Leaving Limitation Behind

Beyond the Mental-Physical Realm

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These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening, Bodymindsoulspirit.com

For those recognizing the limitations bound-up in our body-mind self-definition, things begin to get strange. Whereas in the past, we referred every curious or quizzical thing to the mind, we often choose not to go there, now.

At first, we feel bereft, naked & unequipped to continue on. With time & experience, we begin seeing more deeply into that, finally able to recognize our wily mind at work.

It’s a BIG deal when we realize that we — who we really are — is not at all bothered by this (or by anything). That’s just the mind feeling that way, resisting our walk into higher consciousness.

Why would it resist something we so dearly desire?

First, it’s a matter of identity. The mind is unaware of our greater Being, the vastness available beyond its bounds. More to the point, it begins to see its fall from grace on the horizon, its dethronement as the one in charge. That terrifies it, so it fights to retain power. Simple enough.

Timeout: Our minds were not designed to function this way. Let’s not miss the mind’s correlation to the dark cabal in this fear of losing control. The two march hand-in-hand for reasons not so obscure — the Matrix mind-hack at work.

Eastern03 — Brewminate.com

There’s more letting-go involved in awakening than we realize, at first. When we find our way into that neutral gear that puts us in the observer’s seat, the journey is less traumatic, less challenging. As we keep reminding ourselves that it’s only the mind that’s fearful or upset, we get better at remaining neutral.

Thus does our sense of identity continue to shift, favorably for awakening. Until we exit the mental mode sufficiently to find & remain in Heart, in neutral, we’re chasing our tail. Only when we admit that our mind cannot take us into awakening, can we cut the dependence cord to find Peace in the emptiness, the stillness of neutral gear.

This isn’t the be-all, the end-all of awakening, but we’re just kidding ourselves to believe there is such a thing. In the midst of eternity/infinity, what is an ending but another beginning? Awakening is an endless process for all in Cosmos, always offering the next expansion, the next frequency range to explore.

William Buhlman — 2018 Afterlife Awareness Conference — 1:14:51

William Buhlman may be one of the best available teachers of breaking identification with the body-mind via OBE (Out of Body Experience). He’s clear in his focus on “Higher Self,” for lack of words able to contain such things. This vid closes with an example of his experiential teachings, how he manages to exit the form.

In Heart there is no awakening — just Being.

Heart’s answer to most things is, “It is what it is.“ You’ll take the next step once you accept the is-ness of fill-in-the-blank. Our ideas around time are as much limiting BS as is our identification with the 3D form.

As long as we’re in resistance mode, it’s tail-chasing time. It’s also a good time to self-observe. We’ll eventually see into the underlying fear that makes us resist.

So the big message, at this point, is to simply LET GO.

It won’t be our mind doing that, either — it can’t. Our mind will continue to circle & suffer for a time. How long? Until we get better at recognizing it & letting it go, shifting the focus of our identity by wise use of free will. IOW, we get quite good at ignoring the mind’s spiritual offerings, knowing Heart is the tool for that — that we’re so much more!

We don’t reach into ourselves, find the limitations, & extract & burn them, somehow — lol. It’s quite strange, at first. The beauty, the strangeness of this neutral gear is how we’re the observer of all goings on, including what we’re saying or doing. Do you see? (Please note, no outside observer can see this.)

In this neutral mode, it’s as if we have one foot in 3D & one in awakening — an awkward spot from the mind’s perspective. Nothing is awkward to Source. This phase is the transition from the Matrix into our Source-in-form core. In all of this releasing, this letting go of things which once seemed a very real part of who we are is an empowerment so vast we’ll be stunned to see it — later on.

We don’t yet recognize the letting go as taking our power back, largely because the mind cannot see it that way. This is a Heart walk, distinctly different from anything else. Remember, the mind thinks, it believes, but Heart just Knows; no beliefs required.

It’s time to ground ourselves in neutral gear, to be in Heart as much as possible. We’re now consciously participating in the awakening dance, rather than accidentally stumbling into it, which takes so much longer. We’re blessed to live in a time of great acceleration, yet one that requires us to fully own & responsibly use our free will to steer the inCARnation.

Where we are going is strictly up to us. Humanity has such power that, were there no current region in Cosmos laid out to our liking, we could create that. Seriously, we’re Source-in-form! We’re also discovering that to own that power, we must take responsibility for every aspect of our life, for every experience.

Yes, another experience the mind will resist. Just watch it at work while staying Heart-centered, that’s all. Source will eventually dance you into endlessly perfect positions & experiences so transcendent of the mind as to make its offerings laughable amusement.

Just hang in! Source Knows it’s all good; soon, we will, too.



Monday, 2018/11/19 — Mayan day 5 Storm / Cauac




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness