Do vs Be

Entering Now

“These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Spiritual Awakening,

So if Now isn’t now, isn’t something we’ve mastered & understand, what is it, & how do we find it? These things may seem elementary & quite simple, tempting our mind to disregard or disrespect them. That’s a good reason to find our way out of the mental mode to Heart-center & just Be for a time.

You’ll find your own way, but I’ll share mine, FWIW. It’s easier when we lie down, as if for a short nap, stretching out on top of the covers. Relaxing the body is most helpful, enabling us to pull our focus away from the form, as well as from thought & the mind, to center in Heart.

A word to the wise: get a notebook & pen or pencil & have them handy. As you may have already discovered, that which rises into awareness from Heart cannot be recalled later by the mind.

This is an arena where the mind plays no active part, for it cannot even enter Heart.

Observation without Evaluation — DesirableTransactions.files,

You lie there just relaxing, focusing awareness within the central chest, emptying out or ignoring the mind’s contributions. They are both irrelevant & useless, as the awakening ones eventually discover.

To follow your mind down any sort of rabbit hole is to eventually realize you slipped back into the mind, thus silencing Heart, making it seem so very far away & unreal (to your mind, of course).

We can’t actually silence the Heart — it’s ever Present, ever aware, often offering its gifts — yet, unless we’re focused there, we perceive none of it. Remember, our mind cannot enter this sacred space, & if we’re totally mind-dependent, mind-reliant, we’re only accessing the fringes of Who we are — by choice, by our use of free will.

It doesn’t matter that we haven’t been taught these things, that we’re unaware of them. We ARE the teacher via Heart. We are thus Self-taught, which is distinctly different from self-taught. Do you see the distinction there, between self-as-mind & Self-via-Heart?

These are two different worlds, friends; seriously, delightfully, & confoundingly; confounding only the mind.

Okay, so we’re in place, just relaxing into Heart. To the extent we’re not going over things from the past or the future, we’re well placed to enter the sacred Now, which we do on entering Heart. How long we remain has much to do with Self-awareness, with emptiness, with stillness — & with sufficient self-discipline to avoid the lures cast by the mind.

We’re shifting gears, here, actually out of gear & into neutral gear, the emptiness of that. If we envision ourselves in our vehicle of choice & in neutral gear, importance now shifts to the terrain. If we’re on level ground, that’s great. If not, we may begin moving backward or forward, whichever way is down, yes?

What’s in charge of that? What provides the territory?

Since we don’t choose to put our foot on the brake — which would be mind breaking into our Heart flow — everything depends on the territory we occupy. This territory is the creation of consciousness — of our consciousness — so it’s perfect feedback to illumine us, mentoring us toward stillness within perfect balance on level ground.

We — Who we truly are — contain it All. Everything. Thus, we don’t have to engage in any sort of seeking. We find our joy, eventually our Joy, in simply Being — I kid you not. There’s a real sensate pleasure at our core, one most never discover while incarnate.

That’s shifting, now that so many are joining together, creating The Great Awakening. It’s a very real thing, experienced by each one uniquely. It’s nothing anyone can bestow on anyone else, try though we (our mind) might. This is a uniquely personal journey for us all, one no words can convey.

All we can share is our personal experience, knowing those also in Heart will read the energy being offered.

What is that pleasure like? No one can tell you; you must find out on your own. This is very much about new uses, better uses of free will. Though the mind can be deceived, often rather easily, that’s not true of Heart, whose Knowing is — well, is something else.

Think —

These things canNOT be contained nor conveyed via words, yet they are conveyed — energetically. Thus, does Heart “think.” It’s a new way of perceiving. Just as we must ignore Heart to be in our mental mode, we must ignore thought to be fully Heart-centered.

Then, it’s more a matter of Source or Spirit conveying what’s being shared completely absent the quicksand, the quagmire of language with its built-in misunderstandings. You’ll know you’re touching bases with Heart/Now when you note a new sense of pleasure.

It’s a sensate thing, a general feeling that you can’t pin on anything in particular, neither its arising nor its sensations, its various actions. It is absent of thought, or well able to look the other way when thoughts arise. This is clearly a new sensation for most of humanity, though frequently experienced by (us as) children.

Why would we forget something so awesome, so lovely as this?!

Remember, mind cannot enter Heart. As children are raised, they’re groomed to be largely mental in all of their interactions. Heart is never mentioned, much less taught — nor understood by the teachers. They don’t have it to give, so though it ever remains with us, we don’t greet it again until we find our way back into Heart & Now — into what some call Presence — just Being, just being empty & aware.

