False Ascension Matrix —

Defeat the Programming - 2nd

These eyes, through which I hoped to see God, are the eyes through which God sees me”

Let’s start at the beginning, with this “False Ascension Matrix” idea. A guest writer for In5D has a post I’ll quote from, throughout, to apply some clarity — from my perspective, of course. That doesn’t mean I’m “right” & this writer is “wrong.” I highly advise caution due to two things —1) we each have belief systems, & 2) due to our power, we each craft the unique experience that we call reality. To each her/his own; just be aware.

This isn’t to say that I don’t believe humanity is “ascending” — I do — yet my understanding today is a far cry from what it once was — ascending in frequency, not lifting up off of the planet. Awakening is a process, after all, every nanosecond bringing change to which the 5 senses are not privy. Our ship progresses across the seas of Life, unaware of what populates the waters, below, the skies far above — or the Kingdom, within. ♥

“If you’re on any form of ascension path and you’re not aware that 4D and 5D have been taken over by the “False Ascension Matrix” then you’re operating your body like a computer without virus protection.

“And like most computers that have been hacked, you could risk losing not just your data, but your identity, your sense of self — and your future ability to incarnate into a human form. The False Ascension Matrix is not a new phenomenon, but not many know of it. And that means many human souls risk becoming lost within its black hole technology if they fail to awaken in time, if they are unable to see through its illusions and false claims.”


Please note the fear potentially engendered, here, the dark picture it paints — we’ve been hacked —we’re at risk of losing our identity, sense of self, & our soul & future ability to incarnate — overcome by technology. In this, The False Ascension Matrix article, I find so many flaws, as I would term them. It’s a rather nasty read for me — thus, this journal. Who wrote the article does not matter; it’s the ideas presented with which I take issue.

I do not see 4 & 5D as having been “taken over” — nor do I see humanity in any danger beyond adopting false beliefs. Many don’t yet realize that we, as Creator-in-form, create via our thoughts & beliefs. I don’t even see it as a possibility that 5 & 7D parallel timelines have been “taken over by negative ETs,” as this article goes on to state.

Of course, I could be wrong, since anything is possible. As Creator-in-form, we do create strange “realities,” those out of alignment with the Purity of Source. Naturally, I hold beliefs, too — we just retain ever fewer of them along the awakening trek. I give credence to certain sources I consider trustworthy. (More on my beliefs at the end.)


While it’s true that the inner vision of those walking planet earth is somewhat cloudy — for some, almost entirely obscured — yet all (beings of soul) have that direct access to Higher Self & to Truth. As Source-in-form, we are never bereft of that inner compass.

What I see/sense is that this guest writer has taken on impure or false information, believing its source is trustworthy. This would not be possible had the writer had direct experience of these dimensions (— as has Alex Collier, a favorite source of mine — ) either in this lifetime or in restored (true) memories of other times (which are also just Now ;)

The Light Beings on present-day 3D earth have cycled in from even higher dimensions, some as “high” as 12D, perhaps beyond. We are The Guardians — the Pa Taal, as the Andromedans (A’s) call them — the Ancient Builder Race — so we retain these memories, deep within. Yes, it’s all about accessing them — in just acknowledging their existence, we tap in to their resonance.


“Why would we go to 5D and not 4D? Because the 4D astral plane is the level of existence most people pass into when they drop their physical body, and it is from here that most will have reincarnated back into another earthly life — it is not an ascension point. Rather, it is a dimensional band that holds the collective unconscious mind of humanity — all of our pain, trauma, fear and anger as well as soul-based trauma, the energy of debauched sexual dreams and fantasies (which is satanic energy). It also holds the soul bodies of people who have passed, and those who have become trapped as lost souls or clones; it holds the soulless and “dementor” types of entities that feed off the energy of 3D humans. There are also some 4D angelic energies, some ETs and many tricksters and holographic inserts.”

There is space in this, our Universe of free will, for everyone — even the very lost, those choosing the “left-handed path.” As Source is Compassion, Itself, how could it be otherwise? So yes, such beings & thought creations do exist — yet that is not the whole story of the 4th dimension, on the upper reaches of which is found what most call “heaven.”


Chico ( Francisco Cândido) Xavier, a great Brazilian psychic & medium, called that “Nosso Lar” — the higher reaches of 4D. Working with his Spiritual Guide, Emmanuel, he explored this region extensively, as shared in his many books. (Nosso Lar, the book, became the highly-rated film, Astral City: A Spiritual Journey.) Even though Chico’s writings are largely uplifting, encouraging no fear, there are dangers & pitfalls there, too — again, largely the dangers inherent in adopting belief systems, which are all eventually seen through as BS.

Nosso Lar definitely exists, is fully populated with many wonderful souls, yet it is not “our Home.” So what danger could there be in exploring “heaven?” To start, the acceptance of a limit — that this is “as good as it gets.” Our eternal/infinite environment is limitless. The only “endings” are belief-creations. Chico’s writings are an amazing read — quite enjoyable — as we take care not to carve out of them new beliefs.


The In5D writer paints 4D as almost universally negative, with the small exception of “some angelic entities, some ETs.” Yet Chico’s heaven is also found in 4D — what’s with that? Things are not as we thought, ever— not as we’re programmed to believe.

If we find “heaven” on upper 4D & “hell” on its lower reaches, what does that say about 3D — our current experience? And what does that say about this “ascension,” in which so many believe? The entire reality (belief system) of many is bounded by these two. There is not just one layer in any dimension, including 3D (with it’s many layers & levels through which we’re currently “ascending.” ;)

Yet these are all contained within one dimension — 4D. Talk about limits, oh, my! We see both the guest writer & Chico painting themselves into boxes, just of a different sort. When we paint anything as overly negative OR even highly positive, there are pitfalls. As long as we’re cautious, aware of the dangers inherent in any beliefs, we’re fine to explore whatever we like.

A further danger inherent in accepting such beliefs is the long-seeming time it can take to work through them. We’re taught that our stay in heaven or hell is eternal. To the extent that we accept that, our stay there seems mightily long — until we make other choices — those we haven’t been taught are available, LOL. There’s nothing eternal about anyone’s stay in either of these 4D realms. How could there be, within the infinite/eternal Body of Source — the All-Compassionate One?


“At this time on planet earth we are experiencing a dimensional shift — this is written in Universal law and there is nothing the negative agenda can really do about it, other than to create artificial timelines that they themselves control. They do everything they can to encourage humanity to step on up, ladies and gentlemen, into a shiny new level of awakening that will feel absolutely wonderful! “

As we apply some clarity to this, what do we see? First, we see the belief that the “negative agenda” has the power to both create & then control “artificial timelines.” I’m not saying that I know the truth or lie of this, just that it doesn’t pass my smell test, so I find it highly unlikely. As we render such respect & obeisance to the negative ones, we do but put ourselves in a lesser role — one of disempowerment, making us unable to see through the dark agenda’s activities. Let’s withdraw such trust.

The last sentence of that quote is really the kicker — the dark agenda is now given power to create the feeling of “a shiny new level of awakening,” the power to make us feel “absolutely wonderful!” What is this saying, what is it teaching us? Clearly, to distrust, going forward, that which feels shiny, new, & wonderful — to fear it as an aspect of some dark agenda.

“…humans who are gearing up for a 5D ascension believe it will be one of love and light — but in fact they will find themselves in a matrix that takes over their life force and consciousness, and they will no longer be able to determine what is real and what is not. Even more horribly, once taken over like this, they will eventually provide bodies for ET beings to use in order to gain entry to this planet in a physical form.”

Here we hear that, not only can we have our “life force & consciousness” taken over, but will find ourselves unable “to determine what is real & what is not.” Frankly, I see this as the case right now for so many dear souls, acting in ways they sincerely believe are right. The only thing we’re “taken over” by is the belief systems, as the lenses through which we all view. Even worse, OMG, ET could then take over & inhabit our bodies??

To the one anchored within, experiencing the Self as one with Source, this is utter stuff & nonsense. It’s time we wake-up to the unutterable power of thought & belief. That Power resides in Who we really are, yet it’s filtered through our beliefs, creating the “reality” of our (often unconscious) choosing in every Now moment.

