Destroying the Old

These Eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me

It’s not wise to build anything new on top of the old. You don’t build a new house over a broken-down shack without first clearing the ground.

So it is with humanity’s awakening. The old cabal-structured reality is flawed, right to its core. When we try improve on old ways & structures it doesn’t work. Nothing built that way can long stand — it lacks a solid foundation.

We could call the old reality The Matrix — it’s that unreal. It’s a bit of a sad joke to call the unreal “reality.” Thirty or forty years ago we didn’t have the clarity we’re gaining, now. We couldn’t see through the nonsense parading itself as normal, so we went along with the program, “business as usual.” Look around, wherever you are in the world, to see the results, the chaotic mess.


Let’s not spend time working-out how to improve things as they now stand. It’s time for the visionary ones, the courageous ones to let that all go, releasing ourselves from the tangled mess of our current experience. Yes, there IS a better way — but we must start fresh, allowing the past to both be what it is, & be released.

Why not enter that silent, inner realm I call Heart & start afresh? Let us reach inward, contacting our true, native Reality as Source-in-form. What would Source create? What would Source want?

As we choose to identify less & less with mind, we enter Heart & become simple observers, not just of what’s happening around us, but more importantly of what’s occurring, within. We watch the self — from the perspective of Source, as Source-in-form.


A fresh inner clarity arises along this awakening trek, friends. Perhaps you’ve noted it, yourself. It may initially appear for but a moment, yet it’s sufficiently different that we take note.

We don’t understand it — but we don’t need to, for that sort of understanding is mind-based. Heart’s perceptions & perspectives are distinctly different — yet we’re woven into that, as well. It’s somehow of us, even though it seems strange at first.

This clarity doesn’t arise while the old belief systems (BS) remain. We enter a tremendous, seemingly endless journey of letting-go. Our beliefs are layered in, each new layer exposed after the previous layer is released.

It’s as if it takes a vacuum to bring in the higher way — to merge with Higher Self — the “vacuum” of silence. In the absence of this continual willingness to let the old go, this new clarity remains only as potential, unrealized.


For those brave souls willing to take this plunge into emptiness, OMG what a great new world awaits! I’m in it, now, yet it’s likely I’ve hardly begun to wet my toes. Our environment is eternity/infinity, friends — have you pondered the depth of that? Eternity/infinity, by itself, is quite a wild ride.

For starters, it means there is literally no beginning, nor can there be any ending. Why not? Those are limits, none of which are found in Heart, our access point to this new Reality. Instead, we experience every ending as yet another beginning.

Nothing whatsoever is what we took (or take) it to be. We’ve been so long in The Matrix — crafted through us by the dark cabal [1] — that we haven’t touched bases with Reality in ever so long. In our current state, we just don’t know what it’s like, this new/old Reality that ever was & ever will be.


It’s not as if it’s a solid reality, either — already somehow set in stone, the future locked-in & known. It’s a Reality of endless potentials, ever awaiting each one’s choice to go this way or that. Nor is there but one Reality — oh, no! We each get to make endless choices, navigating midst eternity/infinity via Free Will.

In 3D we have a version, a concept of what we call “free will,” but it’s vastly limited compared to the Free Will encountered in Heart. We are limitless, multidimensional beings — each one a creator in his/her own right (i.e., Source creates through us). Even gender slips away, the higher we rise in vibration. It’s yet another limit natural only to the lower dimensions, where wholeness separates out to have a 3D experience.


Did you know that each body, of whatever gender, runs both estrogen & testosterone? We’re already a combination of both, one being dominant in any particular life. We’re perhaps a 60/40 blend of both genders, right where we are. Things must separate out as we manifest a form to enter 3D, the realm of duality — yes/no, right/wrong, good/bad, male/female, etc.

Have you noticed your perspectives shifting? Are you seeing things at least somewhat differently — seeing through certain things, where you didn’t, before? We’re on the move into higher dimensions. Some of us are already having direct 4D experiences.

Many are not yet aware of this, yet we’re all on the journey, regardless. Our free will remains intact at every point — yet it takes letting go of so much to see it this way. Until one is seriously releasing the old, the new perspective (perception) is not available.


Be alert, friends. Keep the focus within; perceive outer events from Heart. Step back & observe mind, rather than be taken along by streams of thought. Let thoughts be as links, seen but not clicked. As we continue to stand back, to withdraw from mind’s endless chatter, our inner world rises into awareness. It’s all up to us — Free Will at work & at play ;)

This old world must give way to the awesome, fantastic realm into which we’re moving. The old world & its ways have no place, no resonance in the higher Light. Just as water seeks its own level, so do our souls.

Though we’ve been convinced that we were these limited bodies, these 3D minds, that’s more illusion that most realize. We are sparks of the divine, who came into this 3D realm on a mission — one we forgot after incarnating here. Why? Because of the programming we receive, the belief systems we adopt.


At some point we begin to see the hilarity in this whole thing. Nothing bad is happening here, bad though it seems from limited 3D perspective. We gain insight & new clarity as we move, step-by-step, greeting everything from our inner Being’s perspective. Just release, just allow. Do NOT hear these words from mind, which will only misinterpret, misunderstand, & fear. It does its best, but it’s not up to this task.

Mind is the wrong tool for the awakening job. Best to not think you will understand things as they transpire. You don’t need to mentally log & categorize them — that’s the old way. We find something far greater, far deeper than understanding on this trek.

Some call it innerstanding. I tend to call it realizing — but no word will do the trick. Enter the experience — then you’ll get it, too — & you’ll laugh! Well & truly, from Heart perspective it was/is all a mirage :-D


9:28 am, Friday 2017/06/30, Mayan day 5 Road / Eb

[1] — “… The Matrix, crafted through us by the dark cabal…” What does this mean? It means that the dark side, the cabal & those hidden behind them, do NOT have the power to create. They lost it long ago, pursuing the path of darkness.

Meanwhile, as Source-in-form, Creator works through us, the Light Beings incarnate on planet earth. We’re the ones who were literally used to bring this Matrix “reality” about. How? We create based on thought, word, & deed. We think, speak & act based on our underlying belief systems (BS). Pretty simple, really — once seen.

By instilling these limited & limiting beliefs in us, down through the ages, we were inspired to create the limiting structures of society — current science, medicine, education, government… you name it. They all spring from our BS beliefs, so naturally they support those beliefs. It’s an endless loop, leading precisely nowhere.

If it seems like a trap, it is not — but it will seem so to those who continue to identify with both body & mind, with the current environment. Our native realm is infinity/eternity, but the old must be released to exit The Matrix. We are NOT bringing it with us. The choice is ours — has ever been — we just didn’t see it, before. ;-)



Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness