Heart’s “Now” is Different

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

When we’re anxious or upset, that’s not a now we like, so what’s with this “Be Here Now” stuff? “I want a better now, one that feels good,” right? What’s it all about?


That’s the simple answer, but let’s go deeper. It’s not possible to be in any negativity from Heart perspective. When we step back enough to observe the self, thoughts & feelings included, only then do we see the negativity as mind’s take on whatever it is.


I love the way nowhere is is also NowHere.

The mind takes NowHere to be nowhere — nowhere it wants to go, at any rate. Unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on our perspective — NowHere is Heart territory. Unfortunately, because we’ve been programmed to occupy mind, never taught anything about Heart or its vastness, its amazing-ness.

Fortunately, because Heart “space” is transcendent of the mental arena, opening us to a whole new world of higher-frequency experiences. The mind itself isn’t negative, isn’t the Matrix overlay, which is a control system designed to keep us down. Had the negative ones not entered our solar system, mind would be fine; still not able to access those higher frequencies, but not the trap it has become.

We’re on our way out of that, friends, & in such a beautiful way as, one by one, we’re waking-up.


It doesn’t require a civil war or marching in the streets. No efforts to take the Matrix down will succeed. Why not? The way we get rid of it is to find our way out of it. Once most of us leave, it will collapse in on itself, for we’ve been the food source sustaining that — our Light, our energy, via our negativity.

The cabal wants to keep us playing on their checker board, forever locked into duality. There’s no way to check-mate them, there, & they know it. That’s been their ace-in-the-hole for millennia & we can see how successful they’ve been. Just look around at the divisive mess society has become.

What’s required is a whole new game & game-board, perhaps 4D chess. As we migrate, one-by-one, to the new board, they & their dark nastiness are left in the dust, left to simmer & rot in their own polluted juices as we move on.

Finding this new game-board is the trick, for they’ve programmed us well & thoroughly.

Well, guess what? That is as nothing to Who we truly are. In the new/old triality, it’s another both/and: difficult & even impossible to the mind, but child’s play to Source-in-form. We’ve got this, & once we leave the checker board we need never return. Whenever it seems too challenging, whenever we’re down or otherwise out-of-whack, let’s remember to just back off.

We don’t have to win on their board.

Choices — Blogspot.com


We know that in duality every coin has two sides, & it‘s helpful to realize that every negative has a positive side. We look for that, choosing to keep our focus positive, thus higher vibrational — yet that takes us only so far. It keeps us in the duality of it all, yes? So where’s this triality I keep pointing toward?

It’s there within us, but there’s an entry fee, one that mind doesn’t like: we must demote our mind to the background to step into Heart. On one hand nothing so far prepared us for this move, this change of game-boards. On the other hand Who we are is a Chess Master par excellence, so there’s that both/and, once again.

When humanity has been taught to resolve every challenge, to solve every puzzle by playing checkers, using the mind, it’s no small thing to call them to a game about which our mind knows almost nothing. This move will change literally everything in our life.

Every perspective, every attitude, every belief shifts as we play the new game.

Some are naturally fearful, being called far beyond their comfort zone. They don’t yet realize that all problems & all comfort zones are mind-generated. Once that is seen things become much easier, for who wants to stick around on that oh-so-limited checker-board when freedom awaits?

Because the required perspective shift is so huge this doesn’t happen overnight.


We see at some point that hurry is also a creature of the mind, so it, too, falls away as we move to the new board. We find ourselves calmer, more serene in the midst of anything life throws our way. We’re now in much better shape to find our way through the Heart portal into the amazing NowHere.

We don’t need to lose the mind, but rather to master it.

For as long as we can remember, our mind has been mastering us. Ponder that, for it will remove some of the Matrix chains. All of those whose response to anything is, “Prove it!” are mired in the duality of 3D checkers, so nothing we offer can please them. We speak the new language, use the new playing pieces of 4D chess in a higher-vibrational realm.

Nothing needs to be fixed, friends.

Yes, that’s a chess perspective, but it’s available to all who shift to the new board. Nothing is broken. We’re whole & complete & nothing in 3D can change or even touch us, as Source-in-form. Sure, it can touch our body, our mind, but once we realize those are just playing pieces on the 3D checkerboard, everything shifts (for us).

Our playing piece has been playing us, moving us around on the 3D board. Kinda funny, really, but we don’t see it that way until we exchange our checkers for chess pieces. To exchange them is to let them go, to release them & walk away. The walking-away part has many stumped, but the more of us making this move, the easier it becomes for the rest.


Perhaps you’ve already noticed that all of the moves we’re making are internal ones.

We were made to believe that all of our work involved the external world & what actions we take, there. The externals of life are all in the mind’s realm, no longer as real & solid from our chess perspective. Why? They’re lower-vibrational, that’s all — nothing dark or evil nor even limiting from where we’re going, from our new view.

So what’s the secret, then, of being in Now as we play chess?

If, when we’re anxious or feeling down, we migrate our awareness from the head into Heart, we won’t experience the anxiety in the same way. It will either go away or moderate itself, softening into something we observe, rather than directly experience.


As we’ve heard for so long, it’s all about the journey. It’s about each step, not some fabled destination, some far away realm. We lose all expectations along the way, which can’t happen all at once. As we begin to drop them, our way ahead opens up. As we retain them, they keep us trapped & wearing blinders, unable to see our next chess move while moving our checkers around.

The “Now” we’re entering is not of 3D.


Our whole world is expanding, right here in our experience. We’re making a move so massive that no mind can stretch to encompass it. To the extent we cling to the old ways, the old beliefs & understandings, we remain on the checker board, perhaps calling for proof.

No proof is possible to those in the sheeple or sleeple state.

You can’t prove on the checker board how to play chess. We’re much better off to let everyone play the game of their choice, since we can neither help the checker players nor make them understand any of this, anyway. As Source-in-form, they have what it takes — we all do — but it’s strictly up to each one to access that.

To conclude, here, when in our anxious now, if we shift our focus to Heart, then corral ourselves into our Now moment, we’re close to the chess board. To step firmly onto it requires that we feel into where we are, for the NowHere-in-Heart moment always feels good. It may not instantly feel great, but a real sense of ease is there for us to discover & claim.

I hope we can all see how simply knowing about this gives us a real leg up. Those who went ahead of us into such discoveries did it blind, unless their ancient teachings pointed the way. As we know, the victors write (or change) the history books, including the bulk of the religious or spiritual ones. Failing that, they simply hide them away or even destroy them.


What we’re engaged in will continue to seem impossible & ridiculous to the checker players among us, but that, too, is fine. We all have this magnificent gift of Free Will, so just as we’re free to make choices, so are they.

If you love something set it free — Wordpress

This isn’t a move humanity is making all at once. It may seem painful to move on while many dear ones remain stubbornly under the mind’s dominance, yet they get to choose what they like. We can honor their choices, loving them all the same as we make the Great Shift.

The only thing able to slow or stop us is the self, so don’t let your mind continue to rule.

From our new perspective things are not as difficult as they seem to the mind. Let’s set our intention, not just on Now, but on that sense of ease that awaits our choice to awaken, to play chess, releasing all of our checkers as we go. That ease quickly morphs into a great deal of enjoyment — InJoyMeN[e]t — in our new/old higher-vibrational realm.



10:28 am, Satursday 2018/01/13, 1st, Mayan day 7 Offering, Water / Muluc



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