Emptiness Speaks — 3 of 3

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

Awakening just happens, folks. No one can force it, & trying to do so can bring detrimental results. Yes, we can choose to align with the highest truth we know — but we can’t make awakening happen. One day we’ll be happy for that.

Yes, sometimes there are dramatic events that boost us along — but that’s not “awakening,” just a step along that never-ending path. We see these kundalini events happen in some people. We notice they’re quite changed, in the wake of them.

Perhaps we desire that for the self. This is fine, as long as we’re in the flow of just allowing — not trying to force the event. I don’t claim to be awakened — or not awakened — just taking the trek, right along with the rest of us. What’s clear to me is that letting-go & allowing are critical, along with aligning with Truth, with Source, with Higher Self. It’s enough. Let That do the work.

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I see myself disappearing, more & more, my current self having not so much in common with my earlier self(s). There’s less & less, here — much less resistance, as well. Once we begin to note the pervasive, underlying movement of being against things, it’s much easier to release that. We surely don’t miss it 😆

You find many things reveled in the journals that wouldn’t likely come to light, otherwise. There’s clearly an alchemy at work. Now, this depends, of course, on “where” you are as you journal — whether focused in Heart, or in head. What I see in my journals is ever more Heart, ever less mind at work.


It’s actually an emptiness that speaks, here. With mind off to the side, & in a mode of allowing, we enable that to speak. We once believed in awakening as a fullness we wished to attain — well, I don’t find that to be the case. We thought of it as an entering into something. I don’t find it to be that, either. It’s more akin to diving into a void, a nothing, a no place.

Perhaps that’s behind why silence — a mental emptiness — is so useful, along the way — not so much the external silence, but an internal one. Is it the same emptiness speaking in or through each awakening one? Perhaps, but who knows? Maybe someone further along in their awakening journey could answer that.

It’s not only that the emptiness will speak, but it becomes more & more what’s acting in our life, too. From emptiness, our choices are made, we being more along for the ride than in control. The whole concept of “control” slips away, too, for control presumes a two — the one controlling, the one being controlled — no matter the characters involved.


You both expand & contract — expanding into the vastness of All That Is, yet contracted into the still point — the one listening & watching the show playing out. There is no more movement against anything, anyone — just the witness, ever still. Perhaps words will arise — perhaps they will not. You don’t know — you just watch.

The you that you may believe you are is not speaking, there — just watching as speaking of whatever sort arises. You’re not blocking, not resisting that. Thus, do your journals simply flow — when you’re not in the way. 😉

One could also say it’s a “full emptiness,” for one is entering into conscious participation with Source. So All that Source is, is also present here,. We feel the flow of That — the Love, the Purity, the Truth, the Compassion…


Once, when I was drawn up into That, heart overflowing with Joy, with gladness, I began to say, “Thank you” — which made it stop. I felt myself descending in consciousness, in frequency — so I hushed — & was immediately drawn back in.

Overflowing, once again, I said, “Thank you,” & again descended. This may have happened yet another time or two, before I realized what was happening. THERE IS NO TWO, HERE — one to thank, one thanking. There is, well & truly, only One.

It’s the One, doing all of the doing, saying all that is said, to the extent we will but allow. We are the listeners, the watchers of it all — just looking, just perceiving — being empty.



5:42 pm, Monday 2017/09/25, 3rdd, Mayan day 1 Storm / Cauac

Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness