How Can a Singer — Dimash — Touch Us so Deeply?

After following Dimash Qudaibergen for about 2 years, I remain mystified by the impact delivered when he performs. It doesn’t matter how many times we listen to a particular song, when we listen again — perhaps to someone doing a review of it — we’re still susceptible to goosebumps & tears, still moved quite deeply.

Dimash touches the soul of his listeners — those not too mind-centric to be aware of that aspect of their being. (Being brought up to believe we’re the body doesn’t help us, there.) His music is truly uplifting, even when the lyrics are melancholy (or absent, LOL).

While he speaks a number of languages, he sings — so far — in 13, so it’s not just the amazing lyrics that move us. Sometimes there are no captions, so we don’t even know what he’s saying. STILL, we’re deeply moved. Many get the undeniable evidence of that when listening to one of his vocalize songs, songs with no words:


Know | Dimash Qudaibergen — (vocalise) ARNAU TOUR

He also sings Know with words, here: Know and here: Know

Ave Maria

Dimash — AVE MARIA | New Wave 2021

Ave Maria went up about 7 weeks ago — it already has over 5 million views, so I’m not the only one he’s touching.

There are no words that can convey his effect on us — it goes beyond words or even thoughts. Thus, you must listen to him, yourself to have the experience. Many consider him the best singer in the world, as I do. Many call him an alien or ET, as his abilities seem beyond human. Do you know of anyone else with a 7-octave range, for instance? He breaks all the “rules.”

While his Dimash — S.O.S | Slavic Bazaar is often recommended as a first-listen, beautifully displaying his abilities — in French, this time — he is so ridiculously creative that multiple recordings of the same song from different performances will not be the same — endlessly creative, Dimash & his team. His father is his manager, so he’s owned by no record label.

Here’s one more favorite of mine to injoy before I continue, one where he displays his lowest notes, so far:

Dimash — STRANGER (New Wave / Новая Волна 2021)

Here’s another presentation of Stranger — InJoy the differences:

For someone who is mobbed by fans — he calls them his Dears — everywhere he goes, Dimash is amazingly humble. He was brought up knowing that, just as God gives, God can take away at any time. He makes of himself a conduit for the divine energies to flow.

Finally, something I’ve discovered since launching on my Dimash journey is people doing music reviews; generally vocal coaches or musicians of some sort. When we find someone listening to Dimash for their very first time — OMG, what a delight. Utter wordlessness is the common response — he leaves you speechless.

You’ll see many videos saying it’s their first listen, but that generally means to the particular song or this version of the song. People coming to him, blind, ah — we take a deLightFull trip with them as they begin their Dimash adventure.

An important part of awakening — of spiritual awakening — is coming into our ability to “read” the energies — to sense them directly, rather than relying on what someone is saying. Dimash can help take us there, as we open ourselves to what he brings to each song, each performance. He’s always deeply focused, deeply moved by whatever he’s singing, often ending the song on his knees. I kid you not.

Finally, let us all, in these chaotic times of craziness, remember to Love the self — to connect with the Self. Be GOOD to yourself. Take at least an equal measure of time doing/watching/listening to things that bring you joy. The mess is unavoidable, but we don’t have to stay trapped & held down. Dimash’s work is a great avenue into higher frequencies, into joy & upliftment.

InJoy the ride.



10/19/2021, 2:47 pm




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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