Defining God

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening,

While we’re about sorting out our own identity, what about Source/God; who do we take That to be? And are our thoughts & beliefs around it largely formulated via the mind? Will we choose to step back from those enough to take a dispassionate, impersonal look?

The “we” or “I” thing must be sorted out, first, or we’re just indulging in mental masturbation to tackle our definition of, our concepts around Source/God. What our mind takes That One to be is unimportant — well, unimportant to anyone/anything but the ego/mind. 😆

Listen from Heart, dear ones. It’s the only vehicle that can take us to our chosen destination. Our Heart IQ is off the charts, which includes our ability to observe without judgment or evaluation — simply, to see — to let what we see speak to us.

Everything speaks. Did you know?

From a caterpillar to an elephant or a plant, to the rocks under our feet, everything speaks. Yes, it’s not speech heard by our ears, but it’s rather easily heard/sensed within Heart. It all depends on where we put our focus & on how focused we are.

When in the mind, we don’t focus that well. Sure, we can focus on the task at hand with some intensity, but that’s external — as usual. Heart takes us deeper when we choose to go there. Heart doesn’t boss us around — nor does Source/God. There’s this thing called free will that’s often submerged or ignored.

The Grammarly program always bosses me around, telling me I must use articles for things it doesn’t understand; things that don’t require an article, such as “Heart.” Heart is One, not “a Heart” or “the Heart,” or an endless group of individual “Hearts.” This isn’t that, this isn’t of the mind, so let’s go deeper within before examining our own definition of God.

External things seem to be separate, & in one way they are. From our external, mental perspective, we can treat things as being separate & it’s useful — from that perspective. But what if we’re not limited to mental perspectives on everything?

All I Can Guarantee —

What if we’re not limited to a 3D body-mind, a life of limited duration, limited reach, limited power?

Perhaps read the prior journal for help grounding in a deeper version/vision/experience of the self, which can be viewed as Self. We have a choice that most don’t discover while still in incarnation.

Let’s not let the mind distract us with, “Why would that be?” Stubbornly Heart-centered, let’s move on.

As we’re discovering both Self & other perspectives on life, we’ll come to view our mind like an easily distracted child, a petulant child when it doesn’t get its way. It will bug the heck out of us with distracting thoughts for very good reasons: it knows that’s how it gets its way, & it’s terrified to lose control, to have you go where it cannot go.

Yes, we’re hugely under the control, the domination of our mind. It helps speed us on our way to admit that up front, but we’ll discover it in hindsight if not. This can be seen as an aspect of the Matrix mind-hack that didn’t just hack into our minds but actually took charge of them.

We’re not taught to distrust our mental processes, are we?

Instead, we’re programmed to identify with them as an aspect of the self, the body-mind. A little distrust at this point is called for, is most useful. That is, if we don’t choose to remain the slave, the obedient servant.

A bit of a time out to share that, when I write these journals, “I” have no idea what’s going to be written beyond perhaps an initial concept or title. When we’re in Heart, our mind isn’t privy to much of anything. It’s not channeling, friends; there’s no being in Spirit telling me what to say — no Being outside of mySelf. [1]

The challenge is that we’re so very programmed AND that we’re largely unaware of it. We don’t find the NowHere & anchor there to just observe. How can we when we don’t know it exists? It takes a certain distance from the externals, from the perspective that anything at all IS external.

The mind fights us, in other words; do you see? You surely experience it, or you will immediately on seeking to set it aside for a time in favor of finding your way into Heart.

Surfing —

Another time out — those who believe it’s the mind that awakens will find themselves stuck. That’s a belief that must be either shed or tabled for this journey, this awakening adventure, or it will certainly block you.

Our mind isn’t our friend on the finding-Heart journey. Instead, it’s at first simply shocked, stunned that we’d consider there’s anything beyond its reach. Then it sets out to thwart our every move toward spiritual awakening, at first blatantly, arrogantly, before it gets a good taste of our stubborn persistence, our insistence on our goal. Only then does it begin to be subtle, to be more tricky than openly controlling.

As we know, every coin has 2 sides, & the other side of this one is actually humor. As we watch the mind playing its tricks, trying to hide, we get a good laugh now & then, & a rare one, since it’s at the self. 😆

That’s good, as the mind cannot good-heartedly laugh at itself. It can ridicule, judge, & be snarky, surely, but this is a Loving or Compassionate kind of laughter, something alien to the mind; something of Heart.

Are we ready to look at, perhaps change, our definition of Source/God, yet? If not firmly seated deep within, this leads to challenges all based on externals, rules for life, on what one book says versus another, what this or that religion or teacher/sage preaches.

Let’s be cautious & alert for such things; they block the way into Heart, not letting us bypass the externals.

They also bring us back to our self-definition. Only as we identify with the form, the body-mind, do those challenges have any power over us. Those who Know they are consciousness, with a body-mind that comes & goes, aren’t so easily manipulated. When we’re empty, such things find nothing in us to grasp & manipulate.

Free will takes us ever so far. Even when our body is locked in a prison camp, forced to labor & totally controlled, WE ARE NOT CONTROLLED. We are consciousness, awareness, & we’re completely in charge of that. The successful strategy of the globalist cabal has been to deceive, to dishonestly gain our consent to what they want us to do.

Please know that we have consented to the current mess or we wouldn’t be experiencing it. Free will really does work, but it can also be so thoroughly misunderstood & misappropriated by dishonest treachery that it doesn’t seem to offer us anything worthwhile.

Our wings have been clipped, that’s all, & we’re definitely waking up, now.

What is Source/God? Look at your definition. Is it a being of some sort, something that art can portray? Does it have a name & a set of rules it imposes on us? IF — & it’s a big IF — you can view this from a Heart perspective, it won’t look anything like what you’re used to viewing.

Any being, anywhere in Cosmos, is & must have been created somewhere at some time. Source/God can in no way be limited to a being of any sort. You can sense that via Heart, though the programmed mind will certainly object. Beings are the creation of Source/God. Most of those taken to be God are merely ET, from elsewhere & possibly from other dimensions.

The globalist bunch well knows this. Those at the top have long worked closely with negative ETs. They work together to contain & corral us, humanity being perceived by them as their herd, their livestock.

Now, brace (in Heart) for this: How do we treat our livestock? Can we fault others for treating us in similar ways? Can we recognize how what goes around comes around? Are we willing to change our ways?

Just let go, friends. Let be. As we relax into letting things just be what they are & merely observe that for a time, our perspectives will so vastly change as to be humorously unrecognizable to who we become, to who we discover ourselves to already BE.

What’s been underestimated up to this time is the letting go that’s required to make the shift.

The camel can’t pass through the eye of the needle [2] with saddle, rider, & baggage, but must strip down. When we’re finally brave enough — or even desperate enough — to admit perhaps we don’t know much, that we actually know nothing — only then does our real journey begin.

Until then, we’re just chasing our tail, so we fit right in — right into The Matrix — by our own convoluted free-will choices.

Oh, & my current “definition” of Source/God — though there is no definition that can contain or convey That — is Consciousness. Yeah, we as “consciousness,” & Source as “Consciousness,” the One in which we all participate, the other side of the body-mind coin. What’s yours?


2019/01/13, 2nd — Mayan day 8 Jaguar / Ix


[1] A dispassionate look at our fear of channeling will reveal the mind seeking to remain ever in control. It fears being shoved aside by another, by one whose thoughts it cannot know, by a being it does not see. Who we truly are has no fear of anything or anyone, for what has Source to fear?

[2] The “Eye of the Needle” is said to be a smaller gate in Jerusalem, the only one left open at night after the main gate would close.

(Please laugh with me as you note the usefulness of the WALL around the city, the cities of olden times, LOL. Let’s not lose our sense of humor in the current chaos. We’ll be laughing at ever so much of this, later on.)



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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness