Defining God

These Eyes through which I Hoped to See God…

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening,

Everything speaks. Did you know?

All I Can Guarantee —

What if we’re not limited to a 3D body-mind, a life of limited duration, limited reach, limited power?

We’re not taught to distrust our mental processes, are we?

Surfing —

Let’s be cautious & alert for such things; they block the way into Heart, not letting us bypass the externals.

Our wings have been clipped, that’s all, & we’re definitely waking up, now.

What’s been underestimated up to this time is the letting go that’s required to make the shift.



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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness