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It’s ALL Good

Great Fun Getting Out of Our Own Way

“These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Spiritual Awakening, Bodymindsoulspirit.com

ow do you feel right now? Is there any anxiety or tension underlying? Is there any fear? It’s programmed into all of us, so you’ve got to be both pretty alert & on the ball to detect & reject it. It’s so prevalent in society.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Though a lot of folks won’t be able to accept that this underlying tension isn’t normal for us all, I have better news than that. Seen from the right vantage, it’s actually all good — no matter what it is.

“How could that be?” I hear some say. Well, so very much of what we think we’ve got right, locked down & figured out, we’ve got anything but. Everything is perspective dependent, & it will be a truly great day when the majority figure that out. If it doesn’t feel right, look from another angle to check that out.

What about the obviously negative stuff, right? What about the spousal abuse, the child abuse, the unfair situations in various regions of the world? How can any of that be in any way “right?” Well, remember first that I didn’t say “right,” I said “good.” That’s a horse of a different color, I hope you can see.

For those who don’t yet realize, awakening is not an activity of the mind or the mental faculties. That leaves a lot of folks out who are seeking it out via the mind. They’ll have to discover that for themselves, however, since no one can wake anyone else up. It’s a truly personal adventure or experience.

For this, we must find our way into the metaphysical Heart, for lack of better words. It’s not the physical heart nor the heart chakra, though it shares roughly the same space — the central chest. This Heart, however, acts more as a portal than anything solid or 3D, so the scientists may have a hard time with that.

So how could it “all” be good? First, let us divest ourselves of certain beliefs that block our current perception of this. The first is that evil is a powerful force, equal to or perhaps stronger than Light. This is nonsense. From another perspective we can watch what happens when we turn on the light switch. The light doesn’t have to overcome or fight the dark to win — & the light always wins.

How could that be? How is it relevant to spiritual Light?

It’s all good. Dark, rather than being a force in its own right, is but the turning away from or absence of Light, combined with certain (mis)uses of free will. We get to choose whether to align with Light or not; it’s always our choice.

Next, we’re not just this one-time appearance of the current body-mind, we’re beings whose realm is infinity/eternity. We literally don’t die. Surely, the bodies do, but they’re a tiny portion of who we are, certainly not the whole of us. We are consciousness, friends; we are Source-in-form, & consciousness, itself, is our creative power.

Now, just by either tabling or actually abandoning those two common beliefs: that dark is a force in its own right, & that the body-mind is who & what we are — we can begin to actually relax. We can watch the tensions release & fade away if we’ll be open to new angles of view, new perspectives on things AND be less attached to our current beliefs.

That may sound not too difficult, but habit can be a true challenge to master or change. There’s one other belief that wreaks havoc on the fear scale. It’s that we’re supposed to be good, to try to always be right, to always do, think, & say the “right” thing — nonsense like that.

No one walking this earth is either all good or all bad, all right or all wrong. Nor is any particular group of people. Under it all, we each contain portions of both dark & Light — as is more than appropriate. We are consciousness, remember, not just a body, a mind, a human being. That’s but a costume, a temporary mask we wear to make an appearance here in 3D.

We already exist in the higher dimensions. Yes, in other aspects of our being — not easily accessible while in 3D form, for they’d be in the way — we are already “enlightened,” whatever we take that to mean. Heart is already awake, already aware of so very much.

If that’s the case, they whey are WE not aware of all of it?

These 3D jaunts/lifetimes are like parts in a play, roles in some grand drama that we take to be everything prior to awakening. Nothing, literally nothing is what we take it to be, friends. Who is open to at least consider that? What if it’s the case?

The only true force in existence is the Light, is Source, the Divine. We are aspects, presentations of That in our Source-in-form consciousness. The big trick, the funny bone in all of this is the free-will thing. We weren’t taught what that is, how it works, & how to get the best use out of it. We were taught anything but, actually.

It’s all about the head vs Heart thing, yes, but it’s also all about how we use our free will, whether to align with Light & Heart, or something else. We truly get to choose, & our choices count. How do we choose? We choose by how we use our consciousness. Even a seeming non-choice is a choice.

We’re not taught that it’s consciousness that creates, not anything else. If it’s made it into 3D, whatever it is, it’s from the past. How we greet & handle it in our Now moment is pivotal, critical to how we’re creating our very own life experience.

We can’t create for anyone else, just the self — just to be clear.

Other people cannot create in our arena — unless, of course, we give them permission by our free will choices. They cannot control our consciousness, but we can use our consciousness to either align with them — or not. Nor do we have to fight anyone. We can simply choose not to engage, or to move on if our friend persists in choices we don’t appreciate.

Heart teaches us rather quickly that only we are responsible for what we’re experiencing. We’ve either magnetized or created it. It aligns with us, with our vibration, or it wouldn’t be in our experience. It couldn’t be.

Very quickly the whole concept of blame of any kind falls apart. It can’t sustain itself in this new space. No one can force us to do anything in consciousness, even though they might be able to force certain behaviors. We may be an inmate at Auschwitz, but no one can control Who we truly are, our Inner Being. That is always & only our own.

If it were otherwise, then everyone going through the same sort of experience would respond the same way, since the power of control would be external to us. Clearly, they don’t. Just try getting two duplicate reports from witnesses of the same accident, & good luck. We all see it through our own eyes, & we’re each unique.

So, how is this somehow ALL good?

That depends on our choices, our use of free will; on how we choose to see things. We can choose to see that the only real force is Source or Light. That being the case, it becomes easy to see that everything coming our way is for our blessing — yes, even the challenging stuff.

Many of us have been parents or grandparents. We realize that what’s sometimes best for our children is some cold, hard facts. Sometimes we help them by demanding more of them; helping them both find & be true to themselves above all.

Life isn’t designed to be easy, & that’s on purpose. You’d grow nothing but complacent wusses if everything was universally rainbows, sunshine, & lollipops. We grow & shine the most under pressure, sometimes; not always, of course, for that would feel too oppressive. Most of us realize eventually that during those times when life is calling on us to do a better job of stepping up to the plate we benefit.

The trick of time can get in the way, but once we realize that it, too, is not at all what we take it to be — that we’re living all of our lifetimes right Now — that there’s never been a time when it wasn’t just Now — we have new room to soar.

Time isn’t the limit we take it to be, so let’s have fun playing with that.

Consciousness really counts, since it’s our power to create. Our thoughts, our use of consciousness right Now is busy crafting our “future.” We don’t do a good job knowing either Who we are or what we can accomplish by being true to That, to the Higher Self, if you will. When we put That One in charge of our life, things change, & dramatically.

Changing our internal landscape really does change our external life experience over time. Once we quit with the self-doubt, owning the full Yin-Yang of it all, both dark & Light, things & life, itself, start to make more sense. No one can just tell you this, you’ve got to experience it for yourself. 😉

It’s All Good — Jenbh.blogspot.com

It’s all such a delight. Once we realize that Life really does have our back, that we’re far more empowered than we ever dreamed. OMG, do things truly begin to lighten up. As we stick to this course, willing to face what comes with open eyes & open Heart, no tension or fear can long remain.

If it’s happening to us, it is for our benefit, period. Beginning & end of story. Once we bring ourselves to truly accept this, our “progress” soars, compared to the way it used to be. We enter what is eventually seen as another reality, another realm. Our awareness is never again the same.

All I can do is encourage us all to try these ideas on. When we begin to see that consciousness actually creates, it’s tremendously challenging — becoming tremendously empowering as soon as we manage to get the heck out of our own way. 😲

Enjoy! Be true to yourSelf first & foremost. Everything else follows from that. Sure, some may call you selfish, some may leave your circle of friends. That must be okay, dear ones. They have that right, & you honor that in Heart. Others will likely come to take their place, others with whom you’re more aligned & able to enjoy even deeper connections.

We’ve been trusting the wrong things, the external things. We’ve got it quite backward, actually, & it’s such a delight to be discovering that. Life is actually great fun, far more fun that we ever imagined it even could be. Try it, you’ll like it. 😆



Monday night, 2018/07/30 — Mayan day 10 Deer / Manik

Here’s an example of how someone going through the death of an infant handles that while knowing it’s all good:

Sharing a Personal Story — 14:05

This was uploaded while I was writing this journal. I found it within 5 minutes of posting this blog. There are certainly no coincidences, & it’s all good.



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