Humanity Dis-membered

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

We’ve been participating in an interesting dance, here on earth — have been for some eons. Forget the evolution thing, earth was populated by already advanced civilizations of various ET races. That would include many of our “earlier” incarnations before the great takeover, when we lived more as Who we are. It will be grand when history finally realigns with Truth; that’s on the horizon. [1] 😉

That’s not the case now, at least not for most of humanity who are dismembered & dumbed-down. Remember, we’re not the body, so I speak of another sort of dismemberment, one where we’re torn from our spiritual heritage & our self-awareness, thus losing our connection to our ancient knowledge.

Even our memory of our recent incarnations has gone AWOL (Absent WithOut Leave), much less awareness of them all, leaving us in a vulnerable spot. Today’s history books are a lying joke, but later ones will tell the tale of how this all came about, along with how we re-membered ourselves, merging further into our Source-in-form wholeness.


Lest any mind slip into “Woe is poor me” mode, we willingly participated in getting here, not actively, but by looking the other way, thus enabling it. Diagnosis? Too much trust (mis)placed in unworthy actors. Sure, we were tricked — well, d’uh — but as Source-in-form, it’s time to realize we were (& are) playing a game, a game of which Heart is well aware.

So then, how could Source-in-form be tricked, you say?

That aspect of our Being is never tricked; it never forgets; & it’s accessible. It’s the mind, the mental aspect where such things can occur, not Heart, access portal to Source.

We enter lower dimensions (like 3D) where the fullness of our Presence does not fit into the forms we create. We can traverse the planet in our Spirit form (or formlessness), invisible to others, & still maintain higher awareness, but not in 3D form.

An ocean can’t be forced into a cup.

Though our fullness doesn’t fit into any form, that doesn’t mean it ceases to exist. This is about our connection with that while we play the manifestation game. We can’t actually be torn asunder, but our awareness can be quarantined if we allow that, & we did.

We’re not one whit less, now, than we ever were, it just seems that way. Now what?


Well, we wake-up, but that’s grossly oversimplified. The yawning gulf between our potential & what we’re manifesting has become intolerable. For a long while we went about as if under some spell, blithely unaware of the ongoing dastardly trickery. Things were a mess, they kept getting worse, & we didn’t know why.

Only now are we beginning to uncover the sick plots humanity stumbled into so long ago. What’s been getting better for ages is the ability of the lost ones, the dark ones to manipulate us & our planet to their liking, but no more! Humanity has sufficiently awakened, already, to see that & reject it.

We’re done with this, which is great. But, again — now what?


This is where it gets a bit dicey. In our current, dumbed-down state we’re largely unaware of Cosmic Law & our Source-in-form identity behind the mask. Being unaware, we don’t take full reaponsibility (interesting ‘typo’ — we reap what we sow), along with full access to our mutual divinity. There’s clearly more waking-up required to ditch this beast & move on.

Midst the dogma & doctrine, the Belief Systems installed & maintained by the dark ones, we’ve been effectively defanged, declawed, & castrated, spiritually. As we align with our higher Reality, we’ll realize not only that we don’t require a rescuer, but that being rescued would maintain us in a less empowered state.

It’s time to realize — re-member — that WE, individually, are the rescuer we seek (in Christ [2], in Higher Consciousness).


It’s vital to come into the realization that we’re playing a Cosmic game, friends. This stuff isn’t real, anymore than a movie you enjoy for a few hours is real. It has an impact on our development & expansion, but it’s minuscule when set side-by-side with Who we truly are. Not only that, the game is meant to be enjoyed, lol. We surely misplaced that one somewhere along the way.

Okay, so the dark ones’ main entrapment arena is the mind. It’s nice to know that we have a mind, but that’s not who we are. We have a body, but we’re not that, either, not exclusively. We so much more!

The Power accessed via a move from the head into Heart is unimaginable — to the mind.

Cosmic Finetune — Blogspot

Not only are we powerhouses in ourselves, we’re also members of greater soul families, brethren on-hand for the show, already participating to whatever extent. We knew that, on incarnating, we’d lose touch with our memory, our fuller awareness; we also had the assurance of our brethren to provide needed support. (I’m not sure we’d have come, otherwise.)


How we think about ourselves gets in the way; attitudes craftily created to keep us down & powerless, unaware of our vast knowledge & capacity to move on. We’d all do well to reprogram ourselves with a few key thoughts. One I love is, “I contain the body.” The shock it delivers to the mind is useful in the deprogramming as it empowers expansion.

Our basic mindset was crafted to be disempowering, so it bears careful observation. Any pointing fingers, placing blame outside of the self, are dangerously disempowering. It’s playing the victim. This doesn’t mean you performed the dark deeds, but humanity enabled them. Time to own it. 😉


Let’s take chemtrails as an example. I don’t care what topic the video is, chem-trail complaints are rife in comment threads across the Internet. One in a hundred takes an empowered stance, maybe one in a thousand. Most approach it in victim mode, saying they’ll believe things are actually improving when the trails disappear. Really, folks?

Such things don’t arise from Heart, where there’s no such thing as a complaint. They arise from powerlessness & fear — do you see? They arise from a negative world-view that’s shocking to Who we are, a truly toxic mindset. The mindset needs work before the actual topic can even be engaged.

Seen from that stance, we lend the dark activity more power; in effect, WE SUSTAIN IT. 😲

Thoughts are things, things of creative power when wielded by Heart. They’re so powerful that, even in the hands of the sheeple & sleeple, they create. Let’s look to our personal mindset around chemtrails. Do you feel your solar-plexus tighten? Not a good sign. Once we get back to realizing how we’re playing the part(s) of Creator, here, we’ll use thought more wisely.

What sort of picture would I paint of the chem-trail phenomenon? I’d paint an image of me, first, one where I’m fully empowered to be Who I am, not.even.looking at the chem-trail topic until I was set. I’d recognize that all reality is vibrational, & things at one vibrational level only influence things at compatible frequencies. (That’s a very big deal.)


It’s akin to physical proximity, where things at distance don’t directly influence our NowHere experience. I don’t hear the music played in a nightclub in China if I’m in Australia. [3] More important is my mental & spiritual proximity to Who I am — my focus, my alignment, my use of free will.

Many will be shocked to realize how this all hinges entirely on INTERNAL work.

We’re not out there, tackling the chem-trails to wipe them out. That’s a backwards approach not designed for success, the cart before the horse. Our internal attitude & mindset are THE critical factors, friends. The physical changes naturally follow the internal ones.

The bottom line is how this empowers us, each one. We may not be able to bring down the planes, to knock some sense into the pilots & those involved in the supply chain, but our power is actually greater than that. Only in Heart can we recover that Power to re-member our dismembered selves.


Both fear & love — the only emotions — have a magnetic quality. We actually magnetize the subject of our fear (or our joy) to us, whatever that is. We want to focus on what we desire, not on anything that generates fear. It’s good to recognize the fear, but beyond that it’s not really useful.

Our fear is only useful to the cabal.

Let’s look under the fear, friends, to find the hooks that entrapped us, then pull them out. We get more done via the internal work than by shouting & marching or, heaven forbid, shooting down planes. Those methods are but distractions from the real work at hand — on ourselves.

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote — 2018/01/28

“Wellness that is being allowed — or the wellness that is being denied — is all about the mindset, the mood, the attitude, the practiced thoughts. There is not one exception, in any human or beast; because, you can patch them up again and again, and they will just find another way of reverting back to the natural rhythm of their mind. Treating the body really is about treating the mind. It is all psychosomatic. Every bit of it, no exceptions.”

Excerpted from Philadelphia, PA on 5/13/02

Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

Emphasis mine

Finally, I didn’t lay out my personal view on chem-trails because that piece fits into my puzzle, not yours. We’ll each come to unique understandings that will eventually paint a broad picture that illustrates how humanity finally mastered this.

Meanwhile, our most meaningful work goes on, quietly, within. The way out is always in; by going inward we’re more effective in the game, but more importantly, we have more fun. 😆

We are the great ones, come again & again to play this Cosmic game. Let’s transcend all that went before as we re-member our way into wholeness, into Joy, into Love & Compassion for all life.



9:02 am, Sunday 2018/01/28, 1st, Mayan day 9 Seed / Kan

[1] In our collective victory, we’ll once again be writing the history books. Everything hinges on self-mastery. Our soul families will come & re-mind us, once we’re ready for that.

[2] “Christ” is a title meaning “anointed.”

[3] Everything influences everyone, but the Chinese music’s influence on Australians is sufficiently minuscule to ignore.




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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