Hate Speech — A Worthy Target?— pt 1 of ?

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

umanity is hugely diverse, different races, different cultures, different genders, different languages, … different everything. That being the case, who supports shoe-horning ourselves into any sort of one-world system?

Perhaps those desiring to control such a system, those who profit from it? 🐲

What’s in it for us? Do we have anything to gain, thereby, worth the sacrifices required to attain it? When we surrender our liberties for (supposed) security, we lose both. It might work for mature, advanced races of beings, IDK. We’re not there, yet; lots of both growing-up & waking-up is on our plate.


The cabal endlessly seeks an external one-world control system. Our oneness already is, a thing of internal beauty, a simple reality. Those focused externally are often blind to their own wholeness, to our internal union. Then again, maybe the cabal does see it, & works to obliterate it? Hey, who knows?

An external focus also lures us out of Heart.


The cabal control strategy can be summed up as divide-and-conquer bamn (by any means necessary). They discover or create new divisions, then use them to pit us against one another (63 genders, etc.).

That keeps all eyes forever pinned on externals, on situations, on other humans, enabling continued rule by the cabal, still hidden by the secrecy their dark schemes require. If we saw them pulling this stuff off out in the open, we’d never allow it.

The good news? That’s not working so well for them, anymore; too much Light now shining. ☀️

The cabal is fast losing control, & it shows.

We’re in the midst of a general awakening dubbed the Great Awakening by some, greater than any in recorded history, with as many as 25,000,000 participating, so far. Hundredth-monkey wise, this has tremendous momentum, helping others to wake-up & slip the bonds of the misleading, largely mental Matrix.


The cabal’s favorite monkey wrench to throw into the (awakening) works is a world war. That hasn’t been working for them, not even the civil war they tried to engineer in the USA. Did you notice their attempt?

Too many of us — those awakening — are on to their machinations, unwilling to turn against one another & thus support the no-longer-so-hidden cabal. We don’t fall for the pretty labels hiding their nasty dealings, such as “The Patriot Act,” anymore. Yeah, right! We’re finished with trusting the headlines & titles they use to disguise their depraved skullduggery.

They do deserve credit for the ongoing polarization of Left & Right in America, but it didn’t work to deliver the world war over which they drool. They’re crying in their beer over North Korea while going all out to play the Russian card.

Again, too many skeptics now see through their deviousness.


The main cabal tool & their mouthpiece in the USA is the political Left. Children are groomed into it via their “education.” Though we’ve had a Department of Education since 1867, it’s mission was to gather information in support of state- & local-run schools, not to run the show.

Education moved to the Cabinet-level in 1980, the last year of Democrat President Carter’s term, paving the way for the nightmare Common Core curriculum (beginning in 2008,) that has set US education back decades.

Our children no longer excel on the world scene, being mediocre in math, science, & reading skills.

They’re all about safe spaces, too, about not feeling threatened; quick to take offense & lash out, often rather hatefully. 😖 Hypocritical, yes, hurting others in the name of not being hurt? Disrespecting others while seeking respect is typical Matrix-driven behavior seen everywhere.


One current discussion is about “hate speech,” something to be avoided by all means. Oh, really? That’s a slippery slope, depending on the chosen definition. Who gets to define it? Who defines the consequences for violation, & what are they? How is it to be enforced, & by whom?

Down the Rabbit Hole — Ih5.ggpht.com

This can even morph into forced speech, such as Canada’s law mandating use of different groups’ “preferred pronoun.” Some would call that hateful. 😆 We’re all taking this too seriously, losing objectivity amid the distraction of rabbit-hole diving.

Clearly, this is all about perspective.

That’s all 3D is, doing the Perspective Dance on the Relativity dance floor.


Rather than diving into the nitty-gritty of “hate speech” definitions & applications, let’s step back for a broader perspective. The hate-speech discussions are in support of people’s basic freedoms, right? Or are they? Could they, instead, be chipping away at those very freedoms?

Since the Matrix positions things upside-down, inside-out, & backward, be alert for the pretty faces pasted on ugly doings, the false labeling everywhere. As we celebrate finally seeing through much of this garbage, let’s take a Heart view to see where & how we’re being misled.