“The Annunaki (an alien race) have controlled the teachings of Thoth and by extension the Mystery School teachings related to Thoth, including certain factions of the Melchizadeks, the Maitreya teachings, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Aleister Crowley, tarot schools and basically anything that represents an external (from Self) God, Angel, Archangel, Channel or ET group”

We see here a lack of knowledge about who the Anunnaki actually are, for Thoth is one of them, descendant of Enki, the good guy in that bunch. Most angels revered today actually serve the Anunnaki from the skies (Enlil’s realm), as their guardian fleet. (They help us go higher — just not too high — via the good-guy/bad-guy tactic.)

While there are actual angelic beings, in my understanding they are non-dimensional, coming in from “elsewhere” to render aid (this, per the A’s). These others were given charge of us by Enlil, to keep us within bounds where we remain useful to them.

Further, nothing can be “external (from Self)” — the idea is ludicrous, for it smacks of division, & Source is but One. (She may have meant this otherwise, but that’s how I read it — & I, too, could be projecting, LOL.) Nothing, anywhere, is “external” to That, including all groups & beings occupying higher or lower dimensions or consciousness — so this one doesn’t make Heart sense. (The other side of the oneness coin, is of course our seeming separation from it.)


She speaks of the “Armageddon Timeline” as of something already created, ready to gobble us up. The Annunaki do not, cannot create — they use us for that. It is we who are creating such timelines, by our very focus upon them — the inherent Power of Source, within, creating. That being the case, we can also “uncreate” them, or simply choose to go another way.

The last thing we want to do is to “… consciously navigate the timelines of the 5D false ascension matrices.” That is not to create what we desire, via Heart, but to delve into, to help create, what we truly don’t want, by our mere participation in that belief system.

There is much more in this document I could quote & pick apart, but that’s not my job — wouldn’t want to take that opportunity from you. Nor is that what I’m about, here — picking anything apart. Instead, I’m here to shine a light on a particular belief system as an example of what rides beneath, unseen by its believers. This can be done with any belief system — they’re all eventually seen for the BS they represent as truth.


There is actually a good bit of what I’d call truth woven throughout this article — that’s the bit that lures us, for Light Beings resonate with Truth. So while this writer speaks of others being “carefully selected gullible speakers/channels as their hosts and mouthpieces on earth,” & while she offers some wisdom, I see her as also misled, just on another level.

While I won’t suggest that she is “gullible,” I will suggest that the sources she is trusting through her work in “psychic development, mediumship, trance and channelling, as well as past life regression” have not always been the best — may not be the most trustworthy, themselves. I see this line as the work of projection.

Everyone who is in mind projects elements of self onto others, friends — it’s just what minds do. We’ve all caught ourselves projecting, at times — if we haven’t then we’re either not being fully honest, or we’re still just unaware, more in head than in Heart. I am not condemning this writer, who is clearly giving her all to her spiritual path & practices, offering the best, as she sees it.

What I am doing is sounding the clarion call — to myself as well as others — to stay out of mind as much as possible — & certainly when writing for public consumption. Mind does its utmost, it’s best, yet mind is just not the route or the tool that leads to awakening. Let us ever remain centered, much deeper within — in Heart — where we’re more fully aware of Who we are, as Source-in-form.

Whatever smacks of fear, worry, or blame to any extent is not from there. That is my message. Wishing one & all a very good day, & if not a carefree, then at least a worry-free, fear-free life. In L’akesh.


About 7:00 pm, Thursday, 2017/08/17 2nd, Mayan day 1 Sun / Ahau

PS — About my beliefs.

One source (among several) that I view as more trustworthy is the 5D Andromedans, whose communications filter down to us through contactee Alex Collier, who has had direct experiences with them in both 3D & 5D, aboard ship. The A’s tell us that this solar system is no longer under the dark dominance of regressive races — which isn’t to say that the battle is won, just that the dark dominance is at an end. Ongoing clean-up continues.

Like anyone in 3D, Alex, himself, is not humanly perfect. He has his own belief systems that are a work in progress, just like all of us. Thus, what he shares is filtered through his current understandings. I find him to be rather clear of the dominance of any belief systems — his sharing resonates with me, doing his utmost to get out of the way of the A’s messages to humanity. His more recent works are much better than his earlier ones — also, like the rest of us — simple evidence of expansion & growth through time.