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“I” as the Eye of Source

BEING Home, Not Going Home

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening, Bodymindsoulspirit.com

Our Already-There-ness calls to us from Heart.

We’re focused on the fringes of our Being when in mental mode. There’s such a stillness, within, that the mind doesn’t like it, doesn’t feel comfortable when we focus there. It can’t go there, so it doesn’t like that, either. 😖

Thus does fiction provide perhaps the best vehicle to share fact. Go figure, right? LOL. 😆

Fiction to Share Fact — Stephaniededhar.files.wordpress.com

It’s in our space, often right in our face, so that’s the space part.

The time part is well illumined in The Little Soul; how The Friendly Soul came forward to play the “bad” role. It needed to be remembered for Who It truly Is, not just the current role It was playing; thus, the time part. They work together, you know, LOL. Well, we once knew, anyway, & it’s still accessible as we go deeper within.

We’re a package deal in ever so many ways.

While that may seem awkward at first, it’s actually awesome, once we expand out sufficiently to perceive it more fully. The mind’s understanding requires Heart’s innerstanding to be whole.

Like it or not, we’ll sometimes be “wrong.”

Well, not really. We’ll see, later, how that decision, that experience at that time was actually perfect. At first, though, we see such things only via hindsight. When we look back on them, we realize the blessings that developed due to them.

Oh, my; perhaps they’re all aspects of THE SAME THING.

Not that there are any “things,” mind you. That, too, is an illusion, but one too deep for our current exploration. Hey, time/space is great for structuring things wisely — so great, we haven’t yet got a clue. Time/space are emanations of Source/God.

The free-will thing is our steering wheel, as perhaps you’ve noticed.

While outer things can come under the seeming control of others — we can land in prison or win a great award — our inner realm, i.e., consciousness, is totally ours. Intruders cannot enter there, uninvited.

That BS, too, has its place, as I hope you can see.

As mentioned in an earlier journal, I refused, completely to accept the whole Matrix takeover scenario. Oh, no, humanity was clearly free to chart its own course! or so said that earlier I. Hindsight offers up the gift, the realization that I wasn’t ready, yet, to see it, the full horror of it. So the not-seeing was perfect. Do you see? 😆

We’re gaining our “sea legs” (balance) as the Eye of Source, the real I.

We spend however long delights us most in the discovery of all the ways Source/God has our back, how all & everyone is truly somehow FOR us, all is for our benefit down to the smallest possible detail. What comes next? That depends on Who you are since everything is unique to us.

Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness