pay attention you’ll walk out in from of traffic & wake-up from the dream, finding yourself on the other side, in the greater Reality; yet it’s also just a dream.

This is the land of the Both/And, what I call Both-And-Land, whereas our 3D dream is Either-Or-Ville, the place of choice. These are things only Heart knows, or only known via Heart. Take your pick. Let’s quit letting the more limited mind make all of our choices, eh what? There are better ways. 😆

Einstein — The Mysterious — Quotesgram.com



9:19 a.m., Tuesday, 2019/08/20 — Mayan day 5 Road / Eb



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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness