Legends of 21st Century Humans

We Volunteered for This

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“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

What a perfect time to be alive on planet earth. The arrogant selfishness of the cabal is reaping its just rewards — finally! All of their programming of humanity is falling apart. Too many Light Beings are incarnate, now, rising up to take our power back, to exit the Matrix of lies.

That’s not to say they’ve surrendered. There are still rough times up ahead, but it amounts to their death throes. I’m guessing that by the end of January we’ll know who the thousands of indictments are targeting. It’s been a mop-up from the bottom up, as many are now singing like canaries, trying to save their own skin, giving names & documents on those above them in their hierarchy.


Humanity has done well to have survived these hellish times. For those into such things, it’s fascinating that the Andromedans have finally explained what they meant about us having “come back in time to right a terrible wrong.” It may be 20 years ago they told Alex Collier this, but they didn’t explain. Now they have.

They tell us that Gaia chose to move to 5D long ago, & has tried twice, thus far, to accomplish that. The cabal & the dark ones behind them were too strong — but no more. We’re told that now it’s a done deal, that this is what so many of us took rounds of incarnation here to accomplish. We came back in time — let that sink in — to get this job done, to prevent the total take-over that the dark ones accomplished, to change the future we didn’t want.

We’ve done it, my friends. Their defeat is a done deal, a fait accompli. Add a dash of time & it’s clearly visible. Nor could we have done this alone. This is a real team effort, our benevolent soul families playing a major supportive role. As we rise in frequency, in consciousness, we begin to tune in to what’s going on from a broader, higher perspective where time/space is not what we take it to be.

They didn’t come down to rescue us, we rose to rejoin them.

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote — 2017/12/21

“We like to explain that only a part of the Consciousness that is really who-you-are is focused into the physical personality that you believe is you, so that you can then begin to consciously consider the larger part of you, who continues to remain Non-Physically focused.

Once you remember that you are a physical extension of Source Energy, you can then begin to consider, and consciously tend to, your alignment with your larger, Eternal, Non-Physical counterpart.

As you made the decision to focus into this physical time-space reality, you understood it to be a spectacular arena of balance and variety and perfect contrast.

You understood that there is no competition for resources, but only opportunities to give birth to your own ideas — and you understood that once an idea has been given birth, the means with which to fulfill it will follow.

And now here you are, an extension of Source Energy — focused in the environment of perfect contrast and balance, just as you have intended — exploring, deciding, preferring, creating, and becoming.”

Excerpted from Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD and User Guide on 11/1/10

Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

Overcoming the programming, the BS belief systems, is our final step into a hard-earned victory over the invaders. It’s so funny, the way bits of disclosure about ET & their ships are being dribbled out — so funny, in light of the reality of the diversity of life, not just in 3D, but across the dimensions. We’ve been lied to for eons, but now that’s all falling away.

We have so much to celebrate this Hanukkah/Christmas season.

Perhaps as a New Year’s resolution even more of us will quit attending to the MSM, especially the news, which is designed to bring us down & keep us there, our negative energies being food for the beast, the dark ones.

We celebrate the arrival of whistle-blower Q [1] on the scene, so many working to ferret out the codes in his questions. By now, it’s clear that he’s a high level source with access to much or most of the behind-the-scenes wrangling as the cabal hangs on for dear life.


It’s a time to choose, for our choices will follow us through many new incarnations, separating out the wheat from the tares. As we remember that our 3D earth dance is but a play, a drama, it is also a time when the cabal & those on the dark side will also remember Who they really are, what they came here to accomplish.

We’ll owe them a debt of gratitude for being willing to play such evil parts, creating the necessary chaos & suppression necessary to spark a broader awakening among humanity. They, too, are role playing, just as we are. No, it doesn’t seem that way, not until we step back sufficiently to become the impartial observer of the show.

That’s our opportunity, now — the broader perspective, accessible via the Heart portal of every soul. We can choose chaos & anger, resentment & revenge — or not. As we step back from our character-in-the-play, those reactions to the chaos will fall away.

Heart doesn’t see things that way.


This is a magnificent opportunity to return to full awareness of Light, to once again own being Source-in-form, or at least open ourselves to that perspective. Things are far better than we can now see from our 3D perch, but our higher dimensional aspects have full access to other perspectives, which they’re willing to share.

The Volunteers

It’s been very strange being cut-off from direct communication with our own soul families during these last ages, but it’s once again available. We’re finally drawing closer to them, able to perceive them due to the higher frequencies we’re choosing to inhabit. We’re all working together to defeat the beast, to round them up & contain them where they can harm only one another.

We’re regaining our freedom!

We can safely expect our memories to return, giving us the context for this challenging time. We’ll recall volunteering to play a part in this magnificent drama. Though I’ve linked to it, before, I’ll close with a short vid that presents this perspective — what that might look like to us from the other side, the higher frequency perspective.

The Volunteers — Legends of the 21st Century Humans — 8:12

[1] Q is on 8chan, but I like the way Jordan on Destroying the Illusion explores the Q postings.



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