Finally, We See — It’s All Good

Part 6 of 6, Flying Free 🐝

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“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

Since thought isn’t in charge when Heart or the emptiness speaks it goes where it will. Shorter articles more in line with current attention spans are great, but oh, well.

How many of us both see & participate in the broad, general awakening taking place? Those focused on the MSM (MainStream Media), especially the news, are too focused on negativity to spot (or join) this ongoing shift. We see evidence online that many are breaking with that, which is heartening. We feel the Shift. When just one of us wields power as Source-in-form, that’s multiplied (geometrized) when there are more.

When we view the various religions, values, & cultures that make up the world we realize how unique the USA is, how her founding placed power in the people rather than in royals or a ruling caste. Not only are the people empowered, here, but the source of that isn’t terrestrial. Our power isn’t granted by any individual or governing body but by Source, a huge break with the cultures of most countries or regions.


What are we doing with that power?

It was a slippery slope, wasn’t it, to arrive at our present state as a nation? The American spirit still lives, yet is significantly muffled else we wouldn’t accept the ways we’re governed. [1] Because the early settlers came here to escape often tyrannical rule, they were sensitive to the overreach of power & control.

Meanwhile, amid all of this, how are we faring? The many sealed indictments are one good gauge of the dark cabal’s declining ability to rule from the shadows (meanwhile breaking all the rules, themselves). Their dirty dealings — & people falling for them — created the slipperiness of the slope, leading to freedom’s overall decline.


I’m eager for ever more of us to realize it’s by pulling out of their schemes, refusing to go along anymore, that we are rising. It’s daunting to contemplate taking them down, entrenched as they are/were. Thus, it’s great news we don’t have to fight them, but only to withdraw, refusing to be governed by their perfidy, anymore.

Our overall vision isn’t high enough, yet — not even close to what we can accomplish as we withdraw from their Matrix nonsense. The shift from mental to spiritual or Heart focus is admittedly challenging, yet more & more are catching on, going the way of the Tao.

The emptiness from which & about which the Tao speaks enables our blossoming.

A further beauty of this move is how no hierarchy, no religion, no authoritative anything is required to awaken. Some people call this being spiritual instead of religious, but it’s deeper than that. “Spiritual” is a transitory phase before awakening into the emptiness at our core. There’s no room for spirituality or anything else, there, just for being, just for the is-ness of Now.


We’re awakening from the endless distractions provided by both government & society, & certainly commercialism. We were distracted into mind, into moving away from the deep & meaningful questions about life & its purpose. This led to our current somnambulant state where we’re not yet in Heart, still unaware of the many deceptions practiced on us.

Seeing these deceptions, noting the divide-and-conquer strategy at work, goes a long way toward waking us up. Today’s chaos puts it right in our face, makes it too hard to ignore, just going along to get along. We’re now seeing the cost of our past cooperation — how it enabled both the beast & our slide down the slope.


Despite appearances, all is not lost.

It’s actually a great time, folks, in spite of the chaos on many fronts. We’re making real values-based progress, & not just in the USA. Loyalties are shifting everywhere, as we see the yawning gulf between how we’re handled by governments or rulers & what we deserve, what we merit as Source-in-form.

Yes, we must live up to that & not use it as a convenient justification for anything. We walk our talk. If anything, we grow in humility while recognizing how minuscule is our “knowledge” & its realm next to this vastness. We grow ever more comfortable in admitting, “I don’t know,” & we mean it. We’re not kidding.

In our search for deeper meaning, many of us return to the deep roots of philosophy & alchemy as they were once practiced. With so many people seeking their depths, we’re moving out of a superficial (mental/physical) way of life as we awaken.

The signs are all good for a renaissance of spirit, a return to more fundamental values, respecting human life & Nature to a much greater extent.


Waking-up is such a radical experience! In our inward adventuring, we discover that which turns all we (think we) know into 💩 fertilizer [1] for the divine garden, which garden humanity is. Our emptiness gives rise to a greater appreciation for others & for life than we’ve ever experienced.

We now see Humanity’s diversity as our glory, a fundament of our beauty, rather than something to fight or suppress. We’re now able to perceive our differences, our disagreements in a different light. Instead of causes for discord, we inhale them as scents of different flowers, unique beings, each delightful in its own right.

We’d likely say & do the same things were we in their shoes, so we understand.

Flying Free [young] Bald Eagle —

We more easily allow one another to spread our divine wings & fly, so long as we harm none. We cherish everyone, yet, we stick with our own trek, Heart shining the Light on our way. We’re more content with an empty mind, open to the space of infinity/eternity which we intuit as our native realm.

Our life becomes an adventure quite foreign to any mind or personality.