Since we weren’t taught to trust our Self, to trust our Being, there will be some internal resistance. Just observe.

While it’s good to have our notebook at the ready, there’s no guarantee anything will arise. When it does, it’s not exactly thought, it’s energy that’s filtered through in such a way that it’s cloaked by words. Early on we won’t be able to distinguish it from thought.

Later on we’ll get the distinction by one (initially) frustrating thing: we can never remember what it was that arose. That is, once we back in mental mode we have no access to Heart’s offerings. Mental mode is easily distinguished by its focus on things of the past & the future, seldom perched in now or Now, unable to be sufficiently still.

It’s good news that all we need jot down is just a phrase or two — no need for a term paper. Why just a phrase or three? They are the key that easily unlocks Heart’s gifts; they convey the vibration, the energy. Even when in mind, on reading those special phrases it all returns. Then, it’s down to how adept we are at returning to Heart’s Now.

It actually gets down to allowing — to allowing this sacred level of Being to rise to the top of our awareness. The mind seeks distraction; Heart doesn’t. One could say we become the followers of Heart rather than the leaders every mind is used to being, but that makes a two of us which just isn’t accurate.

Heart is Oneness.

Being is an experience of the One. No two, no separation of any sort can exist, here. Heart is truly an unexplored land full of amazing delights, lifting us into higher frequency, higher consciousness, where we experience more of Who we truly are with deLight — & some consternation, but only within the mind.

What blocks our experience of our very own Inner Being? Things of mind interfere, not just thoughts, but also beliefs, expectations. Though we can still hold our beliefs, Heart teaches to hold them ever so lightly, not allowing them to control us.

For some, that inspires fear. Perhaps they’re not quite ready for the experience, which is fine. It can’t be rushed in any case.

Finally, we are “taught” ever so much while in Heart, only it’s not really teaching. We’re discovering what was already there & always will be. Time is no more an impediment of any sort. We’ve no need to wait to grow up, to mature, to grow wise, to awaken, etc. None of that! We just ARE, it just IS, & we’re able to perceive it, but only from Heart & Now as we are the Divine Dance.

Others are used by Heart as mirrors for us, to show us what’s most important to see in any Now moment. We watch the ego gently (sometimes rapidly) slipping away. We do what we can to maintain a certain balance, for Balance is key.

It helps to Self-identify as the Yin-Yang, container of it ALL, both Light & dark. ️All ability to blame anyone or anything falls away, nonexistent in the Land of just One.

Blame requires separation to exist, to make sense.

Just as we wisely laid our body down to enable complete relaxation, Heart shows us a deeper realm of Relaxation, displaying what it’s like for our vast Inner Being. It’s all new territory to our mind, delightful until we slip back into the mind. When we experience any discomfort, it’s a call to release that also illuminates what needs to go.

3D life is a Live-and-Learn adventure, so in 3D time will be involved as we adapt to our new reality. Do as you will, but it’s best, early on, to keep silent on your adventure. Trying to share with others leads both into the mind.

I became a journaler as a youth to explore & safely record the experiences, the discoveries. Heart pens the journals, as well.

The Empath Effect — Empaths are energy readers. We’re all both telepathic & empathic, deep in Heart’s Now. We’re bigger, better, & far more amazing than we have a clue about, yet. We still don’t know Who we are.

Adapting takes time in a 3D way, but we’re so much more than what’s perceptible (or accessible) in 3D. To Who we truly are at our Source-in-form core, no time is required. That’s great, since no time exists, there; only the perpetual Now in which we are whole, complete, & awake. We are not separate entities; more like rays of the Divine Sun.

We are the energy, the manifestations, the Dance of the Divine Dancer, Source. Only One is incarnate anywhere, any-when, playing a deLightFull game of peek-a-boo with ItSelf.

Rejoice & delight in those precious moments. Luxuriate in the very real Pleasure of just Being, friends. There’s no seeking, here. You don’t have to be good or be a saint or be approved or anointed by anyone. We go from learning mode into just Being — no more doing involved.

Instead of doing, we are done (as in, by Source). Source “does” us, lol — when we but allow & align. Surely, it’s easier said than done 😆 but the beauty is that there’s no more doing. We aren’t the Dance Partner of Source, we’re THE DANCE.

This is YOU, Who you truly are & have always been. Relax & enJoy the discoveries; just allow, let go. Let your awareness partake of the infinite, eternal You, the One who never dies. You’re in good Hands. 👐



11-ish am, Thursday, 2018/08/02 — Mayan day 13 Dog / Oc

Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness