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Personal Perspective is Critical

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“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

International Cooperation seems so far away. When we can’t even cooperate across the aisle in our own country, how are we supposed to act, internationally? Heck, we’re not that great even in cooperating within one party.


We have a choice in this — our perspective. Is it a terrible situation? No, it is not, it just is what it is, & we brought it to this — all of us — by the perspectives we’re taking. Humanity doesn’t yet see itself as one, overall, & until we do we’ll continue to see ourselves as us-and-them — fragmented.

What we’re really fighting in all of this lack of cooperation is ourselves, yet until we experience how it all looks from Heart, we’ll continue to battle the externals due to our lack of trust. We’re looking for good guys & bad guys, aren’t we? What about looking within? We’ll find both of them right where we are if we have the courage to look, to feel, to sense.


As more of us begin to take responsibility for creating our reality, things will improve. Yes, those in positions of power & authority carry more of the load as they’re supposedly acting for us, but they’re no more Source-in-form than anyone else. Each one plays a part, even if only in the perspective we choose to take.

We contribute either to the discord or the harmony by our chosen perspective.

Who is willing to take a new look, to take back their power & authority as the divine creators we are? Playing the victim is an abdication of responsibility, but who can see this? Yes, we’ve been programmed to believe we’re not important, that our contribution is negligible — but is that true? Only we can decide for ourselves.

How we see things is critical, folks — powerful beyond our current realization. Even in silence & inaction, how we see things makes a real difference, overall. Once we take responsibility for our perspective, the most basic element of everything, we begin to see how we contribute to the whole divisive meme, how we’re playing a role.

We’ve been tricked, yes — brought up with a set of divisive beliefs. Many can see that, now, which is great, since nothing changes until it’s seen. You can’t address what you don’t see. If, when we finally see this, we get angry at how we were overpowered in our innocence, that’s reasonable.

But what do we do with our anger?

Do we use it to continue in our divisive ways, now going after the bad guys responsible for that? Who is ready to recognize that pointing fingers of blame anywhere is to feed the beast? Until we’re willing to look within for the creative causes of whatever we see, we’re handicapping ourselves.


It takes both seeing AND knowing we each wield creative power to initiate real change. As long as we’re willing to play on the chosen playing field of the negative, manipulative ones, the outcome won’t be what we want.

Choice of playing field is critical, & the Matrix is the dark ones’ chosen field.

Many of us are getting better at spotting the Matrix at work, then refusing to play that game. This is huge, since the darn thing is so pervasive, having woven almost everything into its net. You’ve got to know your enemy, as Sun Tzu teaches in The Art of War. While this sounds daunting at first — we don’t want to get our hands dirty — yet, keeping to ourselves doesn’t bring enough change to satisfy us.


Powerful insights are available that help us sort through the messy situations on display around the world. One of them is recognition of the main strategy of the cabal, which is to endlessly divide-and-conquer us. We can’t be pitted against one another unless we allow it. When you simply know that pointing a finger of blame anywhere is to fall in with that strategy, you have a powerful tool to the extent you choose to wield it.

What would the world be like if no one was blaming anyone else for what’s going on? How would a world operate where each one took full responsibility for the self, for their every thought, word, & action — & for their perspective on it all? What happens when we recognize we’re all on the same team — that team being humanity?

To the extent that we personally participate in anything tainted by an us-against-them stance, we’re helping to create the world’s chaos. Eventually, we look within to spot the foundation of it all. We can’t be both for & against the self — we must make peace, within, before we have something useful to offer to others.

In-Dependence — Flickr


In what ways do you look down upon yourself? They are many, so don’t kid yourself, but take an honest look. You’ve got to let yourself off of the hook, first. Can you see this?

An old saying comes to mind: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” We’ve been foolish to think we could heal the world without healing the self, the foundation for it all.

My suggestion, here, is that we’ll be far more effective in all we do if we’ll first rein ourselves in & do the necessary interior work. This inner clean-up will usher in the clarity we seek. It takes persistence, for nothing like this happens overnight. Yet, even if we choose only this one dark element for removal — divide-and-conquer — we’ll go a long way toward clarifying our next step.


As always, by sticking to the present moment — not getting too far either back into the past or off into the future — we’ll empower ourselves. Entering the Heart portal requires our NowHere focus, & all of our answers are found via Heart. This is also excellent Matrix-extrication work, since nothing dark can even touch Heart, only the body & mind, which is where the Matrix has set-up camp.

Anything & everything we see in the world finds its reflection within us. Who is at least willing to take a look from this perspective? Who is beginning to see consciousness, itself, as the realm of cause, thus making the world of matter the realm of effect?


Humanity is well & truly on its way to taking its power back. As more of us recognize the mental realm as more limited than the infinity/eternity of Heart, we’ve got the impetus required to take the challenging steps to back out of this nasty Matrix, which only sustains itself based on us. We’re the ones who empowered it (by giving our power away to it), so we’re more than able to take it down.

The 1% absolutely require our cooperation to succeed, friends. There’s no way they can do it alone. We don’t have to fight them, either, for that’s to play on their chosen field — just withdraw. I know, that sounds far easier than it is to do, but so what? Are we not Source-in-form? It’s a great time to be wise as serpents & harmless as doves. There’s great wisdom, there.



PS I recently took a bad fall that’s got me barely hobbling around, using a walker, so it’s pain that’s kept me from much writing. That will change, & I look forward to daily posting, once again.

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