What defines the USA more than anything else?

Freedom, itself, right? Why else did the pioneers & colonists endure the harsh, often brutal conditions of our founding & early development? They sought to craft, not just a worthy living space, but one in which to grow & develop, to live freer than they’d ever been. This was to be one of a kind, a truly new nation.[1]

Freedom burned brightly in so many hearts working both independently & then jointly to cut tyranny off at the pass, to leave it behind. Did we succeed? Some say yes, still calling this, “The land of the free & the home of the brave.”

I say, yes & no, for our hearts are indeed, free, but not much else. We had a great start, but were too trusting, too innocent to prevent its undercover erosion. The time for skepticism is upon us.

The Matrix has done its work, getting many to believe they’re free while being largely enslaved. They tricked us with phony, deceptive labels that called slavery freedom, & freedom slavery.

People seeking success or stardom for the financial freedom often became sex objects, used by those able to advance them, just as one example. It’s been a major mind-f**k, most would agree.


What will we discover when we strip our current situation down to basic fundamentals? Will it provide the clarity required to navigate the current mess, to reclaim real, not phony freedom? Right now, we’re free in name, only — “The land of the free & the home of the brave” — not in actual fact, not in our lived experience.

Everything we think we know is based on endless assumptions, the most fundamental of which concern who & what we are. When both our perspectives & our self-definitions are all over the map, how can we come together to build any long-lasting edifice?

Discussions come apart at the seams, the seams being our differing assumptions.


It’s all about perspective & free will, both of which have been grossly manipulated by the divide-&-conquer cabal. If you take humanity to be generally upright & moral, that leads you in certain directions. What if you take us to be flawed & faulty, absent even a speck of divinity?

How would you seek to guide either humanity?

What sorts of ideas & laws might arise from these hugely divergent assumptions? Until we can come together on the same page, everything we create inevitably falls apart. Why? We’re working against one another, all the while thinking we’re working together toward common aims.


We go down too many rabbit holes absent any solid foundation, so we fix things here, they fall apart there. Unless humanity gets down to basics & constructs a solid, common foundation, everything we seek to build will collapse. When one side refuses to talk with another, we’re stuck.

No one can agree on anything, & we don’t realize it’s the underlying assumptions at fault. We have no common aims, yet.

We’re distracted into yet another useless rabbit hole, another pointless, barren argument with either no possible resolution, or a useless resolution that fails to bring about desired change. We’re like a dog chasing its tail, which suits the cabal just fine since they’re laughing as they engineer that.


People tend to say, “What shall we do?!” More useful answers arise from, “What & how shall we be?” We move out of the mind’s doing-ness into Heart’s Being-ness, where old perspectives dissolve into surprising new ones. 🌈

We start afresh, fundamentals first, jointly contracting (via narrowing our focus to fundamentals) while expanding (into vaster perspectives), forever throwing the mind for a loop. 😆 🎢

Absent our constant EXTERNAL focus, this current mess couldn’t exist; it would quickly dissolve.


Let’s climb out of this hate-speech rabbit hole, back to the surface for another look. Heart just knows things, & isn’t easily misled. Heart senses the “rightness” of whatever it is, but to benefit from that we must first see or sense it. Let’s find & maintain an INTERNAL perch.

Outside, we look separate; inside, we are One. In accepting the both/and, dropping the either/or view, we transcend chaos via our expanding perspective, our rising frequency.

Who is tired of being manipulated, of being someone else’s sheep? The way out of the Matrix maze points inward, so let’s quit following where someone else goes, thinking to solve anything thereby. Resolution cannot come that way, with our focus on the realm of effects (which is my definition for all of 3D.)

To bring real & lasting change we return to the realm of causation, which is consciousness. Are you open to that, at least as a possibility? If not, then further reading here may not be helpful. When we’re not on the same playing field with our most basic definitions, with joint fundamentals, then we doom ourselves to confusion amidst endless bickering & posturing.


