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“I” as the Eye of Source

BEING Home, Not Going Home



These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening, Bodymindsoulspirit.com

You are That. Are you ready to accept it? If it seems too strange, will you at least grant the possibility?

Our Already-There-ness calls to us from Heart.

We’re focused on the fringes of our Being when in mental mode. There’s such a stillness, within, that the mind doesn’t like it, doesn’t feel comfortable when we focus there. It can’t go there, so it doesn’t like that, either. 😖

We all chose a great time to incarnate, during this Awakening thing. It speaks well for us, too, as I doubt there are any new or beginner-type souls among us. These times, these forms, are not the easiest to navigate.

Now, if we’re these eternal/infinite Beings, “What on earth is a “new soul?” I hear some ask. Good question. We take various forms, friends. Can you imagine an actual eternity limited to one form, one planet, heck, one universe? It’s our limited minds that have been corralled into such beliefs. Phft!

What was your take on Walsch’s, The Little Soul? It’s worthy of a dozen reads, so beautifully, so gently does it lay out “how things are.” The “only-Light” thing is actually true, just not at all in the way any mind would have thought. I mean, how could darkness play a part in “only-Light?” Neale shines a Light.

Thus does fiction provide perhaps the best vehicle to share fact. Go figure, right? LOL. 😆

Fiction to Share Fact — Stephaniededhar.files.wordpress.com

Are we open to apply that to our life? “How?” some say. First, we could notice how the mind demands only facts. Nothing else will do for it. Try bringing fiction into a trial. No, better not, of course. Science is the same way, realying (will leave in that lovely “typo for “relying”) on only facts.

Clearly, facts are not the problem nor the issue, here. They just are what they are, & they’re pretty darned useful when you need them. You wouldn’t want your calculator taking a fiction vacation, delivering other than facts to your queries.

It’s that Balance thing, that yin-yang thing, come back to haunt us; & it will until we get it. Get what? That we left Either-Or-ville a while back & are now navigating through Both-And-land. It’s time to expand!

Yes, there IS a purpose, & a good one, for the opposites we see all around, including what we’re trained to identify as negative, bad, or even sickeningly awful. To deal with this successfully requires that we master both the time & space of it.

It’s in our space, often right in our face, so that’s the space part.

The time part is well illumined in The Little Soul; how The Friendly Soul came forward to play the “bad” role. It needed to be remembered for Who It truly Is, not just the current role It was playing; thus, the time part. They work together, you know, LOL. Well, we once knew, anyway, & it’s still accessible as we go deeper within.

Time-space may be a bit like left-right, in-out, & up-down, i.e., aspects of the same “thing.” These are not “things,” of course, but you get my drift. With one “foot” in Heart & one in the mind, we’re in better shape to grok such things. The mind only believes it can come to a full understanding of anything. It cannot. That requires Heart.

We’re a package deal in ever so many ways.

While that may seem awkward at first, it’s actually awesome, once we expand out sufficiently to perceive it more fully. The mind’s understanding requires Heart’s innerstanding to be whole.

At a certain point — which most of you know, already — the mind becomes the observer of You. You are sooooooooooooooo much more, but since no mind can see/experience That, it must settle for observation to get a clue.

It’s really funny, too. As our mind watches Heart’s moves be ever so right in so many things & in amazing ways, it eventually gains new respect for what it can’t fathom: You, Heart-centric You.

This does NOT mean that our ego-mind aspect just goes away or pipes down, forever, friends. No, that’s the mind’s take on what makes sense to it. That’s in Either-Or-ville, where one thing being right means the other is wrong. That’s really hogwash, but the mind has been taught otherwise, as we know (or will soon know, or will know when we’re darned good & ready).

Once we gain some comfort recognizing the Divine purpose or use of darkness & the negative, we’ll be ready to see the whole right-vs-wrong thing as real, but misunderstood. It’s like having both a left & a right hand, in a way; they form the whole, the balance, here in 3D — but across time.

Like it or not, we’ll sometimes be “wrong.”

Well, not really. We’ll see, later, how that decision, that experience at that time was actually perfect. At first, though, we see such things only via hindsight. When we look back on them, we realize the blessings that developed due to them.

Thus, do we see deeper into the beautiful dichotomy that is time/space. You don’t have one without the other, & you can’t get the full story of anything by examining only one or the other. “In” makes no sense without “out,” “up” makes no sense without “down”…

Oh, my; perhaps they’re all aspects of THE SAME THING.

Not that there are any “things,” mind you. That, too, is an illusion, but one too deep for our current exploration. Hey, time/space is great for structuring things wisely — so great, we haven’t yet got a clue. Time/space are emanations of Source/God.

The free-will thing is our steering wheel, as perhaps you’ve noticed.

While outer things can come under the seeming control of others — we can land in prison or win a great award — our inner realm, i.e., consciousness, is totally ours. Intruders cannot enter there, uninvited.

I know, that last line seems rather out-there to some, but when we bring our head-Heart duo to the table, we see things in new ways, entirely, from our mind’s current BS Belief Systems.

That BS, too, has its place, as I hope you can see.

As mentioned in an earlier journal, I refused, completely to accept the whole Matrix takeover scenario. Oh, no, humanity was clearly free to chart its own course! or so said that earlier I. Hindsight offers up the gift, the realization that I wasn’t ready, yet, to see it, the full horror of it. So the not-seeing was perfect. Do you see? 😆

Once enough of these innerstandings/understandings happen, we relax into things, into What Is, even better. We just get it, that Source/God has our back, our 6. It’s a great deal of fun along the way, too, unlike the prior walk when the mind was fully in charge.

We’re gaining our “sea legs” (balance) as the Eye of Source, the real I.

We spend however long delights us most in the discovery of all the ways Source/God has our back, how all & everyone is truly somehow FOR us, all is for our benefit down to the smallest possible detail. What comes next? That depends on Who you are since everything is unique to us.

For me, what I’ve noticed is that’s when you begin more fully merging your identity with Source. Just like The Little Soul said, it’s one thing to know what you are, but quite another to actually feel what that’s like — entirely! Our journey is that of The Little Soul, merging with Source, re-membering our origin in & as That.

Enjoy, friends! 💖 It’s my very best advice. 💖 Heart finds a way — not “the way,” but a way that’s best for your particular NowHere. Hey, it’s trippy, being both infinite & eternal. Give yourself time(space), be ever so lovingly gentle — or harsh, as necessary — with you. [1]

We’re all playing, here. This whole 3D thing, great & magnificent as it undoubtedly is, is also a game, the game of our Heart’s DeLight. As we fully move into Both-And-land, we grow ever more comfortable with the endless amazement of being the Eye, the Eye of Source on it all.

PS Maybe those Illuminati eye things that creep us out had a Divine origin. Remember, the “bad” is here to help us remember, to help us Be Who we really are. Let us condemn nothing as we go forth while also eschewing that which Heart steers us away from. As Source, Source-in-form, WE are manifesting our lives.



12:21 p.m., Sunday, 2019/04/14 — Mayan day 8 Serpent / Chicchan

[1] Being “harsh with you” refers to reining in the mind when it wants to remain in control or to take control back from You. When arising from Heart as steps in the Divine Dance, this is actually the manifestation of Love. Just as with our children, discipline, but with a Compassionate hand, often provides some of Love’s best expressions. 🎯




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness