It’s the Little Things

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

The little things far outweigh the big things in life. The mind doesn’t like hearing that, doesn’t want to accept it, & that’s okay. Mind can do whatever it likes as we find our way into Heart’s greater intelligence & allow that to reign. Yes, the big things either bless us or scar us, thus having an influence on our life, but they’re nothing like the little things that just never stop.

Given sufficient time, the endless drip of water carves a pathway through hard soil & rock. Water, so malleable as to be shapeless, taking the shape of the containing vessel, carves into the solidity of earth. It’s very strange, yet factual. We don’t give the little, shapeless, shapeable things ample credit for the changes they bring.

Now-Later —

Why should we focus on the little things? They speak to us, or we could say that Source speaks to us through them. Are we listening? Mostly, no. We treat them as the necessary boring parts we must endure to win whatever prize we seek, focused on the future instead of the only “time” it will ever be, which is Now — NowHere.


As Heart collects us into our Now, we become more present, more aware of what’s going on — Now, not off into the future. Now is literally, the only thing we’ll ever have, the only “place” we’ll ever be — though mind objects to that, heartily. Whether it’s this incarnation or the last one, it is only ever Now, but it takes Heart to unlock that for us, to even notice or care about it.

Heart knows that how we do something is fully as important as what we do. Routine is often mind’s take on our current moment, where we’ve assigned ourselves certain tasks & activities at certain times, always aware of the clock. That’s a mind behavior — which is fine — yet, we can go so much deeper when we set the mind to the side.

Why is your Now so important? Ask your Heart — feel it out. We’ve established that Now is all we’ll ever have, but the mind can’t interpret that. This is Heart stuff. The mind is all too happy to give its interpretation, yet, it’s not qualified to fully perceive what Now is — how it contains past & future, too, as aspects of itself.

Find the ever-present Joy in your Now.

Since Now is critically important, since it’s primary, it’s easy enough to see that what it contains are mostly the little things — you brush your teeth, you drive to the store, you converse with your workmates… So what’s the big deal about any of that?


Most of us go through our days without really being present with ourselves. Our minds constantly move about in time, preferring the future or the past to being internally still, just present where we are. It’s something we’ve all noticed, but we’re so used to it that it feels uncomfortable to consider letting it go, even just for a few moments.

So, we’re in the Now but also absent from it.

Most go through life this way, unaware that they’re not fully Present until they cross over, until it’s too late to have an impact on this life. We spend a lot of time pushing Now to the side, so intent on where we’re headed that we fail to really be with the cat or dog that jumps into our lap, to give them a few moments of our full attention.


These are all signs of Matrix living, which many are now rejecting in favor of Heart. We’ve been easy to herd & control up to now, but no more. We’re done with this poor excuse for living which is only existing. The more Present we are in our Now experience, the harder we are to fool, to manipulate. We see through things, no longer accepting them at face value as we’ve been taught to do.

We become more impartial, losing our loyalty to a party line, to a certain set of beliefs. We begin to see how beliefs all come with custom-made blinders, cutting us off from all other perspectives. We’re not so quick to judge, not so arrogant as to believe we’ve got it all worked out, that we know what’s going on.

We know we don’t know, & that serves us, bringing a new openness.


Many of us already know there’s no such thing as a coincidence, we just haven’t taken that to this level of detail. When we drop & break something, when the phone rings, when our dog wants to play — these are not accidents. These carry meaning perfectly suited to our Now. It’s all part of a great web of communication that we may not have seen this way, before.

Everything that happens to & around us has a deeper meaning — not that we should put mind to the task of sorting that out. Bad idea. This is for Heart, & when we’re not in Heart we’re not open & available to the deeper experience that’s always been there, just not noticed.

When we look at 11:11 or 11:22 on the clock, there’s a message there & a blessing. Did you know? What are you involved in at that moment? What were your thoughts? Something is being confirmed for us, & even when we don’t know what it is, it’s still well to appreciate it happening.

Some think Source/God spoke only in olden times & people wrote that down in whatever Scriptures they follow, so that’s that. They are offended if you suggest that Source never quit talking, that Source communes with us right Now. Many have carved out their chosen perspective & are unwilling to concede that there are others just as worthy as theirs.

The more Now-centric we become the more open we are in that silence & humility. We’re no longer so willing to claim we’ve got it right, others have it wrong. We’re more aware of the power perspective wields, more respectful of both that & Free Will that lets us each make our own choices.

We’re no longer willing to kill & oppress in the name of our faith.


By luring us into the mind-centric living of the Matrix, they took control of almost everything. We ceded our innate power to those who promised to guide & protect us, to keep us safe. Safe from what?! Safe from going our own way, certainly. Safe from having to make so many decisions which we turned over to those in control. We abdicated.

We grew cozy in our habitual ways, in our daily routines, no longer spreading our wings, no longer willing to endure the discomfort of not knowing, of admitting that we don’t know. We let our beliefs structure our lives, making us uncomfortable in the presence of those with other perspectives. We called them wrong, without even knowing what they entailed beyond what we saw on the surface but refused to more deeply consider.

We’re quick to judge, often not bothering to read an article or watch a video that moves us outside of our comfort zone. We’re amazingly quick to judge & condemn. I watched a video last night where the uploader had targeted it to our youth screaming for gun control after the latest school shooting.


There were hundreds, literally hundreds of nasty comments & people unsubbing her channel without even watching the video. Anyone who watched the whole thing realized at about 20 minutes in that she was totally against gun control, just like the nasty commenters beating her up.

At first, it was just surprising, since we all knew what this lady was about if we’d been watching her videos. The cognitive dissonance was too much for many who judged & condemned her based on the title, on the early part of her video. I don’t agree with all she said but I gave her the grace of at least listening, quite relieved when I got to the reveal.

It was carefully, lovingly designed to reach out to the protesting youth, to not chase them away from the get-go. As I got about half way down through the comments it grew more bothersome that people were willing to both leave her channel & say such nasty things without even watching her video.

It was a bit overwhelming & certainly disappointing, but we make snap judgments like that all the time when we’re focused in our mind. When we’re more Present, when we’re Heart-centered, we connect on deeper levels. We feel the beauty of her loving energy. We’d never talk that way to her.

This is how we’re so easily manipulated, these days, but we don’t get to witness that until we find our way into Heart. It goes unnoticed, seen as business-as-usual to the mind. We’re willing to trash all of her great work because we believe she’s gone against one of our strongly held beliefs. How closed we’ve become! How quick to judge.

She didn’t even get angry or take offense. Beautiful lady.

This is only one instance but it’s representative of where we find ourselves when we’re locked into this or that belief. We make others wrong instead of seeing theirs as a different perspective. In this case, the perspective wasn’t even different, but they couldn’t handle the way it was presented.

Right & wrong are relative things, friends. They aren’t etched in stone, & for those who point out that the 10 Commandments were, indeed, etched in stone, look to the interpretations of those, which certainly differ. Many a battle has been fought over someone’s interpretation. Many have died defending their right to a different perspective — yet the Commandment clearly says, “Thou shalt not kill.” WTF?!


In Heart, right & wrong is replaced by desirable & undesirable, maintaining the integrity of our Free Will, our God-given right to choose. We honor others’ right to choose, as well, not just our own. In Heart we know Source is not judgmental; we allow other perspectives.

Those now awakening realize they’ve lived most of their lives on auto-pilot, allowing their beliefs to make their decisions for them. We realize that our beliefs were not even our own, but all handed to us by others, all got at second-hand.

We’re willing to take a new look at anything.

Sometimes it’s great, it’s exciting, but often enough the realizations bring pain, regret that we did or said this or that, that we didn’t allow others their right to choose for themselves. The pain is actually instructive, constructive, & just what we needed in that moment. As we begin to see it that way, so many old burdens float away.

It’s not so much what we do, but how, where we’re coming from in the doing. What are we after? What are we trying to accomplish? As the beliefs fade into insignificance in the presence of the new inner knowing, so, too, does all seeking — for anything. Suddenly, what we have right now becomes ever so precious. We look through new eyes.

We’re no longer willing to do harm in the name of any belief.

It is entirely possible to quite enjoy ourselves in the midst of this chaotic awakening. Yes, it distances us from some others, but that’s their beliefs at work & they’re entitled to them. We hold no grudges, make no nasty comments because none of that arises from Heart, & we’re true to Heart.

Nor do we condemn our brethren who are walking another path. We let them go with our blessing & with Love. When we see everything through the eyes of Love, it’s a different world we inhabit. Others think they still know us, know who we are, but we know better. Eventually, we don’t even try to convince them of the new truths we’ve discovered.

No mind can hear the transmissions of Heart.

Finding Your Soul via Heart —

We cease writing to convince, to educate on spiritual things as we begin just letting Heart have its say. We trust in the Now flow. We find a Peace so deep, so unexplainable that no words can contain or convey it. It’s all about interpretations of reality to the mind, but Heart’s way is entirely other. We’re at peace with that.

We’re born anew.



10:23 am, Wednesday 2018/02/21, 1st, Mayan day 7 Star / Lamat




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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