Drunk on UG

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

Have been bathing, been swimming, flying in the text of The Mystique of Enlightenment of UG Krishnamurti. Feel a bit drunk, actually — it’s a challenge, just navigating the keyboard. Let’s see what arises, here — what sharing will come.

UG is the death of the individual self — the utter annihilation of whatever that is, the illusory “I.” Thus here, “I” am totally reliant on the flow from Heart. Nothing said by words can be accurate , can convey anything of this— nothing. Yet, to communicate, illusory self to illusory self, words serve the purpose.

Soon, we will come out of the cocoon of our need of words. Soon, it will be different, yet it’s about the steps taken or allowed by each one. No two will have the same experience. That’s not possible.

In the “higher” realities or realms we are entering, each One is a unique bloom.

It’s so funny that you don’t lose your uniqueness on awakening, on stepping higher in vibration, in consciousness. Mind would like to think that we all somehow merge into the proverbial One — thus losing anything that even could be unique — but not so.

Just like everything else, oneness, as we now view it, is but a myth.

The One is nothing any mind can conceptualize accurately — or at all. It is only as we get out of the way that the One is enabled to flourish, right NowHere, where we take our self to be.

The shocking message is that there is no self.

Yet, how can anything unique continue, absent a self? Ah, there’s mystery in that; but it does.

Are you with me? You’ll have to let go of quite a lot to take this trek. Yet, it’s ever so possible, ever so available to each one, in this Revolution of One. Finally, oh finally, friends, we are finding our way, not just within, but without —

exiting the Matrix in its entirety, leaving all thought in the dust as we move on.


Until today, I felt that UG Krishnamurti had captured, had become the essence of That — of “enlightenment,” if you will. That suddenly shifted on reading Part 2 of The Mystique of Enlightenment, today. Now, it’s just gone, & in its place is something I’ll have to be cautious about languaging, it is so “other,” so beyond what thought can access.

One thing we can safely say about UG, his trek, is that it represents an ultimate — an ultimate something, of those things accessible to present-day humanity. In him we witness an annihilation of the separate self — that much is clear. Yet, would this not also posit an end, a limit of some sort? In Heart we well know there are no such things, no limits at all.


Of course, we cannot say what UG is — but only what we perceive there, what he represents to us from our current perspective. Isn’t it grand that perspectives can shift — that they are flexible & abundant? From last night to this afternoon there’s been a real shift for “me” — whatever that is, lol.

Robert Anton Wilson (RAW) Explains Everything — 7:00

At no time can we speak for others, take on their perspectives. Empathy & telepathy are but feeble steps in this direction. We can come into some harmony of understanding on some levels, but their experience, their Being is their own — as ours is our own. Of this, Robert Anton Wilson was a true master, quite possibly another “ultimate” in this aspect of perceptions, perspectives.

How “I” now see UG is as one particular flower in the divine garden, at the height of its bloom, of its particular glory. What I now see is that, though he is exemplary, the summit of one way of Being, that doesn’t mean that other flowers don’t exist, that other ways, completely different, are not also possible.


We’re treading in the territory of ultimates, here — ultimate from the perspective of humanity — not from the perspective of Source, in which no limits exist or can exist. Source even contains & transcends the infinity/eternity that is humanity’s realm. Containing the fullness of both the NowHere — which contains all — & the nowhere, the emptiness, the void — that’s Source.

It is well to remind the self at times that Source also includes all of the darkness, including the negative creations of all beings, including humanity. If, in the exercise of free will, devils & demons are created, those, too, exist within Source. Thus, my way has been Balance — releasing the search for the one-sided coin, for only good, only Light.


It’s not in either running toward something OR running away from anything that humanity will find awakening. As we make peace with our own dark side — our own corollary to night — we may venture further, deeper into That, into Source. Otherwise, we deny a sizable chunk of All That Is, in our attempt to control our experience.

It’s a joke, really, as we’re running from that which we also are. All of that exists within us, too. Best to make friends with this understanding, thus releasing yet another layer of the pervasive resistance in which we abide. Who was it who said, “Resistance is futile?” This is not said in those terms, from that perspective, certainly — same words, with meanings that are worlds apart.


Cliff Jump — phenomenamagazine.com

What does UG offer us? The leap off of the proverbial cliff, pretty much — not to the death of the body, but to the death of the separate self. For those with sufficient readiness — those who have already ditched many elements of the old identity — his words take us on a truly great voyage of discovery. One wouldn’t need to go beyond this one transcription of his words & experiences to basically drink it/him all up.

“Every time a thought is born, you are born. When the thought is gone, you are gone. But the ‘you’ does not let the thought go, and what gives continuity to this ‘you’ is the thinking. Actually there is no permanent entity in you, no totality of all your thoughts and experiences. You think that there is ‘somebody’ who is thinking your thoughts, ‘somebody’ who is feeling your feelings — — that’s the illusion. I can say it is an illusion; but it is not an illusion to you.” [Emphasis mine]

In this Revolution of One, we are ready to dispense with the separate self, the one we’ve long taken ourselves to be. Only in Heart is the courage found to take this leap, & from there, it’s not seen as courage — just what is in our NowHere.

It’s the next logical step taken by the Source-as-us that simply Is. Our steps (in/as/from Heart) require no one’s permission, their encouragement or discouragement. In Heart no two even exist, so it’s a moot point.


Our Source-as-us “being,” for lack of a better word, is taking this walk — is, in effect, “doing” us. Though our outer image & form looks largely the same, nothing is the same — including the body. We are as changed as changed could be. Thus, the introductory warning on the UG website is important —roughly, enter here at the risk of life & self as you now know them. You will be changed.

Many of us participating in the Revolution of One are ready for such a step; many others are not. It truly doesn’t matter, folks — one state is not superior to another. No one can “do” awakening — it is acausal.

Taking any step Heart does not prompt is less than wise. Let your own Inner Being be your personal Guide. Look to no one else, nothing else, for permission for anything you either do or choose not to do.

Only You know what is best for you at any NowHere point.

“So, all that any man has ever thought or felt must go out of your system. And you are the product of all that knowledge — that’s all you are.

“The senses function unnaturally in you because you want to use them to get something. Why should you get anything? Because you want what you call the ‘you’ to continue. You are protecting that continuity. Thought is a protective mechanism: it protects the ‘you’ at the expense of something or somebody else.”

Does any of this seem frightening? It is, of course, but only to the mind. Thus, that fear can be put to good use on your journey out of mind & into Heart — a great opportunity in the move from Thinker to Observer. You do not, could not fear what you are. That makes no sense — no Heart sense, that is.

What You are is already in this state that is sought while remaining still somewhat in mind. This is the case, else there would be neither seeking nor a seeker.

You ARE that which you seek — just allow it to Be.

“You cannot be aware; you and awareness cannot co-exist. If you could be in a state of awareness for one second by the clock, once in your life, the continuity would be snapped, the illusion of the experiencing structure, the ‘you’, would collapse, and everything would fall into the natural rhythm. In this state you do not know what you are looking at — that is awareness. If you recognize what you are looking at, you are there, again experiencing the old, what you know.

“What makes one person come into his natural state, and not another person, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s written in the cells. It is acausal. It is not an act of volition on your part; you can’t bring it about. There is absolutely nothing you can do. You can distrust any man who tells you how he got into this state.”

[Emphasis added]



1:48 pm, Saturday 2017/09/25, 1st, Mayan day 6 Seed / Dan



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