Do vs Allow — We don’t “Do” Awakening

It Does Us

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These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening,

Awakening does us, we don’t do it. There is not nor has there ever been any reliable formula to produce awakening.

“Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. Truth, being limitless, unconditioned, unapproachable by any path whatsoever, cannot be organized, nor should any organization be formed to lead or to coerce people along any particular path.”

~J Krishnamurti

Humanity has been raised on Belief Systems of varying sorts, designed to clash, to set us against one another. For many generations, we’ve been blind to this BS manipulation, but the time of awakening is now upon us. The French yellow-vest protests are the latest evidence that we’re finally seeing through what used to control us.

Nothing can control us unless we allow it to do so — nothing at all. As we realize the self/Self as consciousness, the body-mind being the merest sliver of that, we’ll be less attached to playing it safe, to allowing ourselves to be controlled.

The Family of Humanity is in the midst of taking our power back from the heartless globalist creeps.

Wildifers — Elephant Carries Lion Cub —

This message of ALLOWING is one of the hardest for the belief-laden mind to accept. It sounds entirely too passive to the mind — but it is not, being something almost entirely “other” from anything the mind can conceive or believe. Our mind does not awaken nor does it guide us into awakening.

All this time, these many generations & millennia, we’ve been mind-reliant, thus easy to manipulate in so many ways, belief systems being perhaps the most obvious to the awakening ones. It takes stepping outside of those to see the manipulation at work.

The Matrix control grid is actually a mind-hack.

For the moment, our minds are largely polluted. Just as we’re learning we can’t trust the globalist operators, it’s time to learn we can’t trust our own mind — not in the way we’re used to doing. The mind means well as it tries to serve us. It is not evil, it is merely misled.

It’s time to step back for impartial observation — observation absent evaluation, as Krishnamurti suggests.

In this stepping back, we eventually recognize it as allowing. We cease identifying so strongly as the do-er to allow ourselves to impartially observe both self & others. It’s a fruitful move, a journey no mind can take.

That frightens those still wed to the body-mind, those not yet realizing that we’re ridiculously more — & less — than that. Nothing is what we take it to be. What we know is just in the way, being 98% programming.

Many of us are in the frightening stage of awakening, finally seeing into the massive corruption that’s been endlessly kept hidden from we, the people, known only to the globalist scum. There is nothing we can trust in what we believe — nothing at all. It’s all a part of the manipulation, the show — the dream.

Great courage arises in many beautiful hearts, the courage to be abused by the police/gendarmes in pursuit of both awakening & creating a better life for one & all, in reclaiming our natural freedom. Better decisions arise when we allow Heart to run the show.

We’ll never be totally awake in our body-mind forms, for these cannot contain the vastness of Who we truly are — no way! Yet, via our Heart-centric focus, many discover an inner Knowing that trumps all mental experience. As Source-in-form, our true foundation & core identity, we’ve never been anything but awake.

Being awake & being asleep are 2 sides of the same coin; the yin/yang, Spirit & matter.

The mind finds that so hard to swallow. That IT cannot be the one to lead us into awakening shocks it, stopping it dead in its tracks. That’s actually advantageous as it enables us to catch our breath & take another look at it all — to allow new perspectives to come into play.

The mind’s biggest blind spot is its arrogance, it’s supreme confidence that it knows what it knows. Most are not yet aware that our history texts are all lies & misrepresentations, for example, though the manipulation is in no way limited to history.

We forgot that the victor always rewrites our history & other texts in ways favorable to them & their schemes.

Waking up in the Matrix is scary at first. All we can see is the darkness, the corruption, the once invisible prison bars now coming into view at every hand. It’s best that we’re not exposed to this while still completely mind-reliant, as the mind doesn’t know what to do, how to escape.

Why not? The mind is all about doing, about accomplishing, about resisting what it doesn’t want. Heart in observation mode is all about allowing, about just watching; opening to perceive/receive Heart flow.

When it’s time to act, Heart is right there, making it happen. A Heart impulse has almost nothing in common with a mental impulse. There’s no judgment involved, no evaluation in Heart.

It’s shocking at first, but we realize that we’re watching things being done — seemingly by us. We’re not the doer, we’re the observer, even though others wouldn’t see it that way.

We don’t do awakening — awakening does us via Heart.

At this point, as we begin to realize this, things can get decidedly challenging for the mind. We don’t understand & we can’t explain ourselves to anyone who isn’t at least as awakened as we are. Those still relying on their mind have no way to comprehend what we’re experiencing.

A part of the “price” of awakening is often old friends & acquaintances as we move on, attracted to other awakening ones. At this point, it feels so good to be understood.

A lot of self-doubt arises as we flow back & forth between our mind & Heart. How we handle it has everything to do with our choice to be either Heart-centric or mind-centric, i.e., to allow or to do.

Things get wonderfully better from here, once we love ourselves enough to be true to our inner guidance, to allow Heart to lead the way. It’s funny, but though we’ve been endlessly lied to & mistreated from every angle by the globalist crew, what we now discover is how things are actually perhaps 10,000% better than we believed, than we perceived via the body-mind. 😲

I Am Unique —

No one can tell you what you’ll discover.

You may have fun, as I have, studying the many NDE/OBE experiences available online & in libraries. These people took a major step closer to Who they really are & it shows.

When in Heart, we clearly sense where they’re coming from.

We’ll have our own unique awakening experiences, ones no one else can prepare us for. It’s a time to truly learn to allow, to be willing to go with this very special inner flow. We’ll later find that we’re in the midst of transcending 3D on an awakening trek that never ends.

There is no such thing as an awakened one, for that would postulate a limit, an end in the midst of the eternal infinity of our native realm. We’ll have fun discovering how 3D is quite literally the dream, the dream of Source-in-form, a vast higher-dimensional awareness.

That works out just fine when we recognize the self as consciousness, becoming far less attached to the body-mind form. Consciousness creates, & I love the way James Gilliland lays out the stages of creation:

James Gilliland and Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligences — Feb 1, 2016:

It goes from consciousness to light to energy to mass” [at about 40 minutes in].

So we have CLEM: Consciousness > Light > Energy > Mass. Let’s make friends as we rise & fall, doing the CLEM dance, playing the CLEM game right where we are.



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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness