Ditching Disempowerment

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

Isn’t it strange to consider that the only one blocking your awakening is you? I find it so. This is not to imply that anyone can decide to awaken and then do that — not at all. Awakening comes when it will and we’re not in charge of that. I’d explain if I could, but I don’t understand it, either, so we’ll just leave that there.

Meanwhile, we’re all destined to awaken. Did you ever consider that? It may come in this lifetime — in which I believe there will be massive numbers waking-up — or in another one, but we’ll all get there, at some point. Now, in this case, though I’m speaking of awakening as a one-time accomplishment, it’s in a relative sense.

By that, I mean that, when in 3D, awakening will move you into a higher dimensional experience, whether of 4D, or perhaps passing through rather quickly into 5D. Many may go even higher, but if we keep in mind that we entered 3D from those higher dimensions — most of us — then that’s quite natural to who we are, to return.

It’s not anything that we must earn.

Then, from those higher dimensions, we’ll have a further awakening…& from there, yet a further awakening…it goes on forever, folks. Get used to the idea, for it takes quite a bit of stress off of this whole awakening thing on which so many are focused.

It’s no be-all & end-all, just yet another step on our journey — one we’ve certainly taken ever so many times, before. (That’s in a relative sense, of course, if you consider that Now contains all time — but let’s leave that one aside, for now 😆)


Back to the shocking idea that we’re the only one in our way. Let’s assume, just for fun, that we’re destined to awaken in this very lifetime. It’s not only fun to ponder, but beneficial, on the side. How is that? By the awesome power of thought, in placing our attention on things so pleasing to contemplate, we do help bring them about.

So it’s a win-win! 👍

Thus, by focusing on what we desire — as long as there’s (little or) no underlying movement against that, we’re actually in process of aligning with that — of allowing it. Hey, that’s more powerful stuff than most of us yet realize. This is one of endless ways we train ourself to get out of our own way. Okay, moving on…


One thing we can all do is to set our intention. We do it all the time. By simply intending to go to the store today, I make that more likely to happen, yes? While it’s nothing new, it may not be something of which we’re generally aware. The awakening trek helps us shift from doing things unconsciously, with little awareness, to being more deliberate — or at least more aware.

If we’re friends with MOM (Mind-Observer Mode), then we’re likely noticing those previously unconscious or subconscious activities of mind. We’re gaining (awakening) ground, there. Early on, it’s best not to be active, since we’re still largely wrapped-up in mind. As having mind drive the life car is not desirable, it’s best to just observe, for now.

The most active thing we can do in this stage is, as we learn while observing, to become more aware of our underlying intentions. They’ve been at work all this time, but we were largely powerless, with mind behind the wheel, acting on intentions that lay in deeper layers of mind. We’re now becoming more aware of that.

As our awareness increases, now that we’re more inward-focused, it’s natural to watch the self/Self setting better intentions — ones we can really get behind, ones more beneficial to self & to awakening. Our first intention is to simply observe mind, à la MOM. This is when we begin to uncover the many intentions that were keeping us outward-focused. Many a-ha! moments are in store.

What happens as we watch the self setting a more beneficial intention is that it replaces those that were working against us. It clashes with them, & since the power of our consciousness is behind the new intention, it eventually erases the old one(s).

So even the power of just setting new intentions is noteworthy.

As our MOM period progresses, we watch this at work. We witness the delicate changes, which often show-up first in our attitude, which improves. It’s a process, of course, so it takes some time. At first, we’re pretty shocked when we begin work with MOM.

Being so outward-focused, before, we were unaware of our internal processes.


It’s important to Love the self through this whole thing, to closely observe any tendency to self-condemnation, self-deprecation — anything negative toward the self. Self-acceptance is a great intention to set, to help us get through the shocking things we’ll be noticing, perhaps for the first time.

As we accept that we were doing the best that we could all along, we can make room for the reality that now, we can do better. Cut yourself lots of slack, friends. It’s the Loving thing to do. As you begin observing your self-talk, you’ll have some surprising realizations.

Just pretend you were saying those things to your child, to your spouse. If you wouldn’t say it to them, then why say it to yourself?

We’re not intentionally mean or cruel to the self, but from MOM, we can see that mean & cruel we were. It’s hard to believe we didn’t even notice these things, but they flew under the radar while our attention was focused “out there,” on the externals of life. We’re conditioned into it by Hollywood, by the way people treat one another, by society. It’s been made to be “just normal.”

It’s The Matrix.

We’re releasing all of the old ideas, the old values, as well — the negative, harmful ones, not the good stuff. We’re releasing ourselves from the clutches of a programmed mind, as we become more self-aware. Our new value is kindness, & that starts with the self. We deserve our own respect — don’t we?

If we don’t respect the self, how can we expect others to respect us?