People want to be shown the way into this realm but that’s not possible. Whatever they see they at once evaluate, relying on the limited mind to explore the limitless expanse, not yet recognizing that as impossible. While we may not yet realize aught but a tiny portion of the vast terrain, yet our inner guidance leads us inexorably onward. Delight provides the wind under our wings as we step off of whatever cliff is before us.


Sometimes we plummet into an abyss, but we don’t long remain there for Heart ever highlights our next step. Our attitude to everything undergoes a major overhaul — often, regularly. We flow with it, gaining mastery in using our invisible wings. We’re more adaptable than we’ve ever been, & while the initial stages are awkward, the internal tranquility in the midst of it is the wind in our sails.

Troubles are no longer troublesome, but gifts of Source seen through ever new eyes. Words like “trouble,” “problem,” “belief,” “try,” “fear,” “can’t,” & the like slowly fade from our vocabulary. Somewhere along our trek, they became meaningless. They don’t touch us, NowHere.

While our fleeting experiences of the Dark Night of the Soul once took us to Hades, we now see them for the blessings they actually were, the can-openers used by Source to break us out of old, restrictive paradigms when nothing else worked. Source starts with the feather-light touch, escalating that as needed to pierce our stubborn resistance & gain our attention.

Can you even imagine what it’s like to view everything through the eyes of benevolence, to somehow know all is well — always? Just imagine what that does to your old ways, the traditional beliefs. Without fear keeping us in a huddled stance, the mind feels lost & inadequate, unable to offer useful guidance, so it often goes quiet.

Ah, what a relief!

Even though we’re ever more aware that we know nothing, that doesn’t dim our joy, our glee in exploring this ever new & expanding realm. When we remove fear from the equation we find ourselves able to view the flip side of every coin. We no longer live in duality, in the either/or, good/bad, yes/no realm, having left it in favor of freedom & ultimate equality.


We find our old 5 senses not quite useless, yet far more restrictive than the new ones aborning, developing. Our inner sight is far more useful than our eyes to explore the magnitude of infinity-eternity. All of our senses are shifting, morphing into we know not what.

Only now do we recognize the tiny box we once took for reality, the diminutive realm encompassed by the Matrix. Not that we know how we escaped, for our theories around that keep changing & expanding. We know better than most that change is the only constant, for we live it. Stages of our life now seem more like separate lifetimes, so unlike one another are they.

As we continue on, we’re less sure of things.

The danger of believing we know anything is now so obvious that we wonder at our former self (selves), how we could have held so many firm beliefs. We now see how beliefs work to limit & structure what we’re able to view, how they filter out the many possibilities that were always there, but unnoticed.


Our earlier life seems like a toddler state compared to our NowHere experience. It’s funny to us, the things we used to believe, the (interior & exterior) clashes they created, the ignorant ways we behaved in our toddling. Condemnation of any kind is absent, though, especially self-condemnation.

We recognize that we were innocent in all such behavior — we just didn’t know better — so we’re as kind & gentle with ourselves as with everyone else.

Can you see how nothing is negative, here, how that’s not even possible? Perhaps the one we were hardest on was our self, but no more. The negative ways & self-talk are gone or on their way out for our new, finer sensitivity won’t tolerate them. Welcome to the massive, unimaginable expansion that’s your new state!

Bird of Prey, Flying High —

Sure, it’s hard as hell to get here, but guess what? How different is that from your current life & situation? If it will be hard, this is surely a more worthy endeavor than seeking the world’s idea of success, which seldom delivers, anyway. Though words could be found to describe your past state, this can’t be compared to that, as the words don’t exist that could encompass your current experience.

Choose to enjoy, & you will. You’re that powerful, as an emanation of Source.

You’re made new as the former things pass away so celebrate in every NowHere. Even if the world doesn’t understand you, even when you don’t understand you, Source does. As radiant energy emanations of Source, we’re all one in a magical way. 🌠 You’re understood (innerstood) within the emptiness, the silent radiance of the awakening ones. ✨ It’s enough.



Verse XVI, Tao te Ching

I try my best to achieve emptiness.

I hold firmly to stillness.

The myriad creatures rise together

And I watch them return.

The myriad things flourish

And each returns to its root.

Returning to the root is silence.

Silence is returning to being.

Returning to being is knowing the constant.

Knowing the constant is enlightenment.

Acting without knowing

The constant is harmful.

Acting while knowing

The constant is balance.

Balance leads to nobility,

Nobility to what is above,

What is above to the Way,

The Way to the eternal.

To the end of life

There is no danger.

[1] “Government” — To “govern” is to control; ‘ment’ is from Old French, from Latin, “mente,” ablative singular for “mens,” mind. It has other, preferred meanings, but we can also see it as “control of the mind.”

Better yet, we could see this as “G” for God, “over,” “men” — God over men. Just having fun, here, flying free 😉

2:23 pm, Wednesday 2017/11/29, 2nd, Mayan day 1 Seed / Kan




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness