Our Changing World — What Part Do We Play?

Humanity & Our ET/ED Soul Families

Things are changing fast, much faster than we think. We were never told that it is our consciousness that creates our reality or how that works, but it’s just over the horizon. It’s not that we must be taught to create; we can’t help doing it constantly.

Creating our reality is a property of consciousness.

As we look around, we see much that we’d rather not see, much that is harmful or negative. What would it be like if we quit doing whatever it is that brought those things about? What would change? Let’s explore.

Since we’re the ones blocking ourselves from seeing how creation works, let’s set a few things straight to clear that up. Do what you’ve always done & you get what you’ve always gotten, so we must change if we want to change our world.

The first requirement is to give ourselves permission to just be, to be these creative beings. When it’s consciousness doing the creating, self-condemnation has no place. Nor does any sort of blame.

We just didn’t know we were creating that. Let’s start where we are, both forgiving ourselves for the current mess while also owning the fact that we played a part to create it, else we wouldn’t be experiencing it.

We have just about everything wrong, & that’s by design, the design of the cabal who’ve had us basically in their employ for centuries, for millennia. Our world was much more advanced & healthier long ago. After an invasion came a sly takeover by those behind today’s cabal, those who created that cabal.

They did their best to keep us blind to what was going on, & we fell in with them; we trusted. Bad move. Live & learn is how it works, though, & we’re much better off for having gone down this path. There are now ways that will never again work to take us over, to bring us into subservience, accepting it as natural, as just how things work.

Not so!

We are the creators here, friends, & we’re waking up to that. It’s finally time. We’re taking our planet back. All it takes is awakening to what is, to finally seeing that. To do so, we must step outside of our comfort zone, i.e., into the absence (or abeyance) of our beliefs, beliefs which blind us to so much.

Time to take the blinders off, to stand up straight & tall, to reshape life on this planet to suit US.

It is our Cosmic right.

All of our societal systems are pretty much toast. Education is worse than worthless. This can easily be seen once we’re no longer so attached to current beliefs. All of those things we know, that we believe we know, are 98% nonsense. Nothing whatsoever is what it appears to be, but we must transcend our belief barriers to see this.

It’s also true that until we own our current state, we’re going nowhere fast. We’ll just continue to recreate our bonds & our enslavement which comes in many forms. Thinking we know something is a problem when what we know is not true. It hobbles & distorts our creative power, the result being today’s nasty reality.

We’ve been unwittingly using beliefs to help us create.

No beliefs are ultimately necessary. They can be enjoyed for a time, but as we recognize that change is the only constant, we hold them lightly, always open to other perspectives & possibilities. In this way, we begin to open our spiritual eyes as our intuition kicks into high gear.

We come into a different way of knowing — of Knowing.

It is quite possible to have not one single belief. I sense many a mind screaming in protest, saying, “Surely, not!” Once we get ourselves out of our current prison state, we’ll realize how we’ve been trained to limit ourselves to the 3D mind. When we find our way into Heart, the mind suddenly seems more like a child than a responsible adult. It just doesn’t know — because it can’t.

We’re so much more than we’ve ever been told. Let’s not look to those currently in charge for any truth. It’s time to be done with all trust, to enter a far more cautious stance, not lending ourselves to easy belief in what we’re told. In our future is an age of no beliefs, a flowing time where we let reality just be what it is, crafting it to be ever better as we go.

As we make room by shoving both mind & the beliefs to the side, this new sort of Knowing arises.

In the presence of this Knowing, there are no questions. It’s completely unlike anything our mind has experienced, anything it could experience. We exist on multiple dimensions right now. No need to go there when you already are there. We have a lot to learn (& remember) about the use of our consciousness, to shift our focus, & how that works.

Those of us with this peek into the future — which supported in the June 1st, 2018 webinar of Alex Collier, Andromedan contactee — will be in the best shape to navigate the oncoming, incoming consciousness shift. We’ll be more comfortable calling this the Great Awakening, for it is. It’s Huge. 😲

It’s all about getting comfortable in our skin, but in a new suit of skin called consciousness, which has fewer limits. Not at all what we’re accustomed to, right? Well, so what?! We can start by imagining what we’d like to see, to experience if we had our way; to thus experience it in consciousness.

A Guide to Earth’s ET Races — In5d.com

We’ve been receiving support from soul family & friends in other dimensions, from other places all along, just unseen, often when asleep. It begins to come more out into the open, now. Almost daily, sightings of different sorts of “aircraft” are reported, somewhere.

UFOs & ETs in Art History — In5d.com

Things hidden for centuries are coming out of mothballs, out of the closet to greet us. We’ll be more ready than most to at least see them, more able to consider them, what they might mean or portend. All the while we’ll be in the process of creating that “future” that’s just ahead. Our current ponderings bear visible results within about 5 years’ time, an accelerated pace from earlier ages.

We have help, & that’s great. It’s a huge moral support, if nothing else, as our Benevolent friends are not here to do anything for us, just to be our support, to be available as mentors.

It’s our planet, our job, & if we don’t take it on we’ll just unnecessarily recreate yet another mess up ahead.

It’s a really good time to consider where we are, what we’re doing, & what we’re creating right now.

It’s time to start watching the self, to see our creative talents at work. Already, some beliefs have to make way to allow this. (We believed we were not creating anything.) That’s how it will be, I sense — an almost constant making way within the realm of our beliefs for something new, for something to be other than what we took it to be.

We’re powerful beings, friends, & we don’t know the half of it — via our minds. We’re SO much more. Let’s begin making room for that, so we can have a hope of keeping up with the awesomeness & the challenges just up ahead, but mostly those now in front of us.

Let us wonder: How did I help create this?

As we Heart-center we’ll be much more available to the inner (& outer) guidance, to the intuition, & to seeing how consciousness truly creates. It will be something we’ll celebrate, something over which to have a huge laugh later on, seeing how we were so completely manipulated & misled.

We were blinded to the truth by the insertion of our many beliefs, but no more. Finally, oh finally, we’re waking up!



7:47 pm, Wednesday, 2018/06/06, Mayan day 8 Reed Ben

PS Lest anyone be tempted into spiritual ego over this, it is ever & always Source doing the creating through us, as Source-in-form. It happens more fully to the precise extent we (as mind & thoughts) get out of the way. 😆




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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