Journey Deep into Heart -

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

These just-before-midnight journals are becoming the norm — guess it’s quieter, then — everything so silent, just the crickets singing outside. Lovely background music, anytime. Maybe one day I’ll be able to write in the midst of hustle-bustle, but not yet.

Are you writing — sharing with yourself — coming to the middle to join-up with Self? I don’t care who you are, what you do (or don’t do) — we all have access to this alchemy. Sacred stuff. It’s ever amazing, discovering what you know that you didn’t realize was there, within.

Come on — what if You, the real You, not the external (mind-driven) version with whom you’re familiar — was really & truly That — Source-in-a-body? Can you go there — or rather, will you? It takes making room for the possibility, of course. We’re not taught to view self/Self this way. We’ve got old habits of thought to release — they’re blocking the way.

What if you held the ultimate Power of Source, right within? Now, mind would ask, “What would you do with it,” right? Let’s not ask that. That’s mind’s interference, subtly blocking your inward path. As long as we’re in mind — entertaining mind-questions — we haven’t yet made our way into Heart.


So how do we enter, then? We get quiet. Still. We just sit. Then we just observe. We watch mind at work, slowly distancing ourselves from that by observing. Until we discover out identity beyond the mind & body, it’s more difficult. At first they’re so intertwined we don’t even notice that we’re so much more.

We’ve all been taught, even programmed to identify with these — mind & body. We take this for our identity, for who we are in this life, perhaps wondering if there’s anything beyond death. Evidence of identifying with mind is believing there’s such a thing as death — shocking though that is to first hear. “Of course, death is real!” shouts mind. “You idiot! The body dies, & that’s the clear end of your life. Duh!”

You’re likely beyond, perhaps well beyond this stage, or you wouldn’t be reading this. Still, perhaps you can remember a time when you were that tightly within mind’s grasp, under its dominance. It made your life either miserable or sometimes joyful, but it was a will o’ the wisp, fickle, & ever restless. Real peace was something unknown, except for fleeting moments.


Where are you, now, with this? Are you able, perhaps even comfortable, stepping aside from the mind & just being its witness? We learn to listen, but not get pulled into any of it. Somehow our emotions back away, so we just don’t get involved — just watching. That’s nice — but it gets even better.

Buddhist Way of Observing Mind —

Pretty soon, we find we can somehow “look the other way.” While mind goes on with its chatter, we begin to not ever hear — no longer paying it much attention. During this phase it helps to center in Heart — in the region of the central chest. It’s not the heart chakra — we’re not feeling around to sense that, nor the beating organ. This is different — much deeper, within — a quiet “space” that may seem somehow empty.


It’s more like a portal than anything of 3D, though we contact it, here. At first I played games with myself, envisioning a sun shining in the middle of my chest — trying to go within that, to center there, feel its warmth. It’s tricky. You quickly note that you’re almost always centered in the head, so it’s a movement downward to get the feel of this new space.

It’s all about sensing — not thought.

When thought seems to bug you, you can enlist its support in your visualization. I found it helpful, eventually, to put a face on the internal sun, as if it was smiling. Then, if I was listening to meditative music, I’d put ears on the sides of the sun, to help me to listen from there — silly tricks like that helped.


Both heart & gut have a certain capacity for thought — not like mental thought, but both also produce neurotransmitters, so even our body supports moving our locus of perception out of the head. As I’ve shared previously, the HeartMath organization performs scientific studies supporting heart-brain connectivity. People perform better on standardized tests when first linking heart & head, so there’s solid evidence available.

Again, not that we’re seeking to link-up with the beating heart, but whatever supports our trek toward Heart is well worth indulging. It’s a journey, not something that just happens. That would be mind at work, thinking such thoughts, holding such expectations. Just watch. Don’t engage.

As we find ourselves falling into thought — & we will — no self-condemnation, please. Just observe, moving back down & re-centering. We set our intent, expecting good results. They will come. We begin to take the reins away from mind this way — taking control from a deeper locus of being.


We’re enabling mind to recede, soul or Spirit to come to the fore — sensing that. It’s the sensing that’s primary, as we watch thought slip into the background — just white noise, eventually.

Who knows how long your trek into Heart will take? It doesn’t matter, nor is it worthy of your focus, being mere thought — unimportant, now. At some point it becomes possible to so connect, internally, that we begin to identify with our Inner Being. It’s hugely different than the mental experience of life that is all that most people have. We’re going deeper.

What we find is undefinable by any stretch of the imagination — so don’t go there, as that would be mind at work. Just allow it to be whatever it will be, simply placing focus in the central chest. You’ll be tapping into your inner guidance, your Inner Being, which will eventually take over — as you allow.

No definitions exist, here — & no thought, as we’re used to experiencing that. For a time — it doesn’t matter how short or long — you’ll still be aware of thought piping up — at first rather regularly, which you’ll use as your impetus for focusing lower down. At some point, mind tires of being ignored & will start to go silent for periods of time. Such a relief — something to savor.


Some people are startled, a bit uncomfortable in the presence of a quiet mind — not yet seeing that it’s mind being startled, feeling awkward. So it’s a process of experiencing, then identifying subtler & yet subtler processes of thought at work, ever releasing them, thanks to firm focus in Heart.

Heart perceives — it doesn’t think. Thought is ever about things — Heart is direct perception, direct experience. No one can give this to us or lead us there — but then, we don’t need them to do so, due to the amazing Power resident within.


It gets a bit tricky in different ways, now. Heart will bring things up for us to view — they make take on the look of thought, but when Heart originates them, there’s a current under-riding that’s discernible. It’s not mental thought. It’s something being brought to light for our benefit, though we don’t at first know what that benefit is, or could be. It may even seem painful — until we recognize that as the mind’s pain.

Of course we’ll tend to flip back & forth into thought as we’re adjusting to our interior discoveries — which is fine. It’s important not to try to push through anything. As we stay in Observer mode, we learn to rely more on this internal sensing — just going along as we’re led.

When Heart delivers something, it’s coming from Higher Self — from You, as Source-in-form — so we can trust it, & just keep observing, being willing to see. An open, positive attitude is an awesome support in the process — rather meditative. (Note that there are still two, here — not yet just the One. The two is still useful, as we’re withdrawing from mind.)


Mind will chime in, trying to figure out or explain to us what must be the meaning, the reason for whatever it is — which it’s safe to simply ignore. Our reasoning powers are useless, here. We’re going into deeper senses — inner ones — abilities quite unlike thought.

One day we’ll look back on our mind-bound days with a wry smile, realizing how very superficial an existence we led — but not just yet. There’s still so much to be discovered.

These are deeper, subtler senses, now able to arise, since we’ve left busy mind to the side. They take some getting used to as we find our way into our Inner Being. Now, we’re finding ourselves able to identify more with Who we truly are, less with mind.

We’re actually participating in a shift of our whole identity.

From here, nothing looks the same as it once did, sensing, perceiving. We can’t put our finger on the subtle differences just yet, but we’re aware of them. We feel like we’re growing more depth, but what we’re really doing is uncovering our native depth. It seems so different, yes, but what we’re expanding into is our actual identity, Source-in-form.


Source isn’t pushy, as mind tends to be. Source is deeply Respectful — unlike any mind I’ve ever encountered. We have free will, which Source would never violate. We’re shocked to discover that this is an actual aspect — the core, really — of our being that’s been there throughout our journey — unknown & unacknowledged.

Mind has free will. In Heart we discover Free Will — something both divine & quite powerful. These are different worlds, friends — having almost nothing in common. It’s an awkward journey precisely for that reason — very strange for a good while, as we adapt & experience our perceptions of reality shift.

In Heart we find Reality, quite beyond the realm of mind


What do we do with our marvelous new discoveries? Hmm — my suggestion is a 2-sided coin. We keep quiet, on the one hand. This is a hugely delicate journey/process. It’s not beneficial to have any mind interference. I wouldn’t share much about it with anyone not on the same journey — better yet, a bit further along in the process than you are.

The other side of that coin? I would make friends with the journal. You can hold beautifully deep, wide-ranging, amazing “discussions” with yourSelf this way. This is where the journal alchemy can really pop. You’ll find yourself literally communing with Who you truly are. Not a two-way conversation, either — which has the flavor of being a mind thing.


No, this is an internal communion, just as these words are flowing from there — from Heart. I’m not talking to myself, here — unless you consider that we’re all One, so “These eyes, through which I hoped to see Source, are the eyes through which Source sees me” — that kinda thing. It’s a flow in unity & Oneness. There’s never a two here — ever & only the One. Are you sensing this?


The beauty — & the beauties are endless, here — is watching yourself get ever better at distinguishing when mind is at work, & when it’s Heart. This is where you have the direct experience of clarity simply arising, you know not (nor care) from where. It just appears, & you marvel & appreciate — & just flow with/in/as it — as That which You truly are.

Finally, though you’re going ever deeper within, so mind would believe that you’re withdrawing from others & the world — you are not. It’s more like you’re entering the center point of every atom, somehow — for Heart is but One. No two are found. You’re actually drawing closer to it all — by going within.

The world begins to be seen as rather upside-down & backwards all the time, now. You see how what passes for sanity, “out there,” is truly anything but. You get used to being constantly amazed — yet you roll with it ever so peacefully, having found that calm, central point I love to call Heart. The word doesn’t begin to encompass it’s wonder, it’s marvels, its glories, but that’s okay. If you find a better one, do let me know. ☼


11:49 pm, Tuesday 2017/09/12, 1st, Mayan day 1 Death/Transformer / Cimi



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