Whatever we would like to receive from others, we give that to us, first. It will then flow naturally to others. Only this time, we’re starting from the ground floor, building on a solid foundation. If you want Love, then Love the self. If you want hate, then hate the self. It works just as well, either way, so you can see how vital it is to be more self-aware.


This is not a blame-game. You’ll be seeing many things you’d rather not see, rather not know about. Well, that’s how you lived your life, thus far, right? How has that worked out for you? Most of us are not really comfortable in our own skin, dissatisfied for unknown reasons — perhaps hard to please. You’ll be seeing the roots of that with MOM, so be gentle, be loving & kind with you.

You deserve it!

These journals never cease to amaze me. I’ve never written one quite like this. Let’s see where it’s going.


One thing I’ll suggest is — with MOM, of course — to realize how all of your underlying discontentment is actually mind’s. All of the discomforts you’ll encounter, as you look closer, will be laid at the feet of your mind.

I’m going to suggest that you be gentle with mind, too — realizing that it was programmed over a very long time to be this way. It’s not really mind’s fault, dear one — so be generous & cut it plenty of slack. Just observe.

Humanity has a great deal of reckoning to do. As we begin to see these things in the self — in mind’s workings — on a deeper level, we’ll be coming to terms with how we let things get to this state. We’re all responsible for this — we first went to sleep at the wheel, which was then slowly given over into mind’s control.

This mess grew into being over many, many generations, not just ours.


Far more important than that you figure anything out, is that you come to love yourself — truly Love yourself. That, by itself, will begin to turn humanity’s ship of state around. Love is the active Power, here — not mind, not self. Remember, the divine virtues are active, not passive. All they require is our consent, our allowing. They will actually get the job done for us — as we align with them — as we allow.

An earlier journal called “Seeing is Freeing” may be useful, here. It demonstrates the very active power of vision — of simply seeing (or observing) things. A problem, an issue, a challenge not noticed will remain. Upon being seen, things begin to shift. Thus, the seeing is active — it is freeing, as we’re willing to align, to allow the change to occur.

At first, things will appear anything but positive. It will be messy, simply because our outward focus has enabled us to get to this state. That will change, literally on its own, as we align with Love, Compassion, and Truth — with any of the so-called divine virtues. They’re aptly named, for they’re the qualities of Source.

Though we perhaps never knew it, before, we are actually Source-in-a-body — Source-in-form.

We’re beginning, taking the first steps, to turn the wheel over to That — to Who we truly are. It will be more than strange, as again & again, we spot ugly things that lay hidden, within, all along. It’s that outward focus that blinded us to the growth of this mess. Now that our focus is turning inward, things will change — again, as if by magic — on their own.


So while it may seem — to the mind — that we’re being passive with this whole thing — we are not. This is a disguise of a mind seeking to maintain its control. It doesn’t want to be seen, doesn’t want its unkindness, its self-condemnation spotted. This was all part of the negative power it once wielded. This is what it sees dropping away, which frightens mind, so it attacks, trying to keep us down.

It’s all normal & natural, friends. Considering our starting point — the mess both we & all of humanity are presently in — this is to be expected. It’s okay. Just keep centering in Heart. The deep calm is ever there to welcome you.

It’s largely a matter of learning to disempower, then ignore, the 3D mind. Until it’s properly tamed & buckled tightly into the back seat — which won’t happen right away — expect some resistance from it. Again, it’s just normal.

This is how you’d behave, in mind’s place. Well, thank heaven you are not! This is a victory — many of them — in the making. The first steps are the worst, just due to our prior lack of awareness of what was going on. It’s a nasty thing to have to face — at first.


OMG, it gets better & better, though — guaranteed — if & as you persist. It will bring out the deep strength you likely never knew you had. As long as you were identified with mind, you couldn’t access that — but now you’ll begin to, more & more. You’ll discover a Self really worthy of falling in love with, I promise — if you persist.

So take no action, beyond watching yourself/yourSelf set new intentions.

No need, either, to make them huge intentions. Believe it or not, the little ones are both more do-able, but also more powerful. Everything you thought you knew will be turned on its head. It’s a wild journey of endless surprises — the wonderful ones are on their way, too. We’ve just got to slog our way through this first part — taking the wheel back from mind — for those to enter, stage left — and they will.

They’re just up ahead, now. KNOW that they are there, all dressed & ready to play their parts. Once this first bit is well on its way, you’ll be seeing them make their entries, regularly. They’ve just been awaiting your cooperation in this whole deal — really!

Waiting for you to “get out of the way” by reigning-in your wayward mind, with its endless outward focus.

Go within. You’ll be so glad you did! Hang in there. We’re all with you. We’re all in this thing, together, giving over the driving to Source — to Source-in-form. Can you even imagine anyOne more trustworthy than That?! 😆

Carl Jung — The Mission on Medium.com



12:36 am, Wednesday 2017/09/27, 1st, Mayan day 3 Crocodile / Imix




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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