Hero’s Journey — Emotional Repression, pt 3

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

The Hero’s Journey journals all came through on the same day. This is the last of them, offering further clarity on the initial experience that inspired them.

While I often speak of the mind-hack that is the Matrix under which humanity lives, I saw a much deeper view of that, today — one that had precious little to do with the conscious mind. This hack goes far deeper than I had yet realized. After this inner vision I won’t so casually write it off as a mind-hack, anymore.

What did I see? Lately, I’ve been working with my Inner Being, seeking some clarity around why I seem to have little energy. Ask & you shall receive, I guess, for what I was shown was shocking — how my consciousness was largely locked-down, repressed emotionally. On seeing the robust fullness of what I truly am, tied down & in chains, it was clear that my outer self & inner self were effectively worlds apart.


Humanity, itself, has been held back & locked down in many ways for millennia, now, under the influence of what I call the Matrix. Yet, we also have personal histories that include plenty of pain — most of which is repressed. As our Matrix shackles are both breaking & just falling away on our awakening trek we’re gaining more access to our Inner Being, to the realms beyond mere body & mind.

FWIW, my personal analysis of the world’s current situation is that the old cabal is in process of collapse — which will likely happen in our lifetime or that of our children. Those continuing to align with the mere physicality, with the Matrix hack, will have a rough ride along with the cabal. If there was ever a time to pull our energies out of all of the dark crap, that time is now — NowHere.

As we withdraw our personal energy from the whole mess we step out of much old programming. Less of the technology, less of the willingness to be led, yes? Less trust. We see through the Belief Systems, making them easy to release. We move on. So far, so good, right?

I don’t know about everyone else but what I’m discovering is that we’re more deeply repressed than I realized. It was more than just a mind-hack that separated us out from our spirit, soul, or Inner Being — much more, as I’m starting to see the emotional stuff. While it’s not pretty, I also know that the best way out is through.

When deep stuff rises into our awareness, it’s for a purpose — to help us wake-up, to once more be whole.

We find precious few exemplars of this wholeness in today’s world. I don’t know how far back we’d have to go to find one, but there’s little in recent history that fits the bill — perhaps a shaman here & there. Even though we don’t have external models (or even historical ones) for this, we’ve got what it takes to plow through, to reunite the inner & the outer self.

Elephants being “tamed” is quite cruel — beyond cruel, as I’ve shared. Between the witch doctor casting his spell on the young animal & the bestial way the humans were treating it — OMG. Another sickening element is that it was “situation normal” for their culture, no one looking the least regretful or guilty. I feel for them all, both people & elephants.

This is how we’ve been trained to treat ourselves, friends — repressing our many agonies & pains, separating them out from who we (consciously) are. The elephant had one of two choices — comply or die. Some die in “training,” yet adults do, too, many from the abuse & neglect rampant in the tourist industry.


As we look around, seeing such things, let us realize that humanity is externalizing our internal worlds, our internal wounds in how we act, what we do, what we tolerate, what we don’t. Few yet recognize that the way to restore the external world to decency & sanity is by going to work, within. That’s where the source of everything lies. That’s why our internal work counts!

If animal cruelty makes us angry it’s time to spot the cruelty within — beneath how we’re repressing & suppressing our self.

As we break out of the mental hold of the Matrix we’ll be greeted by the deeper, the emotional hack. It’s critical to not fall into playing the victim in any of this. Heart won’t lead us in that direction. It’s wise to remember that humanity cooperated with being hacked — we went along to get along, for the most part.

Approach the inmost cave — blogspot

Now that we’re breaking many of the invisible chains we’ve got some truly marvelous discoveries ahead, individually as well as collectively. Humanity is currently splitting along the lines of Light & dark, with no doubt about where the Light Beings are headed. We’re more than up to what may be some grueling internal discoveries.


Personally, I’m really excited by this, by the greater possibilities it offers for just living our daily lives. As we bring more of our fullness into play, here, who knows what developments may come? The more of us who stand with courage to face all that arises, the more we’re taking the Hero’s Journey, ourselves — & why not?

We are the heroes we seek.

I will be so glad as more of us awaken to our divine nature, finding our Inner Being & allowing it to permeate our lives. It won’t always be easy, but worthwhile endeavors usually come with challenges. It’s not that it requires the old blood, sweat & tears treatment — anything but. Instead, as we take up residence in Heart, we get to watch the show in which we’re playing a part, to experience life as the Divine Dance.

Our greatness takes over us to the extent that we allow it.

Have you noticed this, yourself? Our possibilities are literally limitless, as we discover on the deeper journey, inside. “Source-in-form” is easy enough to say or write, but the Hero’s Journey is to discover, to walk that talk in our lives. No more playing it small, which only keeps us bound to the externals, hiding the amazing inner reality.

Guess I’ve been on the mental cleaning-up trek for long enough, so now entering deeper brings up the emotional layers. Part of the fun is that we never know where it will lead, so it’s always a bit like cliff-jumping, lol. Knowing we have the wings of sacred spirit provides the foundation required to take whatever leap.

As we step up to the plate we find the heroes we seek right within, as Source at our core, the very foundation of all awareness.

We can also join in offering deep prayer for elephants & all mistreated creatures, yet we actually offer them so much more by our willingness to work out our own “stuff.” One day we’ll see how our internal work turned the whole world around. Meanwhile, one NowHere at a time takes us there. 😉



9:38 pm, Saturday 2017/11/04, 3rd, Mayan day 2 Storm / Cauac




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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