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Choosing Heart

7 min readMar 14, 2018
“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

No thoughts, no ideas are present around this journal, so it will arise from the emptiness, knowing what it knows. We don’t always need to take part, consciously, in all that we know, which is nice, since 3D can’t contain it.

It would overwhelm the 3D presence to take that in all at once, so it’s funny that we don’t know what we know, nor do we know what we don’t know. We’re in an awkward spot. How would we navigate linear duality in the full presence of Who we really are? I don’t know, so I’m not making any claims, here.


What I do find helpful is remembering that this is all a play, a performance. We don’t know what time is, how it works, thus how to transcend it. It blows the 3D mind that we’re living all of our lifetimes, along with the between-lives states, Now. 😲

Such rabbit holes are best ignored unless Heart leads us there, for the limits are of the 3D character or costume, not of Who we are, as Source-in-form. There is no way Source can be limited except in a drama, a play. Heck, we’ve even managed to forget our original intention around these lifetimes; quite a feat. 💤 😞


Our only challenges come when we identify with the limited form, the body-mind. Since it’s just a costume, it’s pretty foolish to take it for the sum total of who we are, yet that’s a major rabbit hole in which most find themselves. Until we wake up & recognize the power of consciousness to create, we’ll have a harder time of it than is necessary.

Since it’s up to us to awaken, waiting around to be saved or rescued is not our shortest distance between two points.

Humanity has been coaxed, bred, & manipulated to give our power over to others & consider that the most reasonable, even necessary way to live. We’re strongly discouraged from speaking out, to point out the staging flaws in this drama we call life. We were basically tamed & house-broken to please the ruling so-called elite.


Recently, we made other choices, so the “elite” are being removed from their posts, their cushy situations. Over 10,000 have already been arrested, 6,355 for human trafficking in 2017, alone. Sealed Federal Indictments await many more, 13,605 as of January 26th. Many will be imprisoned or executed in the next few years. We’re done with being ruled by such a low-life bunch, manipulative to the nth degree.

We’re taking our power back as we take responsibility for our lives.

It’s rather funny that, even though humanity’s education & programming is perhaps 98% false, that doesn’t prevent Source-in-form from taking charge & ousting the buggers who took over, here. As we shed the elite’s dominance, many are also shedding the outer persona they as their idenitty. It’s no surprise, then, when shocks arrive from every direction, from both within & without.

What shall be the outcome? Who will be the victors? These are useless, limiting questions arising from our programming into a misunderstanding of time, itself, the eternal Now. They’re mind things not entertained by Heart. We have two ways of knowing, via mind or Heart, & everything rests on which one we allow to trump the other.


One sign we chose the mind is arrogance, which is anathema to Heart. As a good example, Antifa is arrogant to the extent that they won’t even listen to a dissenting view. Anytime we find ourselves in a spot where we’re that convinced we’re right, it’s time to step back. We’ve gotten too involved, gone too far along a fruitless detour.

Oh, it produces fruit, just not the kind we desire. We don’t realize it at the time, but we’re making fools of ourselves when we’re arrogant, & in a few short years, almost everyone will be able to spot this, even the current arrogant ones.

We can all choose to dial back the arrogance, to recognize it as a mental fruit, never arising from Heart.

We may hear someone speak & be convinced they’re terribly arrogant, but I’d advise caution around that. One way we’ve been played is via projection, seeing our personal faults in others, quite unaware of what we’re doing as long as we retain a mental perspective. We watch the Left project on the Right, endlessly. A reliable guard against projection is to increase awareness of our locus of focus, whether it’s the head or Heart.


Heart is the Matrix exit door, friends, but you’ll have to check it out for yourself. We’re entering a new age, the long-promised Age of Aquarius, & it will be reliably different than anything that’s gone before, at least in our poor excuse for history. The old ways are the mind’s ways & they will no longer work in our new age, bringing only chaos & enslavement to those who stubbornly adhere to them.

Let’s do all we can to allow the mental dominance we’ve been under to fade away. Just look at today’s college graduates, especially those on the Left Coast, but also at every “Ivy League,” i.e., cabal university. They’ve become radicalized & completely dependent on the mind, ill-prepared for life in the real world where feelings often get hurt, where things don’t go according to (mind’s) plan.

Heart, Hands, Love — Pixabay

Many among humanity have made a decision to awaken from the enforced daze, to leave that & the old ways behind. They may not be consciously aware of making the decision, but that’s what they’re acting out. This choice is made before incarnation but there’s a point where it is consciously known, even though its origins remain shrouded.


It’s a bumpy ride we’re on, but we have all the important factors at our fingertips. When we know that Heart has a superior way of Knowing that easily eclipses the work of any mind, that’s a big boost. Those who continue to rely on their mind for guidance & direction in these times won’t fare as well as they’d hoped.

When we elevate The Golden Rule to a higher place than a mental one, we’ll get a fresh look at what it really was all along, what our programming (beliefs) made us unable to see. We treat others as equals, as we’d wish to be treated, not because it’s kind or a nice idea, but due to the underlying truth.

They ARE also us from another perspective.

Things turn out to be much deeper than any mind can grasp. It’s simply not the right tool for the job. We face a massive letting-go journey in which those who choose to awaken will see the utter ridiculousness of not just a few, but of all of their beliefs. Our beliefs were used to program us to be self-defeating, & as we look around, we see how well they worked.

It doesn’t matter that we fell for the hoax, what matters is that now we’re rejecting it & moving well beyond all we once knew, i.e., thought we knew. The mind cannot evaluate itself, so those who find their way into Heart are enabled to discard the old ways & ideas.

Spring Awakening — Crocus Flower — Pixabay


We’re in a great time, long heralded as the time of choosing, the separation of the wheat from the tares. No one is doing the separating but us, by exercising the precious gift of Free Will. As we do so from Heart, we respect everyone’s right to make their own choices.

Our choice around that is whether we hang with them or move on, but they get to choose.

Let’s enjoy our transition into higher dimensions, friends. It’s a bit messy on the surface, but we’ve got this! As we stubbornly stick with Heart, we won’t go off track, & if we do, it will be but a short detour. Heart has been lighting our way all along, but that’s not visible to our minds.

We were misled to believe that the mind is all that & then some when it’s not. It’s a much more limited choice than the Allness, the Oneness we discover via Heart. Let’s have fun with this, which Heart’s Knowing empowers no matter how things seem to be going. Mental understanding is neither required nor even all that useful.

Trust Heart & Higher Self to win the day that is ever only the Now.



9:25 am, Wednesday 2018/03/14, 1st, Mayan day 2 Offering, Water / Muluc




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness