Equality of Outcomes Impossible

Homogenous Humanity = Pipe Dream

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening, Bodymindsoulspirit.com

Humanity will never be homogeneous. We’re all unique so we can’t be stuffed into any one mold or pattern. The cabal has done a fantastic job of divide-and-conquer such that we, the 99%, are forever focused on our differences rather than all we have in common.

Unique — Heartsongsblog.files.wordpress.com

Rather than accepting ourselves as undeniably, unchangeably unique, we’re made to focus on fixing our differences — as if they’re somehow toxic or harmful to others. Rather than focusing on equality of opportunity — which is extremely important — some accept the impossible nonsense of equality of outcomes, very dangerous ground.

What’s wrong with trying to control all factors such that all outcomes for all people are equal? Aside from the fact that it’s not possible, it’s a great way to lock ourselves down, to invite the cabal to manipulate & control us.

It keeps us focused forever on the negatives, on what’s not working — seemingly unaware that consciousness creates. We feed the negatives & they prosper & multiply rather than focus on the positives that we also share.

We’re also being focused on the past as totally relevant to today, yet cultures & values were different then. People born many generations later are asked to pay a significant price for acts of those who went before us. It doesn’t make good sense.

Try this on for size: we, the spirit, soul, or being — the consciousness — incarnate across all races & times. Consider, too, that those who played the roles of slaveholders were not always white. The blacks were slave-traded for centuries by other blacks. It’s fine to look at the slaveholders who were white, but let’s not take them out of their milieu, their culture’s accommodation of slavery.

Many want to blame individuals without regard for their culture & its values. People judge them based on today’s understanding & culture, which is neither logical nor fair.

If anyone was to blame for slavery, it was the culture, the group.

If you’re doing something today that’s totally accepted by your culture, you don’t expect to be judged for it based on some future culture with more experience & different values. That adds nothing to your current culture nor to the future one.

Did people of the past do some horrible things? Of course. However, did they view them as horrible? That’s important to consider. Is today’s humanity doing some horrible things? Of course. Are we aware of them? Not so much. What we see, instead, are both justifications & education of children to an unnatural globalist perspective.

So many holding diverging belief systems believe theirs is the “right” one. In the 3D realm of the relative, definitions are not locked in, or not locked in for long, change being the only constant.

We don’t make wise use of history by accepting today’s texts as either truthful or factual. They are not, & not just history is involved. Nothing is what we take it to be! We’ve been hugely duped across great stretches of time, bit by delicate bit, a la The Hegelian Dialectic.

Trust is an issue as we accept the current cabal definitions & assessments. We seem to forget that the victors always rewrite the texts. They are not to be believed nor trusted as truthful, so though we’re using them to condemn those who went before us, we don’t truly know who they were or what they did. We certainly don’t know what their values were, just what we’ve been told.

Some reasonably wonder why things are so crazy, today. We’re living in unprecedented times in many ways, not just politically, but in culture, business, education, & finance to name a few others. Whatever culture we held in our various countries is under attack, with largely Muslim immigration forming the tip of that spear.

The attacks on our current President are beyond unprecedented, they’re vicious & hypocritical. It would all make sense if we knew what was going on behind the scenes. The cabal was able to take over the world by keeping us in the dark.

That’s no longer working for them due to the rising frequencies bringing more light on the scene, as well as the dropping away of earth’s magnetic protective shield. The huge spikes in the 7.83 Schumann Resonance — once touted as a scientific constant — are just one example among many of our radical shifting.

What was long hidden is now coming to the fore. The sick, perverted actions are becoming known, putting the 1% & their minions under tremendous pressure & in great fear. They do NOT want their wickedness discovered, nor are they willing to reap the just consequences of it.

The perversion is FAR more widespread than most realize. Trusted Senators & Congresspeople are definitely involved. Just look at the list of those not running for another term. Did you ever wonder why not? Too much trust put us in the current mess.

Please, don’t just believe what we’re told.

We have exposures aplenty on the upcoming menu, things that will shock the 99%, the regular folks. Not everything will be revealed, as that might lead to the demise of our nation, the overthrow of the government. I see it being handled carefully, wisely & well by the President & those backing him.

We’ll take down the bulk of them, leaving those who go unexposed in mortal fear & better behavior, since simply everything is known, & they know it. Those above them in the hierarchy who once protected them are going down, leaving them leaderless & exposed.

We’re actually headed for far better times, though you wouldn’t know that if you believed the MSM’s endlessly negative narrative. They only praise their own in office, not an outsider like President Trump, who is their worst nightmare. In his hands are the jail keys, even nooses (i.e., executions) for some.

The dark ones have been in power for so very long they cannot even imagine life any other way.

Oh, well. What goes around eventually comes around & the ledger is heavily stacked against them. Their day has come, with the sealed Federal indictments now ballooned to 57,067, with 4,948 having been unsealed. There are an additional 78,616 that are non-sealed, for a total of 135,683 Federal indictments. Considering the short timeframe involved, that’s HUGE, unprecedented!

Let’s take both our culture & our countries back, dear fellow humans. We’re all in this together, & though things seem far off-course, now, they’re actually righting themselves. Every one of us plays a part by simply being conscious since consciousness creates.

We feed that on which we focus, so let’s choose to feel better, to actively look for the positives in whatever presents. This is to be responsible creators.

Our “stuff,” our anxiety, depression, fear, anger, etc., is our own. No one is to blame for any of it since if it wasn’t in us, it wouldn’t manifest in our experience. We magnetized it, whatever it is, & it’s also beneficial in some way(s), whatever it is. There’s no need to wait for hindsight to deliver these realizations.

We’ve got to know that to fully experience it, but the knowledge is available to one & all. We’re not at all as powerless as we’ve been led to believe.

Let’s quit trusting those who feed us nonsense in the guise of reason & education. If we hadn’t trusted so many bad actors we’d have seen what was happening to us as The Matrix was being installed, our prison with invisible bars.

Well, we can easily, quickly remedy that. As we withdraw the trust, moving to Heart from the head, things begin to clarify. Trust & old beliefs were all that was in the way. 😲

We’ve got this, friends! The Great Awakening cannot be stopped, period. It’s up to each one to pull themselves out of the current ditch, to look within for the false premises taken on board as factual. They are not, & Heart’s answers, its guidance & direction, are far superior to anything the cabal (or the mind) has to offer.

Money can’t be used against those who cannot be bought, whose morals & ethics triumph over greed & fear. The future is in our capable hands. What choices will we make?



Monday, 2018/09/10 — Mayan day 13 Offering / Muluc




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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