For starters, let’s look at some basic defining aspects of humanity:

A race of beings reaching for the highest & best possibilities

Seeking to live in relative harmony & freedom with our brethren

Containing both Light & dark, the yin/yang

Spirit playing on a 3D stage of relativity, manifesting apparent solidity as we engage with time/space

3D awareness containing unconscious, subconscious, & conscious mental awareness — not yet mastered — as well as a portal (Heart) into infinite eternity, eternal infinity

Mostly cut off from our Spiritual core; not realizing our potential Power, thus easily distracted or misled into negative creations

Apt to make major (& minor) messes, whether unintentional or intentional, while trying to work things out.

This is an ideal time to let Heart speak, paying less attention to the generator of all rabbit holes, the mind. There are no details we must tie down. When we start delimiting the details, we chip away at our freedom to be unique. When we agree on the basic fundamentals, we can trust one another to handle the details.

Let’s first find/craft our solid foundation. What are some core fundamentals around which we can unite? What is humanity?

  1. A race of spiritual beings incarnating as humans on 3D earth;
  2. Beings seeking Mastery — to include endless improvement & expansion of consciousness (including potential movement into higher frequencies/dimensions);
  3. Beings who respect Balance — exalting the simple Beingness of Spirit within the potential craziness of 3D relativity; the beauty of the balanced Yin/Yang, the both/and; &
  4. Beings desirous of the best possible personal experience. We elevate enjoyment to primary position, recognizing that it’s always available, no matter mind’s screams to the contrary. (It’s that awkward both/and thing, again ;-) Let’s ditch the programming that says this is “selfish.” 👎

Are you with me? Are we going deeper, potentially deeper than ever before?


That’s a start on a working definition of “humanity,” so what next? Let’s tackle “freedom,” which holds a different meaning for each one. Our Heart is aware that no two people, much less races or nations, share the same definition for much of anything.

Language is a veritable mine-field of endless misunderstandings & rabbit holes.

We can’t assume we’ll be understood, no matter how clearly (to us) we speak! We move faster & farther by realizing the same words mean different things to different folks. 3D is the land of the relative, not the absolute.

Diverging definitions are unavoidable, so let’s cease ignoring them. We tend to assume our take on things is the “right” one. 😆 That’s a sign, not so much of immaturity or arrogance, but of a mental focus; a pitfall not even available when Heart focus is our default.


Caution is advised, here, lest we allow our Belief Systems to trip us up. Applying a mental focus leads us down those rabbit holes, so let’s clear the deck & come to it openly, starting fresh from Heart.

Do as you will as long as you do no harm. How’s that for a reasonable application of freedom? We could also say, “Follow your Heart,” or, “Love, & do as you will,” & get the same results.

We don’t have a useful definition, though, until we define “harm.”

What qualifies as “harm?” A whole book could be written around this, but let’s keep it basic. When your body or those of your loved ones are injured or killed, that certainly qualifies. What about our possessions; are we “harmed” when our “stuff” is taken or diminished in some way, such as by theft, pay cut, or vandalism?

That one isn’t so black-&-white clear, is it? Mind will see it as harm, but Heart won’t necessarily agree. How we’re defining “self” is also critical. It may be that our soul can profit greatly by challenges our body-mind aspect goes through, leading us into a new & better trek.

This isn’t to say we should just grin & bear it, either. It’s a live-and-learn thing as we follow Heart’s lead in whatever direction.


Finally, are you harmed when you perceive that someone has hurt your feelings? Did they take your freedom away while they were at it? 😲 Can you not just walk away, choosing not to associate with them, perhaps even using the incident to inspire a great journal or vlog & a lot of fun? Wouldn’t that be better than making them so powerful, so important that they can actually harm you?

Then, too, do your hurt feelings have the right to limit someone else’s freedom?

Greater clarity arises from Heart with this, as we demote the mind to advisor status. Such thoughts/feelings are inarguably relative, both to the person & to their Belief Systems along with the particular situation. No two people respond alike to the same situation.

What enrages Sandy may not even bother Sean. What’s unpleasant in one situation may not matter in another setting. What matters now may not matter at in a day or a year.


