Dirty Electricity?

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening, Bodymindsoulspirit.com

How many of us have even heard of dirty electricity, much less realized that we swim in it most of the time? Back in the day, the germ was a crazy theory. It predated the microscope, so no one could see them.

What wasn’t perceptible to the senses basically didn’t exist; that was the accepted view. Surgeons didn’t bother to wash their hands before operations since germs were just a crazy theory.

Most of us aren’t aware of dirty electricity, so for us, it may as well not exist — except that it does, & we face its consequences just as our ancestors faced the dire consequences of not knowing about germs. At least we have the technology to detect both.

What is Dirty Electricity? —Emfanalysis.com

Yes, even our house wiring emits dirty energy. Until it’s more broadly accepted & understood, power companies will get away with generating it, not going the extra mile to design it out or to clean it up. Appliance makers also get away with flawed designs that perpetuate it.

We now have the ability to detect dirty electricity & there are technologies available to remediate it in our homes & offices for those who are interested. [1] [2] But what about those other frequencies & energies our senses don’t detect? We emit & receive them all day long, but because they’re invisible to our sight & most of our current equipment, we ignore them.

Just as the earth has a magnetic field our equipment can detect, so do we. Is a thought a thing? Have you heard of the aura? Did you think it was nonsense or a myth, the way we once did with germs? We’re dealing with the Matrix mind hack as well as our need for technology to make such things visible.

Favorite Matrix phrases are, “conspiracy theory,” or “nut case” for things or people they don’t want us to pursue.

We’ve long allowed ourselves to be manipulated in ways we know nothing of. Technology is used on us that we don’t know exists. We’re kept in small boxes by ridicule & scorn, by shunning we were somehow made to accept — or were we? Can we really be made to accept anything?


We can, however, be tricked, be lied to so creatively that we fall for it & go along. Those behind the scenes running the show are masters of manipulation, of coercion made socially acceptable. They get us to agree with them & their methods to “remedy” things, not seeing into their real motivation, their real purposes behind the lies.

That was then, this is now. With so very many of us awakening, we can no longer be held down by the old methods, & they aren’t coming up with new ones fast enough to stem the awakening tide. As with the germs & the dirty electricity, we now see through them & their corrupt, abusive ways.

One of the most important things we can awaken to is consciousness, how we are that, how we use that, & how it actually creates. Awareness, itself, is the creative force that makes & structures 3D & the dimensions. Though we can’t see consciousness, it helps a great deal that we ARE that. That we sense it is a great place to begin.

Friends, it’s not what we do that makes things happen. It’s not the body-mind that’s in charge of the 3D show, it’s us as consciousness. The body-mind plays only a small role. Yes, we’ve been taught to identify with it, to believe it’s who we are, & when it dies so do we. Many are coming to realize how nonsensical that is.

Our beliefs are not visible things — yet they rule our world, our personal reality. In order to take command, to take our power back, we must take charge of our beliefs. Beliefs, expectations, & attitudes (BEA) are a closely interrelated bundle that merits our attention.

These are not the source of our power. They are the control factors programmed into us via The Matrix. BEA is the means to control us, all starting with our programmed beliefs which fashion our expectations & attitudes. Do you see?

What is the source of our power? Consciousness. It’s really that simple, even though the mind objects, preferring a complexity of which it can be proud. Once we begin to see how very powerful BEA is in our life, we develop a new respect for the underlying consciousness that we are, for its great power to create.

This is not offered to or for anyone’s mind. When we center deeper within, in Heart, the deeper innerstanding arises. We already know every bit of this, we just forgot, & the way to reconnect, to re-member our dismembered selves is to find our way into Heart, to let go of all we think we know.

The awakening ones see how everything they believe, all they know, blocks their entry into their greater depths. (Gee, do ya think it coulda been planned to do that?) The mind can’t Know things, it is only equipped to know about them — a BIG difference.

Heart occupies the central core of All That Is.

In Heart we’re everywhere & everywhen at the same time, i.e., centered on the cross of the NowHere in the Kingdom that’s within.

While that’s great, it isn’t so useful when we’re not consciously aware of it. Like the once-invisible germs, it still has its effects, we’re just unaware, not yet awake & able to spot it at work. Nor are we ready to do so until we spot the false identity we’ve been packaged into.

Who & what we take ourselves to be is a myth, is but a temporary reality. Our awakening (or the body’s NDE or death) is its demise. Not only is everything we thought we knew in the way of our awakening, so is who we took ourselves to be. Until we get over that, we’re not going far.

Who are you? Bring it out & show me. Prove it to me. Define yourself.

If you’re wise, you’ll realize that’s not doable. There’s a body-mind, then there’s us, the self. The two can be together — or not. One does not depend on the other. We, as consciousness, are eternal; the body-mind is not, being far more limited than us, Source-in-form.

Heck, we’re not even “in form;” the form is in us. 😆

Just for the moment, let’s take Source/God to be Consciousness that contains the All That Is, which includes us. We, as consciousness, are an element, an emanation of the Divine, both one with That & seemingly separate when we take on a 3D incarnation. We are both sides of the coin.

We have not just the 5 bodily senses & the technology that helps us perceive beyond them, we have also the utter vastness, the Allness, the Kingdom within. We don’t generally access it until we know it, or at least know about it, just as we had to discover the germs to do anything with them — or against them, lol.

When we’re in the mind, it’s quite easy to misread or misinterpret things. We’re not directly in connection with them. As a simple for-instance, take my use of LOL. I sometimes put it in caps, other times in lower case. There may be some meaning attached to that, but if so, I’m not aware of it, so I’m not implying anything.

I’d have to do a search to discover if the meaning or implication differs. Yet, let’s just say there is some sort of different understanding behind whether it’s upper or lower case. Many would assume that’s my meaning, that I’m saying something with that — yet, I’m not. The mind so easily misunderstands or projects itself on others.

Heart doesn’t do that. It can’t. In a very real sense, to Heart there is no other, abiding in the Oneness as it does. Heart-centric people recognize other Heart people, but mind-centric folks see only the superficials, thinking they see the whole.

Though physically visible to one another — for a while longer — they live in different realms.

The other side of Great Awakening of which so many speak, these days, is The Great Separation. We have a massive parting of the ways going on, free will being the instrument to implement our individual choices. No one is being forced into anything.

Humanity has a Power with which we don’t generally reckon, but the awakening is changing that. Each one of us is powerfully in charge of our course, our direction. That’s why it’s imperative that we wake-up to our power & quit misusing it, quit working against ourselves.

When we entertain doubt & fear, we work against what we want.

When we look down on ourself or down on others, we misuse our power, not yet realizing how we’re creating our own future that way. We’ve all heard, “What goes around comes around,” but on what depth have we heard it? For most, it’s superficial, a nice phrase. Otherwise, we’d change our ways!

We’ve been programmed to keep ourselves (& others) in line, in The Matrix, in the box. We scold others who step out of the lines — as we’re programmed to do. We think we do it for their benefit, too. Boy, have we ever been massively manipulated!

Let go, let go, let go; this is the best advice for this time. As we’re at least willing to hear something from a different perspective — to entertain it in Heart — we’re doing fine. This is no time to go rushing off in any particular direction, not until we discover & discard the current myth of the body-mind/ego self.

Just who is going to go rushing off, there?

To find our True Selves, we must be Heart-centric in the NowHere & just be, be still for a while — often. We will discover the internal emptiness that is ever so full, but the mind will play no part in the discovery, so we must let that go along with BEA, its creation.

Addition vs Subtraction — From the Tao te Ching

Out of the stillness, the emptiness, does the Phoenix of the True Self arise, unlike anything our mind expects. This letting go, this releasing of all we thought we knew goes very deep & takes a while, so there’s no point in rushing.

When you’re rushing, step back & recognize the mind at work.

Get ready to discover the greatest simplicity, ever. It’s our minds that have made a complex muck of things, but Heart always Knows; it knows better, too. Trust it. Let everything go that doesn’t flow with it.

So You are Divine, but exercise caution, for that You isn’t who you take yourself to be. Our currently accepted identities have us living in the midst of a dream, a realm of unrealities. Those who choose to let all of that go, bit by bit, awaken to their part in the play, their power of creation, i.e., consciousness.

Every thought counts, friends. Let’s begin by simply being aware.



Sunday, 2019/01/20 — Mayan day 2 Crocodile / Imix, a great day for new beginnings

[1] Ecowatt Energy Saving Device helps clean or remediate dirty electricity, promising to lower your electric bill from 20 to 60%.

[2] To REALLY clean up not just dirty electricity, but all harmful radiation, from 4G to 5G, high-power lines to smart meters & everything else, look into the Total Shield EMF Protection device. It says it uses the Schumann Resonance & “Tesla-like coils” to neutralize harmful radiation in a 20,000 sq. ft. area.



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