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Keeping Us Small, pt. 3 of 3

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening, Bodymindsoulspirit.com

Where has our smallness gone? We didn’t intentionally jettison it, yet from our newly expanded perspectives on everything, that smallness is nowhere to be found. It pops up now & again but is ever easier to see through as we make our consistent choice to expand.

The old Belief Systems die hard, I know. Be patient with you. When in doubt, when the resolution isn’t clear, just observe. Heart centering in the NowHere moment is ever so helpful, moving from conscious choice to “habit,” to deeper layers of the mind.

The whole smallness thing was the goal of the captors, the globalists & their ilk. We have such shocking, stunning, even sickening revelations yet to arise as we’re ready to greet them from Heart. We actually did get conquered as a race of beings, as humanity, albeit while we were hugely unaware.

We don’t see such things absent our internal readiness, lest we be cast off the cliff into craziness or despair. These are not things any mind is suited to deal with, for the mind’s tendency is to destroy a perceived foe, certainly to blame other actors in the drama; never itself.

These things are more than the mind can take responsibility for, being both too unwanted & too shocking to face. Please, don’t force yourself to face anything, choosing, instead, to let yourself be the Divine Dance. Heart always Knows, but we must shift our focus there to enter that.

To any mind, once all is laid out, say in a truly Truthful future history book, what has happened, here, is despicable, is revolting. So much suffering, so much cruelty, so much clearly callous abuse! All minds seek out a target on which to heap blame, someone or something to punch, to punish on the road to making things right.

Whoa! Hold on. Just observe.

Thus can be seen how our non-doing becomes key during this phase of awakening — & perhaps going forward, but we won’t know ’til we’re farther on. We’ve long heard of teachers who preach this non-doing stuff, but since no mind is equipped to innerstand even a bit of that, we truly didn’t get it. Only now, NowHere, do we begin to grok what non-doing is.

All of this is the perfect stage of the Dance of Divinity that’s moving us past our longterm smallness into the vastness of our infinity/eternity. It’s best to take it somewhat easy on the research into the dark, malevolent ways of the “elite,” preferring, instead, to let the self be Danced into that when well placed in Heart.

The view is so different from Heart, & there’s no explaining any of it to the mind; yours or anyone else’s.

Remember, the surgeon does not even try to operate on herself. Remember, Life happens for us, not to us. Love yourself enough to have wells of benevolence in which you regularly dip. For me, a subscription to the Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote fits that bill, but no one thing suffices.

ALL of our work during this phase is internal.

Whenever we find ourselves taking action in the world to accomplish this or that goal, be aware that it’s likely the lesser self in action — unless we’re being Danced. When we’re the Divine Dance, there is no caution, much less fear, just Being coming from a place of Knowing; something no mind will ever experience, but can only stand aside & view.

I’m not saying to sit on our rump & Om for the duration of our incarnation, of course. If you thought so, that was the mind at work. Of course, we go about the life we’re living, doing what seems best to us in any NowHere.

The stopping, the observing, the non-action can all occur in the midst of seeming activity.

We must keep kicking our mind & its arrogance to the curb, recentering in Heart, allowing that full rein in our life. Sometimes, we’ll see things one way, sometimes another way. Our perspective is nowhere near as stable as it was before, but that’s fine. It becomes rather enjoyable, actually.

It’s always been enjoyable, just not to the mind as much as to our Inner Being, the Consciousness we are. It’s one of those always-present things we just didn’t see while playing at being small. It’s awesome to realize that all Truth, all Reality, that simply everything is now present in the NowHere. If we’re not seeing it, then we look within to discover the cause, the blockage.

Our blockages, our blinders almost always turn out to be our beliefs about whatever it is, our mind’s confidence that it knows that. That’s what naturally happens when the mind is put in charge, rather than Heart.

We were fed our beliefs & accepted them based on their ability to help us grow & know the world. The dark side commonly takes its dark gifts & wraps them in lovely packaging, selling us things as if they’re for our overall good.

Only one focused in the smallness of the mind can be taken in by that, yet witness how all of humanity fell for it at some point. Yes, including me & you.

What we’re shifting here is our perspective on almost everything. We’re realizing that we trusted far too much in everything we were taught & told. It’s not that anyone had it in for us, that they were out to fill us with lies & falsehoods, but rather than they were likewise taken in by them. They taught us what they sincerely, honestly believed (in most cases).

We’re moving from the land of doing, of the do-do bird, into the realm of pure Being, the Be replacing the phony me we all wore as temporary clothing before awakening began. Let’s be ever willing to take responsibility for our part in the play, for allowing the malevolent ones to have their way with us.

We’ll discover before long that entering a body for an incarnation smacks more of dying (to what’s Real) than physical death does. In dying to the form, we’re reborn, reawakened to what we knew all along. For a long while, that death had to be physical for that awakening, but now, not so much.

We can choose to die to the old ways, to the old views. It can have many of the same results as bodily death. All such things hinge on our use of free will, on our getting it out of the closet & dusting it off, for we were misinformed about its power, along with everything else.

You are a Great Spiritual Being having a human experience.

Cosmic Man — 3.bp.blogspot.com


To what extent are you willing to either accept this or at least set your beliefs aside & explore the possibilities? No one can force you. Nor does anyone, anywhere — nor any book — hold all of the answers.

Letting go is something on which we must be firm with the lesser self.

Either Higher Self or lesser self rules in most of us. When Higher Self, or just Self, rules, then we have balance, a Balance so divine we’re often breathless, amazed. This is mind-blowing stuff, but it requires 3 things: 1) the willingness, 2) the readiness, & 3) the firm application of our free will, i.e., the choice.

To the mind, Being is boring.

Have you noticed? Its desire is to be off sampling future plans or going over past experiences. NowHere is anathema to the ego-mind. So what? That’s nothing to Who you really are, just more fruit for observation & enjoyment, more of life happening for us.

Enjoy the transition, friends.

Enjoy it all to the best of your ability to allow, for that inner enjoyment is very real. It’s happening, whatever it is, as an act of Divine Love bearing blessings for you — guaranteed. Yes, it takes a stubborn persistence to see this way consistently, a willingness to let other perspectives fade away.

It turns out that even Joy is a choice, as well as a natural experience of our Source-in-form core. The trick for some is that they’re waiting for an external savior, for someone to come & make things right. Thus, they’re not engaging with the Dance, with their inner Divinity as an aspect of That, of the One.

The Kingdom of God is within.

We will be shown what is in our way precisely at the right time & in the right way as life continues to happen for us. We’ll be Danced into what is perfect for our NowHere moment, but only when we choose to allow that, when we give over our point of focus to Heart, to Self.

It is then that our Inner Being can take over our outer part in the Grand Drama, the 3D play. We, as the ego-mind, must release the reins, turning them over, from self to Self, for awakening to proceed.

We learn to live a life of not-knowing, one of Knowing, an ephemeral thing from the mental perspective. The dark & Light in us are, indeed, distinct, not gray in some sort of blend. One doesn’t enter into the other, the yin/yang image being the perfect illustration.

Once we can accept that nothing is as it seems, we’re on our way.

We have all the tools we require. Heck, we ARE that which we’re seeking, friends, so let’s settle down into the Dance & enjoy it. With stubborn determination, in spite of all the nay-sayers around us, we CAN enjoy life to the fullest in the vastness of our native realm.



1400, 2019/03/11 — Mayan day 13 Monkey / Chuen, the ascension day of the current (13-day) trecena



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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness