We Forgot Who We Are, pt 2 of 2

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening, Bodymindsoulspirit.com

We are consciousness, we are Light manifesting not just these bodies, but the whole of 3D or whatever dimension. How? Why? Because consciousness creates.

Some say we’re living in very dangerous times. Oh, really? Then we are the dangerous ones, friends, & when you’re both infinite & eternal, where is the danger? It is dangerous to go to a movie theater & watch whatever is playing?

We haven’t yet come to terms with Who we are.

That’s what awakening is.

In the Matrix, we’re mind-hacked, & when you’ve taken your whole identity to be the body-mind, the ego, then you’re being manipulated, guaranteed. We are so much MORE than that, but no one can force us to see this thanks to free will, & the soul/Spirit is unhackable. 😲

If You Believe Everything You Read — Braintrainingtools.org

It might help to see just how we’re being manipulated. Once we see that, then we easily begin to see through it, thus automatically becoming that much harder to control. We slip through the various chains & nooses, the boxes & cages we’ve long occupied while taking these for our “normal” reality. As if!

Let’s start by backing off from telling others what to think, how to live their lives, what the “truth” is. They get to choose all of that & we’re not in charge of them, only us, only the self. We take ourselves far too seriously.

Part, & a BIG part of the way we’re manipulated is by going too deeply down the 3D rabbit hole. 3D is not real, not in the way we take it to be.

3D is the dream.

Bossing others around is another way to stay lost in the seeming externals, the outer things, the stuff you can’t take with you when you move on in what we foolishly call “death.” We can’t die! It’s a hoot once realized, but not until. Until then you suffer, not realizing that you’re choosing to suffer. Oh yes, we’ve been well bamboozled.

As a reminder, Albert Einstein said, “Matter does not exist.” Well, not in the way we take it to exist, to be solid, hard, & finite, measurable, testable, etc. Einstein was explaining that it’s all frequency, it’s all energy; that the visibility-measurability thing is a function of energy in lower frequencies.

Raise the frequency, & it eventually disappears from sight.

We were given a bunch of nonsense as the foundations for what’s real & what’s not, & it’s not up to anyone else to figure things out for us & vice versa. It’s time we took responsibility for that & for so much else. Life is not a spectator sport & it’s time to quit sitting back on our duffs, expecting to be educated & entertained. We have some literal skin in the game as well as something to give.

We Don’t See Things as They Are — Ipinimg.com

Our answers won’t be found in the externals. That’s a shock & a deep disappointment to the mind which has long trusted in its ability to figure things out. Most of us take enlightenment or awakening to be an experience of the mind, of circuits being activated in the brain. Among the many things that can happen there, spiritual awakening is not one of them.

Awakening is experiencing Heart, is discovering Self as awareness.

How are we held back from this interior Self-discovery? The longer we’re focused on the external realm, the longer we’re blind to the inner journey. If we can be convinced that these inner realms & other dimensions don’t even exist, so much the better — from the manipulators’ perspective. They like atheists.

Not that the Biblical or Koranic or Talmudic god is actually Source/God. One day fairly soon we’ll see them as ET or ED (extra-dimensional). Whatever it is, if it’s a being, then it’s created. Source is undefinable in 3D terms, but It’s closer to a principle than to a being of any sort.

I call Source/God Consciousness or Awareness, It contains All That Is without being limited to that. There’s an emptiness, too, a no-thing-ness before, after, & beyond all of Creation. Source is completely unlimited, unbounded. Heck, we can’t even fit all of who we are, all of our personal awareness into these 3D forms. Imagine if you were Source!

We’re kept focused on externals, one of which is our own body-mind, our costume for the current act in the play. We’re actually taught that we can die, which is rather funny from our Source-in-form or even from an NDE perspective.

Our 3D life is closer to death than what we experience when the body dies.

What keeps us from the deeper, the Greater Reality? We’re endlessly lied to in ways no body-mind can detect. We’re misled when we identify with the form. Our language is twisted in ways that make evil seem good & beneficial. It’s not a baby, it’s a fetus, “a part of the mother’s body,” just as a for-instance.

Now we have people content to kill a child after birth, outside of the womb for the mother’s convenience, being no possible “part of the mother’s body.” It’s just too awkward for her to deal with the results of her actions. For her, the child is not a child, it’s just a disposable thing.

We force animals to live unnatural lives for our convenience, our ability to profit from their life & their death. We don’t even see their suffering. We sell baby body parts in much the same way we sell chicken or lamb body parts.

Doesn’t it make you wonder at our hypocrisy? If we are actually the physical body-mind, then what are we doing cutting up & killing that? How can we distance ourselves from such actions?

I say this as one who once had an abortion. Until you’ve been through that, you’re not aware of the deep soul suffering that can follow. I was truly shocked by it, something totally unexpected. Never again!!

What if we’re a herd, friends, a herd managed by a more technologically advanced race we don’t see? What if we live in cages with invisible bars, invisible until we awaken sufficiently to see them?

That’s long been the case, & perhaps it was better to not awaken in the midst of that, at least not until reinforcements had arrived. Better to await the right time for the Great Escape, our disappearance into the vast Emptiness that remains a myth to most.

Perhaps that’s why our great Masters & Teachers were few & far between, few having what it takes to live with open inner eyes midst the pain of the 3D dream.

The Great Awakening is available to all who make the choice to awaken & it’s finally in full swing. Humanity’s current chaos is helping many a soul wake up who wouldn’t have done so otherwise. I love to cite Brandon Straka’s #WalkAway campaign as a great example of the beautiful hearts of so many Democrats who just couldn’t remain in the Party once the sickening corruption surfaced.

We, like they, were tricked, were soothed with what turned out to be false words. We were given false promises, told the agenda was for our overall good, when we now see it was anything but; only lies. The manipulative control system called money is most helpful, here, for if we “follow the money,” we quickly discover who reports to whom, who is being paid & who is issuing the payments.

Everything designed for our repression, our oppression is now being turned on the designers, the implementers of our enslavement, for that’s what it’s been. The globalist group has worked long & hard to distance us from Who we really are, to keep us wed to the externals. That’s how they got us to distance ourselves from our soul, our Spirit, our true nature as consciousness, not just form.

It’s consciousness that Knows, not the physicality.

Many are now aware that the only “truth” in 3D is relative truth, that it’s perspective-dependent. If we isolate away from the oneness of our consciousness, we can be convinced that selfishness makes sense, that it’s great to profit from the suffering or imprisonment of others. They’re not us, so that’s their problem. Yeah, wrong!

Anyway, things are getting a bit dangerous, now, in terms of our awakening. Unless & until we begin to step back from our full identification with the form, we’re way too easy to trick & manipulate. They get us to do heinous things — heinous from the other person’s perspective — to our brethren while seeing only our own benefit in it.

We become selfish pricks to whatever extent we fall for the dark, often “scientific” narrative. It’s perfectly fine to put animals & plants through tremendous & obvious suffering, all in the name of “science.” They’re viewed as legitimate, even necessary scientific experiments. Or we “train” animals to serve us, often applying whips & cruelty there, too, all in the name, perhaps, of a good zoo performance or a pachyderm ride…

Let guilt & regret form no part of your response to awakening to all of this, for those are just other ways the human “animal” is milked or made to serve the dark, hidden overlords. Negative energies of any kind feed those on the negative path. Step back & keep stepping back to just observe — from Heart.

There is no great judgment, there is no hell, no eternal damnation for displeasing some god figure. The only judgment is us, finally seeing from a broader perspective, realizing what we’ve been made to do & how we were manipulated into it.

Heck, in enough lifetimes, WE were the manipulators, friends. That’s also very much a part of the dark game.

As we keep stepping back, stepping up & out, as it were, of our limited body-mind perspective, Peace ensues. You don’t beat yourself up for having a terrible nightmare, do you? The 3D Matrix mind-hack is something like a terrible dream, yet one we’re completely empowered to ditch whenever we’re ready.

Not everyone is ready to step back from all of their beliefs. It’s a tall order, we can admit; to accept that our every belief is questionable, at best, & likely a poor excuse for truth. The malevolent ET “farmers” or “ranchers” of the human herd have long been at work, perverting our conceptual framework, twisting it to suit their purposes.

For those who are ready to awaken, be aware that there’s a price to pay, one that seems very high to the body-mind. It’s all of your beliefs; 100% of them. You don’t have to ditch them as wrong, just ditch your dependence on them, your belief in them. Generally, some (very) small aspects of them are true. Those were the hooks that got you to bite, to hit on the ET fishing line.

We had no idea how potentially dangerous it was to identify solely with the body-mind.

The most shocking part of awakening for most of us is discovering we are most definitely not who we long thought we were — not even close. Until we’re willing to face the ego, the arrogant mind & depose it, we stay stuck. We have bits & pieces of awakening info absent the deeper experience.

As the stubborn ones persist in their trek, they begin to laugh a lot more at themselves. As we see our way through the maze of entrapments, the layers & structures of tricks & betrayals of Who we truly are, things lighten up HUGELY.

We quit taking things so darned seriously, recognizing 3D as the dream rather than the reality. This is of small comfort to the one too frightened to make a move. Einstein also said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” believe it or not. 😲

Don’t force yourself; just let yourself be. It’s enough to become the observer, the One watching the body-mind play out the current act. Centering in Heart, in the central chest, is hugely beneficial, for soul & Heart are closely connected.

Perhaps our biggest discovery at this stage of our infinite, eternal Awakening is that it’s only our ego-mind aspect that suffers. Who we truly are has no ability to suffer, that being a foreign concept to It. Suffering requires the twoness, requires us to step out of our native Oneness.

NOTHING is what we take it to be.

The better observers we are, the more quickly we see our way out of The Matrix. Nothing can trap the awakening one who is stubborn, persistent. Just keep stepping back, letting go. It truly pays off in amazing, inexpressible ways.

Finally, while you’re at it, don’t believe a thing coming from anyone else’s mouth or pen, even mine & especially those of people in positions of power. We have a LOT of waking up yet to come, some of which will be ugly.

Still, there’s no reason we can’t choose to enjoy every step of the way; that free-will thing, again, life happening for us rather than to us, oh my. 😉



12:35 pm, Friday, 2019/03/01 — Mayan day 3 Crocodile / Imix, a great day for new beginnings 😃

PS We all have an Inner Teacher that’s beyond amazing, brilliant, & is even all-knowing. Only as we withdraw from being so deeply invested in physicality as who & what we are, what’s truly real, do we enable ourselves to reconnect with That. Still, it’s great to know that it’s always there. 😆




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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