Our variables are many, then: the person, their self-definition, their attitudes & beliefs, the setting or circumstances, the time, perhaps our job — are we their boss or their employee? There are more, of course; never-ending rabbit holes. What’s seen as a foul offense in one culture may be inconsequential in another ...

It’s ALL relative. Will we choose to embrace this?

Most of us are too deep in the rabbit-hole minefield, juggling too many variables to ever attain widespread agreement on anything. Thus, exploring them attains pointlessness by offering no practical, useful solutions; yet even that is relative. How?

It’s delightfully useful, even desirable to those in the cabal. 😆

If any quandary can be answered by, “It depends,” then you’re in the relativity minefield, not in Heart.

See you in part 2. Life is meant to be enjoyed!! Stay innocent 😇, so we can see with new eyes, stripping all masks away 🎭, especially our own. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 😂



8:46 pm, Monday 2018/04/02, 1st, Mayan day 8 Star, Rabbits / Lamat

[1] A free land, a “new” land could never be. North America was not uninhabited when the settlers arrived. There’s a heart-breaking story of how the pioneers treated the then-current inhabitants, the Native Americans (NA) centuries ago. It deserves to be told by an awakened one of their own, one able to share it from Heart.

At this point, none of them are still living, although many of us who lived then are reincarnated across the planet. We are not just these bodies, folks, we’re the Spirit, the eternal soul living through them. Things are not so simple, so black-&-white as the mind would have them be.

The old stories, the legends, the history of what’s been deserves a fresh look as we’re awakening, a reinterpretation by Heart from its Source-in-form perspective. They say we’re condemned to repeat the past if we don’t remember it. I’d bring a large dose of caution to interpreting that saying.

Let’s use Heart perspective to take all of the old stories down to fundamentals, as in this article on “hate speech.” Nothing is what it seems to be, & our textbooks & MSM “news” fill us with clever, convoluted lies parading as truth, as “the way it really happened.” From whose perspective? How awake is the speaker?

Humanity is one, one great family. Let’s begin there.

We’ve been wounded & slaughtered, endlessly, creatively pitted against one another so the cabal could maintain control. Part of digging ourselves out of this crappy Matrix is backing off from everything we’ve been told. Source is more than able to refresh & remind us with real Truth, & we all have inner access to that.

Yes, the early NAs received horrendous treatment at the hands of the settlers. America would benefit to own that, to look at it impartially, able to call a spade a spade — yet, also able to see the deeper narrative that goes on, into today.

Where did we go wrong, where could we have handled things differently? Could we have made great progress together, moving past the old, worn-out conqueror & conquered pattern? Would that even have been possible, back then? Is it possible, today? (Yes, for the awakening ones.)

Are we finally ready to incinerate all such abuse in the bonfires of both forgiveness & deep Respect for ALL of life? If we’re not, what are our next steps to make ready for that purging that must come?

How can we cleanse these old patterns of anger, hate, & resentment from our present reality? They have left serious stains, yet we’re being used & abused when we allow the old narrative to inspire descendants of NA & descendants of settlers to punish & traumatize one another over the sins of their fathers (for back then the men were very much in charge).

Today’s whites don’t owe today’s blacks for sins of the earlier generations, sins they didn’t commit, either. All of that discussion, be it black/white or NA/white, or whatever is cabal-driven, used to keep us at one another’s throats. Who can see this?!

It takes letting all of that sort of thing go, releasing it completely, to move from the head perspective into Heart. The NA & aboriginal peoples around the world will one day come back into prominence as humanity’s wise teachers.

All it would take is a major blow to current technology to throw back on our own devices — well, absent our current devices. 😉 Almost overnight, those long versed in living in harmony with Nature (& with the Ancestors, the Star Beings,) would be catapulted into prominence as those best able to guide humanity into survival.

Let’s clear the deck for this, making way for that awesomely beautiful Respect found in every Heart. It’s already there, so it’s nothing anyone needs to seek. We just have to discover how to get out of our own very powerful way.

If not now, then when?

The first step could be our willing joint realization that consciousness creates, which would immediately oust the poisonous victim mode occupied by most of us in one way or another. We’ve got this, folks! We just have to step up to the plate, together.

Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness